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Restaurant Custy Does Random Act of Kindness

Carolawesome Hey guys,

I have never worked true retail, but I have worked food service. I really feel for people who work in any form of customer service job, so I'm a really neat, non-piggy shopper. Yay me?

Anyway, this is a lovely customer story that completely blew me away, and put a smile on my face for my entire shift.

Oh, I should come up with a name. I want a nickname. Hm, I guess you can call me Whore in Waiting? Yeah, I guess I like that.

So I just started the most fabulous job at an Indian restaurant.

I'm only 18, so I can't touch the alcohol, which is just fine for me. Awesome perks include Indian food whenever I'm hungry, bottomless sodas, really chill custys that actually tip fairly well, the best uniform ever (jeans and a "nice" shirt, and chucks), and an all around easy job. I'm a waitress, which is unheard of for 18 year olds where I live.

Today was my first day on the job. I was learning the ropes, custys were patient and understanding that I was new and following the other servers around. All I really had to do was fill water, clean up tables, and things like that.

A police officer walked in, sat down, and ordered food. Really respectful, put his phone away when we came over to ask if he wanted anything, just a generally good vibe coming from him. No big.

After he had ordered his food, a man came in to pick up his carry out order. Also, totally typical. Really nice, just sat at the bar and waited patiently, observing our lovely smelling, clean restaurant, well maintained restaurant.

This is the part that floored me. When he paid for his food, he asked how much the police man's food was.

He paid for his entire meal, just out of the blue.

(I work with my sister. It's kinda weird.) Where I'm from, people don't really like or respect cops, but this guy just walked in, paid for everything, and left.

My sister told me about it afterward, and I just smiled really big.

When the officer went to leave, I smiled and told him to have a nice day.

Another little bonus was that he even tipped my sister, though he didn't pay for a single thing!

I know it's just a short little feel good story, but it's all I've got so far. I'll keep you posted, because I'm sure it's gonna get hectic.

Stay classy, retail whores.

--Whore in Waiting. :]

Thoughtless Custys Cause Closing Time Hell

Storytime18 From Management Bitch Slave:

As someone who's been in retail management for the better part of a decade, I always keep in mind when closing that there's that small possibility (small....note sarcasm) that I'm not going to get out of there when I'm "supposed" to. 

Keeping this in mind, I try to start recovering and replenishing, etc....usually 45 minutes to an hour before closing. My store is a national retail store, but this location is smaller than most, and we have a lot of regulars, they love us and know what's up when it comes to closing. 

Out of the seven of us employed there, three of us have children we'd like to go home to.   Most of our customers know this and don't try to get one over on us when we're closing.

Not this night. 

It was a Sunday, and it was only me, and my favorite employee, Shelly. 

It was rather busy, because the weather was nice, and the particular outlet mall we work in gets jam packed with consumers and window shoppers alike when this happens. Shelly and I weren't worried. We have always been an amazing team when it comes to that stuff. Once 5:00 rolled around, we started cleaning up, and the store started to empty out. We were SO ready for the end of the day. 

Then, at about 5:20, the phone rings. 

Every Sunday, it never fails. Some goon calls the store to ask what time we close. So, I answer the phone and of course....

CUSTY: What time do you guys close?

ME: 6:00.

CUSTY:  Okay, I should be there at like 5:45, I just need to do an exchange.   Is that okay?  I live kinda far away. (****Keep in mind that these were her EXACT words..."I live kinda far away"****)

ME:  Sure, that won't be a problem.  Just make sure you're here before 6, because once I lock the doors, I cannot let someone in for security reasons.

The custy assured me that she would come in before 6.  No sweat.

 The time is now 5:35 (Oh yes, I keep track VIGOROUSLY when it's the last hour the store is open). In walks a woman, her husband, and daughter. They act as if they are in a rush, and they said all they needed was a dress her daughter could wear to graduation, and they needed to find it in a hurry, because they needed to hit the prom dress store before they close at 6. 

Shame on me for falling for that fib.

Once that girl's mother saw that the entire back of our store was dedicated to drastically marked down clearance items, I knew I was in for it. 

She fawned over every single shirt on the $3 and $5 racks (of which there were several) and hurried her daughter in a fitting room. 

At this point, it's 5:50, and even though there is a limit of how many garments you can bring into a fitting room, I oblige them and let them take EVERYTHING. Just to give you an idea, mom had two armfulls (and I mean ARMS FULL!), and her obviously only child had her arms full as well. 

