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Jason2 037a From Grocery Slave:

Ok, so I work at a rather high end grocery store, and until I worked there I had the naive belief that humans in general were rather intelligent people.

To anyone who's had the lovely chance to work retail they soon become aware that this is not the case. I have had multiple instances where I had simply just wanted to smack a customer. Thankfully, I love my managers and coworkers, so it tends to even out the crappy customers that we get.

Now, I'm a bit on the short side and I look young for my age. I have also WORKED as a cashier there for almost 2 years, yet still I get the comments of "how old are you? You look about 10.", "are you old enough to work here?", "you're so adorable! How old are you?"

Mind you, I'm 18 and will be graduating high school and then heading off to college soon. So it becomes especially irritating when you're bagging for a trainee that you're training who will be going to a different store and the customer asks the trainee, who has a ribbon attached to her name tag, how old her bagger is.

Seriously woman? Really? To this, I stayed quite while silently fuming at their stupidity and down right rudeness.

One of my first horrible customers is one that both humored and irked me as well:

It was during a blizzard and rather slow and I was putting baskets into the cart when this one rather not-so-thin, blonde-haired blue eyed idiot was walking behind me with her equally ugly daughter while she stated "why can't Indians count?"

The people she was talking about were two gentlemen who had just a few moments before hand-helped me out by not just handing me the baskets at the register they were standing at, but also picking them up and putting them into the cart for me. Not wanting to cause any problems, I bit my lip and stayed quiet. Unfortunately, she couldn't.

She then proceeded on with "Indians need to learn to count. They had OVER 30 items!!" She was lying, they had perhaps only 19 items and the reason why they were in the 15 items or less lane was because the cashier offered to ring them up... this woman had over 15 items as well.

I'm just about done getting all of the baskets from that register into a cart when she says the kicker, "Indians are so STUPID!"

At this, I turned to look at her, and told her, "you know, they're a lot smarter than you think" and walked off to the next register.

She apparently didn't take that statement well, because she went to complain about me to customer service... and more specifically, the guy who gave me a ride home that night (and I have been friends with for the time that I've been working there).

As I'm heading back to my register, I happened to pass them and I over hear her scream at my coworker, ".... should never talk to a customer like that! It's RUDE!"

I had to suppress a giggle, My coworker was nodding at her with this look on his face that said "why the hell are you still talking?".

When I was helping him get snow off of his car, he told me that APPARENTLY I told her that "they're a lot smarter than you'll ever be".

Selective hearing, ya know?

(Thankfully he knew me well enough to not file the complaint because it was pretty clear that she was lying.)

He also said that he was SERIOUSLY hoping that she would say something to me as I was walking to my register JUST so he COULD chew her out.

Though, she had also wanted to talk to a manager to complain about me.... up until she saw who my manager was.

Apparently complaining about my response to her racist comment didn't blow over well in her mind after seeing a black guy walk up.

--Grocery Slave



This woman would've got an earful from me. I refuse to tolerate ignorant shit like that. I'm at the end of my rope with humanity :(


Should've said "This line is for 15 items or less, people who can't count, and those with no manners.


I hate it when people assume that you're so much younger than you actually are. My store only hired people over age 18 and yet I still got plenty of comments about being a kid, even while pregnant. I had one custy glare at me before asking if I intended to finish school after I had the baby. I just smiled sweetly and said "well I already have 3 degrees including my masters but maybe I'll go back for a PhD someday." Stupid cow looked like she was sucking rotten lemons.

Another custy asked for help finding vegan items for her newly vegan daughter so I spent almost half an hour walking her around and showing her stuff, giving her cooking tips, and just generally trying to help her deal with a situation that was clearly freaking her out a bit. We'd been talking for ages when she said "This is really confusing, does your mom buy this stuff for you or make you do your own shopping?" I know she didn't do it to be mean or anything and she was most apologetic when I said "I think that might freak my hubby out a bit" but I have to wonder how you can talk to someone for half an hour and still think that an almost-thirty year old married mom is a teenager.


been there done that. I worked at a clinic a bit after I graduated, was 18... everyone thought I was 12. people on the phone would ask if I was helping my mom out at work.



I'm always getting people telling me I'm "adorable"... It's a little strange, but I try to take it as a compliment. I'm sure that one day I'll like looking five years younger than I actually am.


