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Reoccuring Feud with A Nasty Bitch

Carolanne-003 I have worked retail for many years, in a supermarket. I work behind the deli counter. 

Had one nasty lady on a Sunday. Sunday is the busiest day of the week for most super markets because all the people who don't work in retail have off on weekends and they typically spend Sundays buying food for the week.

Anyway, it's a very busy day and of course, no one wants to wait. We have a lot of regulars and when I saw this one woman, I knew she would be trouble.

"I want a half a pound of salami, cut thin", she says.

I cut her a slice and show it to her and she snaps, "That's too thin. I said THICK."

Of course, she didn't say she wanted it thick. She made a mistake and said THIN when she meant THICK, but of course, it's always MY fault.

So I make it slightly thicker and show her the slice.

"You don't have to be nasty!" She get's angry with me now for showing her the slices, even though this is totally standard at most super market deli departments. 

"Make it two notches thicker!"

I oblige her request and start slicing her a half pound of salami, set at two notches thicker then what I had it at.

That would make each slice about one quarter of an inch thick (!), but it's what she asked for.

Now she's even more mad. "What this?!?" and I say to her that I made it two notches thicker.

"I don't want it this thick. Why didn't you show me the slices first." Carolanne 008

"Because you yelled at me when I did it and told me I was nasty, so I assumed you didn't want me to."

"I want someone else to help me," she said.

There is no one else, I said.  She stormed off.

Came back. Apparently she complained at Customer Service and they paged one of my co-workers to LEAVE HER BREAK AND GO BACK AND HELP THIS MUTANT.

*        *        *        *        *

Several weeks later, she comes back.

And winds up as my customer, again.

"I want some one else helping me. You're nasty".

Okay, so I proceed to help the next customer on line, for which she gets mad and complained to the store manager. 

Apparently, she didn't want me to help her, but she also didn't want me to help anyone who was on line behind her either while she waited for someone else to help her.

*        *        *        *        *

She came in on another day, and behaved equally as absurd.

This time, she didn 't want me to help her, only now she let every other customer cut ahead of her until another person who worked there could help her. Carolanne 009

Why wait at the deli counter for ten or fifteen minutes, only to let everyone cut you???

*        *        *       

I go to school part-time. I am entitled to special accommodations like calculator usage and un-timed testing that I take in the schools "Testing Center".

I'm in there taking my math final. The room is quite and full of students.

"Excuse me. Are these books yours?"

"Oh yes! Sorry", as I take them off the chair next to me so this person can sit down.

I look up.

She doesn't recognize me.

It's the nasty, ugly cunt who shops at my store, and we're now stuck sitting next to each other for the next two hours taking our finals.

The End


--The Glamour Cat





I am sure you 'rose above it' and kicked her ass in the test. Hopefully she will have sat there the whole time wracking her brains as to where she knows you from - and she'll never guess... it's rare for custies to recognise slaves out of the store.

Actually she doesnt even deserve to be called a custy, does she - she doesn't let you serve her!! Psycho.

Kunoichi Cook

Crazy bitch. Custys like that make me want to spit in their food.


Sadly, you missed a great chance to complain that the woman sitting next to you is trying to copy your answers on the test. Then at 2am when she sits bolt upright in bed and exclaims "YOU!", it will guarantee that she'll never let you serve her again.

Unless she complains to your manager that you accused her of cheating on her math final. Maybe she can have you written up for pulling the 'Do Not Remove' tags on your cushions at home.


kiwibeetroot: I resent to being compared to that moron. ;-D

Seriously though, people like that just set me on fire. Obviously they have nothing better to do in their lives than make someone else's life miserable. Its a shame the management didn't have the backbone to tell her to GTFO and annoy some other poor slave. She has obviously never worked retail.


Kiwibeetroot, that's the same phenomenon as not being able to recognize Superman without his glasses. There's something about wearing a nametag, smock, uniform, or something that identifies you as less than human for custys to abuse. Hideous!

Laughing Barista

What a complete bitch. I commend you for not acting out but at the same time, it's only human nature to want to give this woman a piece of your mind. On another note, I find it kind of rude when a customer whom you've served for years doesn't recognize you outside of the establishment that you've worked at. It's ridiculous. I hope you did well on your test.


I hope you were careful not to let her cheat off your test! She sounds like the kind to do it.

Timekeeper's Twit

Damnit NC Tony! That's what I was gonna say! :P

Fellow Slave

I've gotten recognized away from my post out in the real world. Thank goodness it's by customers I like.


I'm always acutely aware of the way folks speak to me when I'm wearing the shop girl hat. I do quite a bit of community/ charity work and I'm pretty out there where I live. So I frequently see people at functions who talked to me like I was when I was at work and I'm always so smiley when we "meet" and I shake your hand and say, "Yes, we've already met." And then they know that I know that they know they behaved badly.

I treat everyone with respect because you just never know who you're talking to and, frankly, it shouldn't matter.

Burger Bitch

Mcarp555 has an excellent point!
That's exactly what you should have done, that would have been fucking brilliant.

I love that line "You don't have to be nasty", they basically tell you to STFU so you do, and they still bitch.
Fuck me, I hate her and I don't even have to deal with her.


To Pharmacy Psycho - sorry mate, good point! :)
To NC Tony - I literally LOLed at what you wrote. NAAAHSTY!! Who CALLS people that????

I keep telling the kids at school to be nice to people, you never know when you are going to meet them again. One time a kid (16 y.o.) came to me and said " do you remember talking about not being rude? Last week I gave this guy (in another car) at the lights the finger, and yesterday I saw him again."
"Oh?" I said, "where?"
Kid then says "at the supermarket, he interviewed me for a job..."

needless to say he didnt get it!!!


kiwi: All is forgiven :-D

But you do make a good point about being nice. You never know if the person you were rude to might know you from somewhere else.

I found out the other day that one of my managers used to live in the apartment building across the street from me, so she knows my alcoholic neighbors. When I got my job, the store I'm working in is brand new, so they were hiring from our area. I talked to my next door neighbor shortly after I was hired, and she had apparently turned in an application. They never called her.

I asked my manager if she knew about the application, and she said yes. She was with the GM when the application showed up in the computer, and she told them not to hire her because of her foul mouth and poor work ethic. It pays to be nice to your neighbors (and anyone else you may meet), as you never know when they might be (have) interviewing(ed) you.

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