MOM:  Could you tell me the time please?

ME:  It's ten of six...the prom store might already be closed, they are independently owned so they can close at their discretion if they have no traffic.

I thought this would rush her out the door, but nope...she sends her husband down to see if they were still open. 

Just my luck! They're already closed. So when the husband comes back in to alert his wife, she lets an exasperated sigh and says something to the fact of, "Well, at least we don't have to rush her now," speaking of her daughter.

Now, after the father comes in, this young girl runs up to the door with a pair of shorts and receipt in hand, and says, "Oh thank GOD I made it here before 6!" 

Yes, it was THAT girl, the one who lived far off, but needed desperately to exchange her shorts for whatever reason. I let her in, and she assures me that she just needs to "find another pair of shorts."

6:00 has finally arrived, and per the company policy, I am NOT allowed to say anything in front of a customer about closing. 

I might as well be banned from breathing the word "closed" in front of a custy. However, if a custy asks me what time we close and we're already closed, I can say, "We are closed right now." That's it.

So I have this very same exchange with both the girl "exchanging" shorts and the mother of the girl STILL in the fitting room at 6:15.  

Poor Shelly goes into the fitting area and asks the girl who's been in the dressing room for almost an HOUR if there's anything she can put back for her. 

Girl shoves a PILE of clothing, all inside out, under the door, THEN slides an enormous pile of hangers. 

Poor Shelly, who is 5'3" in a pair of towering heels can't even see in front of her, so I grab a bunch of stuff out of her arms when this girl's mother starts freaking, saying "You don't like this one? Or this one?" grabbing them out of my arms and throwing them BACK over the top of the fitting room.

As I walk over to the counter to do the daunting task of turning all of these clothes right side out, putting them back on the hangers, and putting them away, I see the girl who "just needed to exchange a pair of shorts" with an armload of clothes as well. 

Now becoming more frustrated, I say FUCK the company policy, and I offer this girl a fitting room. When she accepts, as I'm letting her in, I try to say in a nice, but slightly bitchy tone, "If there's anything you aren't interested in, please hang them back on the hangers and just put them on the hook outside the door. And just so you know, it's now 6:30, and I have to start closing my registers. Unfortunately, I can only give you ten minutes."

I think the prom dress girl's mother finally got the hint, and she tries to hurry her daughter along.  It's still taking them what feels like forever, so I try to force them out some more by having Shelly vacuum, while I turn off the radio and start to count down my less important register.
FINALLY, the prom dress girl comes up to the register with quite a bit of merchandise (Shelly rang her total to be over $300...and EVERYTHING she bought was on clearance).  I was happy that the total put us over our goal, but she STILL had an enormous pile of clothing, all turned inside out, balled up on the floor of the fitting room, while the hangers hung where they should be, on a hook!
THEN, when the girl with the "exchange" comes up, she too, has a large purchase, and before we ring someone up, we have to ask their zip code. I could have SCREAMED when her response was... "2***1."

I wanted to look at her and say, "GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE."  The zip code she gave me when she told me she "lives far away", was the same as mine...and was no more than a 10 minute car ride away.

And she didn't even end up exchanging the shorts. 

On a night when Shelly and I should have left at 6:45 at the LATEST, we were there until 8:30.

Disrespectful fuckers. 

I should put a request in for a loudspeaker like Wal-Mart's, so I can say, "The time is now 5:40, please bring your final selections to the front.  And clean up your fitting rooms too."

 --Management Bitch Slave


Banana Bitch Gets Told at Wally World

BallsawardAAA Retail Balls Award goes to ScannerSlut for standing her ground in the face of a pushy bitch:

I recently got a job as cashier in a place I like to call Wal-Malice. It's a summer job to help pay for college, but that doesn't mean it sucks any less.

Here's a story about my very first day.

Usually, when you're fresh out of the training room, they stick you with a more experienced worker to help you when you screw up.

Not me apparently. I was given a register at the far end of the store, where no one could hear me scream.

Being new to the job, I was a bit slow at first, but my first few custys were understanding and kind, if not slightly sexist (apparently because I'm a female, I should be a better cashier, but that's a story for another time).

Then enters the Banana Bitch. She plunks her items onto my line, and glares at me.

Naive newbie that I am, I attempt to make small talk as I ring her up, in hopes I can distract her from my terrible bagging skills.

She merely grunts at me. I give up, and continue bagging.

"Wait, wait, ring these up as bananas."

I paused.

She was waving a bag full of apricots at me.

