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Could be worse... could be Halloween stuff! At least you can use that stuff in any "earth toned" decor. If it has turkeys or jack-o-lanterns on any of it, all bets are off.


Eventually, as things get earlier and earlier, they will cycle to being right on time, with Chistmas decorations coinciding with Christmas, and Halloween with Halloween, etc....lol


I know it looks silly, but a lot of craft shows take place in the fall and winter. If you make stuff to sell, you need to start working on them months ahead. I have to admit, though, I hate seeing Christmas stuff before December!

Grocery Slave

... They put out our Christmas stuff a few days before my birthday (mine's October 28th) I was SO confused on where the Halloween stuff went. I walked up to my manager and asked them "what happened to Halloween?"
"We passed it, remember?" "no... because then I'd be 18...", "want to work an hour more?", "erm... no thanks..."

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