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Airport Hell: Bad Moms

Jason2 035 Dear sweet Jesus in Retail Hell.

Today was a day of mother madness.

There were moms shouting at their kids in line.

There were pregnant women who really shouldn't have been flying.

And there were old, old ladies off to visit their children, flying alone.


Two stand out, though:

1. Breastfeeding Bitch She had a baby in a sling, and little boy maybe 4 years old. She goes off to nurse the baby- and left the toddler to hold her place in line.


He was fucking TERRIFIED!

I sent my coworker, call her Liz, to get the mom and tell her that she can't leave her child unattended.

She stalks back, glares at Liz, then me, and says something along the lines of "Well, if you two can't do your jobs then I guess I'll use a different airline!", grabs her child, and leaves.

I'm scared for that little boy.

2. Business Mom

I call her up- she's smartly dressed in a suit and really nice shoes, which I comment on. Before she can even respond to me, her phone rings. Glancing at the screen, she tells me apologetically it's her daughter. Jason2 046

Well, ok, it's your daughter. Sure, 5 seconds. She talks for about that long, actually. And gives her (teenage?) daughter permission to have no more than 30 people over tonight!

Um, lady, you're gonna come home to a trashed house. Whatever.

And then we're down to business.

In summary: scary, emotionally scarring mom, and distant, never-home mom.

Mothers, please have more sense than this.


And speaking of mothers, congratulations TimeKeepers Twit! Your baby is beautiful <3

No work this weekend! I'm excited to see MY mom, she at least is sane.

What would the crazy custys mom's say if they saw how they behave in our workplaces?

--High Flyer



Timekeeper's Twit

Thank you High Flyer!

I seriously fear for today's youth.. I have been an obsessive overprotective mom, to the point my own mother told me I had to calm down, What is with some of those people! If I ever act like that you have permission to slap me.


Oi, you can nurse the baby in the sling and no one can even see anything unless you are wearing completely inappropriate clothing that you must pull up from the bottom in which case people are going to see your muffin top on one side.

WTF. Or there is the other obvious option... take baby out of sling and nurse baby. Which allows a shirt pulled up from the bottom to drape if its loose enough.

PS aren't there laws against leaving kids that young unattended?

Rachel Lee

Why is it always assumed that childcare is part of our jobs? Lady, if you cannot watch both your children you should have stopped at one.

I don't understand the stigma attached to breastfeeding in public here. Like mystic said, there's plenty of clothing designed for modest nursing, and people need to get over seeing breasts used for their biological intention for once.

Grocery Slave

I agree with Rachel Lee, there's nothing wrong with breast feeding in public. Heck, if I ever had a kid I'd probably do so and not care what others thought. It's my child, it's hungry. Deal with it.


I love it. "If you can't do your job." Honestly, that deserves this response: I AM doing my job, which is to check in airline customers. You need to do YOUR JOB, which is to supervise your child.

And yeah, I don't get the breastfeeding stigma either. You can see nearly-naked women on TV every night (and on the street in summertime!) but let someone feed a baby in public and suddenly it's considered lewd.


I breastfed 2 of my kids (I was on medication with my son, so I couldn't with him). Never once did I walk off leaving the oldest behind while I was feeding. I was usually able to time it around shopping, etc. On those rare occasions I couldn't, I sat in my car (I'm very shy that way). If it were me in that situation though, I definitely would have just fed the baby right there. The slings weren't available 25 years ago, but I always had a blanket with me and would have dealt.

As for miss "sure! have a party while I'm gone!", NEVER. Not in a million years. Even if I trusted my children, I can't trust their friends because I don't know them well enough. She's going to get her butt sued when one of the kids gets killed from either drunk driving or worse, a random shooting because someone got pissed. Just because you have money does not make you a better parent.

Postal Slave

For a second I thought you were going to say she started to breast feed her four year old :p

Yeah, let you teenager have a party while you're away. Prepare to come home to a lawsuit for negligence when some kid OD's/ drives drunk/ gets rapes or worse. It's time for parents to stop trying to be their kids friends and start actually parenting.

Sigh, but that's another rant all together..

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