There must have been twenty, many more, crammed into one little plastic sack.

"Ma'am, those are apricots."

I'm trying to be nice here. Perhaps this custy is simply food-dislexic.

"I know what they are! know, ring 'em up as bananas."

Now, bananas go for about 49 cents a pound, while apricots are about 1.19 a pound. She was obviously trying to save some cash, but...seriously, what the hell?

I take a deep breath: "Ma'am. These are apricots. Not bananas. I am not going to ring them up as bananas, when they are obviously not."

This was, apparently, the wrong thing to say. Jason 023a

Banana Bitch puffs up her considerable girth and leans over the register at me.

"Listen bitch, I know they're not fucking bananas, but you're going to ring them up like they were, got it?"

Oh shit. If I was nervous before, I was straight up terrified now.

"Look, this is a camera," I point above me, where a camera is watching my every move, "I ring up these as bananas, I get in trouble. So no. These are apricots."

I ring them up and tell her the total.

Banana Bitch looks confused now, and stammers: "But...but they're both orange!"

No, bitch, bananas are YELLOW.

In the end, she didn't have enough money of her food stamp card, so she made me void the entire transaction, and stomped off.

I told my manager I was taking my break, and cooled off in the breakroom with a coke.



Summer Gas Station Hell

Arant5 Hello, Retail Slaves! Terah here, ONCE AGAIN...

So, still no news on why the manager walked. No one tells us slaves a damn thing, and if they do, it's too fucking hot to process it.

I truly work in hell... THE AIR CONDITIONING IS OUT! Asshole custy's say 'Well, it's a lot cooler in here than out there!' Yeah, fucktard, when you first STEP IN, but with the drive-thru and the heat of those engines coming in, it sure as hell FEELS hotter in here!

Of course, this is better still than last year, when the air unit was stuck blowing HOT AIR, you know... the air you pump for the WINTER? Like... 90 degree heated Air into the store! The cold air was on, too, but it was being heated by the HOT AIR and so it was just even WORSE! AND WE COULD NOT, COULD FUCKING NOT, GET IT TO TURN OFF!

Guess what the temperature spiked inside last year? Guess! Go on, take a guess!

FUCKING 140 DEGREES FAHRENHEIT! 60 Celsius for those who don't know.

Hell, we had signs on the door that (politely) said 'STAY THE FUCK OUT, MORON! IT'S TOO FUCKING HOT!'

And the manager (the one who walked) wouldn't let us turn off any of the ovens we had running. Had to leave the GRILL on, the WATER STEAMER on, the PIZZA OVEN on!

The cooler stayed shut and the temperature climbed to 80! THE CHOCOLATE WAS MELTING ON THE STANDS!

...we turned them off the moment he left the store for the day.

Okay, now, I'm in the fucking DRIVE-THRU the other day, I'm fucking suffering from the damn heat (HAUL YOUR FAT, FUCKING ASS IN YOU FAT, LAZY MOTHERFUCKERS!) and this little fucking asshole comes up. ...weren't you just in here yesterday buying the same 4 packs of cigarillos? Arant2

Yeah, whatever, I want you out of my window. Gimme your driver's license so I can make sure you didn't steal the debit card, and- huh? What's this? A Student I.D? Why do I want th- oooohhhhh.... your driver's license is EXPIRED! And it happened 'ONLY' two months ago!

...fuck you.

So, I asked [Super Awesome Friend] when we said expired I.Ds don't count anymore, and he said 'Call [Shift Leader 2].' So, I did, and she said '2 months? Tell him to stuff it up his ass.', she didn't actually say that, that's what my fried brain processed it as, though.

Hey, dickwad! Can't sell you these! Your license is EXPIRED!

Insert whining 'You took it yesterday!' to which a pissed off Terah says, in her best snippy voice 'If I took anything from you yesterday, it was cash. GTFO.'

He wants to speak to someone else. I get Super Awesome Friend to go and deal with him and I notice a customer in line watching very closely.

Super Awesome Friend goes and he's gonna take it, just to shut him up, but that's when fucktard custy says 'She's just a hateful bitch, man.'

Super Awesome friend LAUGHS IN HIS FACE and says 'Do you REALLY think I'm gonna sell you shit NOW?'

Fucktard wants management, so we get [Shift Leader 2] and she goes and tries to reason with him, and I've explained to the customer in the store what happened, so he says goodbye and walks out on his cellphone. [Shift Leader 2] tells the kid to leave and he peels out, so I'm a little mad, but I like my new nickname.

