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Dumcustya Marketing Monkey here, with a tale of what I really deal with daily- the custys who we do marketing for.  You'd think people who run their own businesses would me be more intelligent than the usual custy but...a custy is a custy, and a custy is ignorant.

So, we have a client who likes to decide to do last-minute things. A lot. They're in retail, and not too good with the planning side of things. So, in the not too distant past they decided to do a special sale. Fine. They decided to tell us about it one week before the actual sale starts. Um...okay.

Well, they want us to design and get printed all the promotional materials. This is going to be tight, but doable, as we usually do the same types of pieces for them and know where to order them and how long it takes.  But we have to hurry to get the ad copy put together so they can be sent off.

Ah, that's the problem.

You see, this is where marketing custys get nasty: They want you to drop everything and work on their sale promotion that they thought of a month ago but didn't think to tell you about.

They want their stuff right now, and they want it to look exactly like they were picturing it. BUT- they don't have the time to stop what they're doing and actually LOOK at the proofs you send them, or approve the text to go on the signs. They're busy, they're putting together a sale!

Yeah, logic fail. 

So after 2 days of chasing after them to approve the damn text I call and refuse to get off the phone until they approve the text. Of course, go figure, they have LOTS of changes. Could have told us about those days ago, but fine. 

So I'm walking through it, they finally approve it and I tell them great, we'll get this text to the designer to finish up! Dumbass

Custy asks me "so is everything done yet?"

I stare at the phone for a minute. 

"Um...no. You just approved the text while we were on the phone. The designer couldn't finish the files without final text. But he should have it done this afternoon to send to the printer."

Custy: "Oh...well I need them this afternoon. I thought you'd have them printed by now." (Keep in mind he wouldn't answer the phone until 1 pm, so it's now 1:45).  

Me: "Well, that's why we wanted to get the text approved the past few days. We'll do it as fast as we can, but the printer is still going to need time to print the run. These are 6 foot wide vinyl signs, so they have to be run in a print shop."

Custy: "Oh...so you'll drop them off this afternoon then?"

Me: "No, they won't be done until tomorrow at the earliest."

Custy: "No, that's too late! Why aren't they done yet?"

This went around and around. 

I never could get them to understand that we don't design, much less PRINT materials until the text is done. 

They were really convinced that as soon as they approved the text, the posters were done!

--Marketing Monkey



Aaarrrrgh...that's so frustrating! I recently was on a project that got HEAPS of asinine changes months into production...days before the final was due (this is equivalent to wanting changes AND the final print on signs that same day, trust me!). It takes days just to finalize and ready a project after the last review, weeks for the actual work. But throwing in changes?! *bangs head through wall*


Wow...some people just make me want to hit my head against my desk. *shakes head*

Of course they don't have time to look...they're custys! :p

Marketing Monkey

Fuzzy, I hear ya. You ever want to flat out murder the ones who say "I've just got a few little changes, that's not a big deal right?"

I just want to tattoo across their foreheads "change takes time" and let it slowly sink into their brains.


Boy, can I relate! You get this same kind of thing at a newspaper. Deadline (without proof) for a Sunday display is Thursday. Layout will kill you and hide the body if you try to reserve space much later than noon. Of course this means a customer will call 24 HOURS past deadline and demand to place a new ad, using a logo they haven't sent us yet, and BTW there will probably be text changes, and how late can I send this to you because I haven't written it yet? Tell them it's too late. PERIOD. Cue the "I'm you're best customer" (they aren't), "I spend a lot of money with you" (they don't), "I always do it this way" (you try, and you always get the same answer). To quote a sign in our Marketing Services dept: If deadlines weren't important, the word wouldn't begin with 'dead.'


"If deadlines weren't important, the word wouldn't begin with 'dead.'" OMG! I love it! I'm going to save that one.

NC Tony: with your luck it would get struck by lightning and you'd be back 50 million years. You'd have plenty of time, but they'd be trying to read it on some cave wall...

Postal Slave

Oh Marketing monkey I feel your pain in regards to deadlines lol!

Look forward to hearing more of your stories :D


My dad's in marketing and he has customers like this, too. Sending materials days late and expecting the work to be done overnight, that kind of thing...there's one customer who's so bad every other marketing company refuses to work for them...

(...and yet when my BF did a project for my dad - while employed FULL TIME elsewhere - my dad was quite as bad. Calling him AT WORK, "So sorry the material wasn't ready before, but here it is now, could you get the work done as soon as possible?" o_O )

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