Nightmare Bingo Crustys
RHU Discussion: Waiting On Hateful Religious Custys


Overnight Slave

LMAO...Nashville PRIDE is in 2 weeks...thanks for the preview ;)

Grocery Slave

Lol to be honest I'd be all over some of those items.


What??? You mean its NOT Mardi Gras????

Arcade Slave

Aw, I think they're cute.


Part of the fun of gay pride is how cheap everything (usually) is! I've found some great buttons to wear on my nametag lanyard summers before - "the most violent element in society is ignorance" from Emma Goldman is my favorite.

Postal Slave

Man, I wish there was pride like this where I live.

Grocery Slave

I love that button Anneliese!


Anneliesse, I want one of those buttons! Also, I love rainbow stuff and would like some of these for myself. Mark down? No--too many G/L parents will be buying these teddy bears for their kids!

Hellbound Alleee

I think gay prides should be more like Mardi Gras. I mean, Toyota sponsors a "float," and puts three cars on the route. Cars--you would see every day. So boring. Then a beer company brings in a flatbed with speakers and some boys in cutoffs.

The community in my area should be filled with amazingly talented people full of creativity and we get flatbeds and techno.

Rachel Lee

Our pride festival is all churches and straight ally politicians, seriously! Anneliese do you think you could ever wear the Lesbie Friends? pin I always see?

Grocery Slave

Lol, Hellbound Alleee, our Prides basically ARE like mardi gras. The last one I went to had a lot of sponsorship from beer companies, as well as vodka companies and there were a lot of bars, and Ben and Jerry's gave out free ice cream. Granted, I tripped on a blown up condom, but the over all experience is fun. I got tons of mardi gras beads as well during the parade. I plan on being in it this year actually.

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