Heh, my mom was getting carded when she was in her mid 20's and married (back in the day). I look a little younger than my age, that's always nice; but apparently I sound a lot younger, too. I won't forget the time a friend of my brother's called and I happened to take the call. This guy asked me if I was old enough to take a message...I was in my 40's! :/

Hellgreens Slave

I'm 22... ever since I started working (at 17) people have always assumed I'm like 12.. *face palm* I even get it now with, "Oh you're so young to be a manager." I just smile sweetly and say, "Well I can do the job well and my college degree proves I can." I love the ones that try to talk down to me, thinking I'm younger than I am and I tell them it's against the law to discriminate based on age, gender, sexuality, religion and race.

I had someone once flip out because of the photo tech. The girl is Spanish, American born (doesn't make a difference anyways) but she talked low as she was a quiet person. The woman got all pissed off claiming she couldn't understand the tech and was like "you shouldn't hire immigrants" so I asked her what her nationality was (I believe she told me Irish and Italian) so I said, "somewhere down the line your relatives were immigrants so I bet if no one gave them a job you'd be in a much different situation now." That shut up her and she huffed off out the door.

And if Indians are "so stupid" why is it that many of the pharmacists I have worked with are Indian? I think they have to be kick ass at counting to do that.. I dislike ignorant people so much!!


Hellgreens: You have to do a lot more than be able to count in order to be a pharmacist. A knowledge of chemistry is a MUST, and you have to know all those medicines and what they react with. Even with today's modern computers, there is still a lot you have to know in terms of how things go together. If it was just a matter of counting, any competent high school senior could be a pharmacist.

Since when is not being able to count an Indian stereotype? From what I've seen, the stereotype is opposite. Indians in popular culture (like in movies) always seem to make education a number one priority--and in the movies, to an extreme.

I'm 41 and still get the "I can't believe you're that old" comments, not so much at work though. I've always looked younger than my age, I remember one time when I went to the library to get my first adult library card, the lady at the desk didn't believe me when I told her what age I was.

We get a lot of people from different cultures in our store, and it's given me motivation to learn how to speak Spanish and other languages.


I still get carded and I'm 26. Fine by me, I take it as a compliment.
Now, 15 items or less line...I used to get super annoyed with people who stood there with full baskets of groceries. But then I was once called there when I had a full basket...
Stereotypes. Let's be honest--almost every nationality has them, e.g.: "all" asians are bad drivers, all mexicans are illegals, indians smell bad...But that's all they are--stereotypes, generalizations. Only ignorant people take them as guidelines on how to treat the whole nationality


It's true. In India, 95% the people who get into schools end up with a Bachelor's degree, and Masters' degree. It's a necessity. It's quite surprising for Indians there that students in America have to think twice before applying for college.

Lumber Girl

Oh geez, I'm 21 and last summer while looking for a job, I walked into a video rental store and asked if they had any positions available and the manager asked if I was even old enough to work yet. He thought I was about 14.

At my current job I usually work weekends, but the odd time I work Mondays during the school year (my course schedule was pretty great, I had Mondays and Fridays off all year), people would glare at me and ask why I was skipping school or "shouldn't you be studying and in school today? Won't your teachers call home?" I got great satisfaction from telling people that "I'm pretty sure my psychology professors are not going to call my mother on me, especially since I don't have lectures today."


@Lumber Girl lol that reminds me of this past year, I had no thursday or teusday classes, and if I were bored I'd go to the malls around 12-4, and I got some odd looks a few times by older patrons since I look like I'm still in high-school XD I was amused.


I live in Canada so very multicultural we have everyone from Mexicans, to Black people, to Phillipinos, and if someone made a racist comment to me I'd be like leave the store now please. And if they said something I would say we do have the right to refuse service and this is a case where I will not serve you. If I got in shit from my manager I would quit on the spot because I just would not put up with that... suprisingly though it hasn't happened once in 4 years.

But good on you I'm glad you said something. Alot of people would just let it pass.

Laughing Barista

This makes me so angry. Her ignorance is astounding and it's so sad how there are people out there like that.

It also annoys me that people have the nerve to a) talk about you like you're not there and b) say condescending things to/about you. You don't tell them "Wow! You look sixty but I know you can't be older than forty!" Dumbasses.

Ann Ominous

'APPARENTLY I told her that "they're a lot smarter than you'll ever be".'
too bad that's not actually what you said, as it seems it's quite true. if i had been in your co-worker's shoes, i don't know if i could have held a straight face hearing that.
it never fails to astound me that some of the dumbest, laziest,& TRASHIEST examples of humanity in general are also some of the biggest racists that exist.

Grocery Slave

Lol, my coworker BARELY had a straight face. Then again... I've known him for a while so I can notice the little twitches.

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