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Crustys Behaving Badly

Sickocusty1 Its CFslave here.

Last week was custy hell!! At our store when someone wants to purchase age restricted items we are required to get their birthday and not just key one in, if caught doing that you'll be terminated no questions asked (they actually track the birthdays you enter to watch for a pattern.)

So on this particular day this woman, old as dirt I'm sure, she wanted to buy some otc medicine that was age restricted.

She refused to give the cashier her birthday, but the cashier calls me the floor manager over.

When I get there I'm pissed at the custy for this being so petty, 2 years ago we would have refused sale on any age restricted merchandise to everyone unless they had a valid government issued ID.

Now all she has do is tell us her date of birth and not dig out an ID and she puts up this fuss. So I simply tell her that you don't have to give us your date of birth if you don't want, then I take the product and walked away to put it back on the shelf.

About 10 mins later I spot her in another line to purchase that product and I stood there to make sure she sees me watching her check out.

I really hate argumentative custys.

I had another custy argue with the cashier over a coupon item.  It was on some bakery bread, the cashier call me, the floor manager again tonight, over to settle dispute.

This particular cashier can dish the attitude back out at the custy like nobodies business, it was obvious the lady had the wrong bread.

As I was walking up, the custy goes "Don't tell me it's wrong I shop here all the time I know,"

The cashier snaps back "I'm sorry I only work here 30 hours a week for the last 2 years I couldn't possibly know what the hell I'm talking about."

The custy was shocked with silence, quickly finished her purchase and left.




Custies who want to argue about coupons are becoming a huge pet hate of mine, too. Obviously, reading the fine (or not so fine) print is too much effort for some. High five to your cashier for sticking up for herself!


I hate Coupons.

Well, it's not so much the Coupons themselves, it's the morons who try to figure out how to use them.

Some things I have been forced to say :

No, I'm sorry, this Coupon EXPIRED SIX MONTHS AGO.

No, You can only use one Coupon PER ITEM.

No, This Coupon SPECIFICALLY SAYS, IN HUGE LETTERS, that it A) Can't be combined with other offers B) Excludes that particular item you are trying purchase C) ( Can only be used in an odd numbered Leap Year....sorry, had to be silly...)

Yes, this Coupon, which has lettering across it nearly an inch English, which you obviously speak, does indeed cover that item. And look, it doesn't expire for another month...Praise the Flying Spaghetti Monster. ( This one gets really sad when the Coupon has a picture of what it covers, and it EXACTLY matches what the Fucksty wants to buy.)

Music Maven

We have frequent buyer cards for items over a certain price. I have customers begging for me to give them a stamp for a lower price and one customer in particular won't come in the store while I'm there. He was a "Well the other store did it for me at this price." I'm just happy there's one less cheap customer I have to deal with. Some people just can't be happy until their getting a better deal than the rest of the customers. Boggles. The. Mind.


It's funny though, how when a retail slave dishes it back, most of these custy pigs stick their tail between and leave.

A few years back I worked in a department store in the mens dept., and women would come in frequently to return obviously worn items that had been washed, with no tag and most of the time no receipt as well, always claiming "Oh, no! It's never been worn. I ripped the tags off and husbeast decided he didn't like it". At that time we had to call a manager for no receipt returns. hahah. She was a crusty old bag, but I loved her because she would do this. Pick up the item like it was covered in anthrax, sniff it and then toss it back at the custy and say "I'm sorry we do not return laundered clothing and I small laundry detergant." And EACH and EVERY time, the custy would leave with an embarrassed look on their face. LOL.


"I'm sorry I only work here 30 hours a week for the last 2 years I couldn't possibly know what the hell I'm talking about."

That is probably the BEST retort I have ever heard! Brings a tear to my eye!

Grocery Slave

Sadly... that would be my response as well... *head desk* And I STILL have people saying "oh, you must be new! I've never seen you before!" While others are like "wow, I see you here all the time!" Yes... yes... I practically live there... thanks for the reminder.


I remember trying to return some stuff just after xmas one year. The ladies behind the return counter were sniffing items after the customers left and telling each other what brand of laundry detergent or fabric softener each custy used. At least they could make it in to a game and get a laugh out of it, I imagine working returns after xmas has to be truly soul sucking.


I worked at a chain poultry store a few years back now and we would have coupon sales and I would have some customers who would go so crazy that we'd sold out of stuff that they would say they'd try to report us for false advertisting, despite the coupon saying 'Until stocks last'.

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