Ain't it funny, how when you play BY THE RULES, everyone hates you?

Well, today rolls around and the customer I explained the situation to, a regular, comes in and smiles at me, asking if I'd seen the kid since. Arant7

I say 'no... why?'

TURNS OUT THE CUSTOMER IS ONE OF THE LOCAL COPS! He called the station, went out to see the car, got the tag, and told them to pull the kid over for driving with an expired license!

HAHA! Turns out, it's the SAME cop who pulled me over for speeding! He's my new favorite custy for that!

Hey! Badge 666! Are you reading this? If you pulled over some stupid kid who hands you an expired license and said 'Hey, man, it's still good even though it expired! It shows who I am and has my birth date on it!' what would you do?

Me? I'd laugh my ass off while writing him a ticket, but that's just me.

BTW, I told Super Awesome Friend (Who is married to an older woman, but is always joking that I'm his mistress, and she finds it amusing) that he should've told the idiot custy 'Man, I don't think I appreciate you talking about my girlfriend like that.'

I wanted to see the kid choke on his own foot.

--Terah The Gas Slave


Twilight Hell Begins


From M: The poor Movie Theater Slaves now have to sell this shit to the Tweens. They have to fold the shirts over and over after every time someone picks them up. Sad thing is that it takes like a year to fold the shirts because this ain't no Gap.

Mouse Mastered's Epiphany at The Magic Kingdom

Dland Okay, so, I've posted a lot of rants on here about my time and such, and working at the busiest restaurant in the western hemisphere is no joke.

BUT, I go to work everyday for a reason, and it's not just the paycheck.

I know most people here on RHU work where they work for a reason of some sort, and I thought I'd share my number one reason today.

After the 6 am hullabaloo died down, I had won, through an employee contest thingy, a free meal at the restaurant. I collected my prize on my lunch break and proceeded to eat my food and decided to go out into the park, briefly, to watch my favorite show, which takes
place in front of the castle. It's cheesy, truth be told, but I get a kick out of it and seeing the show, especially seeing how the guests react, generally reminds me of A) why I work here, and B) why people come here in the first place.

Today was a bit different.

I was waiting in my normal spot when a family comes by with a girl in a wheelchair.

At first glance, I notice that the girl in question has down syndrome. It doesn't bug me, she goes with her family to watch the show, and I wait as it begins.

At a certain point in the show, after Mickey and Co. come out, the princesses arrive, namely snow white, cinderella, and sleeping beauty. I look over and I wish, I honestly wish I could have seen that girl's face.

But what I see, from behind her, is a girl waving and jumping up and down excitedly as her favorite princess, snow white emerges. She does the crowd participation part (they get everyone to shout a certain phrase) and I can tell she's having the time of her life.

And I can't help it, guys. I honestly started to tear up and cry. It was a brief moment, but I was shockingly reminded of what this all means to people, you know? Carolanne 022

I may work at a burger joint, by all means, but it's part of something bigger and I just witnessed it first hand. Maybe it was me, in my mind's eye, seeing my own daughter being that girl some years down the road. I have no idea, but I set into action.

I went over and found a cast member who was part of the entertainment staff, and attempted to point out the girl and see if we could do anything for her.

She said we'd try, and I eventually had to walk over there and point her out to the cast member by acting as a human beacon.

After the show ended, I talked to the family briefly and led her over to the cast member,
who directed me to a spot where, hopefully, snow white would come out to meet.

The girl kept repeating the show's catch phrase, as well as asking her mom about some of the aspects of the show such as why the villain did such and such thing.

Unfortunately, Snow White didn't show. I was disappointed, but I did lead her over to the area where we have a meet and greet set up for the princesses in general.

As we get to the line, after conversing, I look the girl dead in the eye and say "Okay, we're here, but I need a LITTLE more magic. You know what to do. One, two, three!"

And the first words out of her mouth are "Wish come true!" (The show's phrase was

"Dreams come true", but that was her version).

At that point, I leaned to the cast member now behind me at the front of the line and told her that the girl and her family were authorized to skip the line to go meet the princesses.

I wish I knew how it all turned out, but unfortunately, I had to run back to work.

I was a little late getting back on duty (thankfully I wasn't talked to about that), and, well, it made my whole day worthwhile.

So, while I'm probably a special case in working where I work, I'm wondering...

Does anybody out there have a special story for what or why keeps them in retail?

Or just a story of a moment that made it all worthwhile, if only for a little bit?

--Mouse Mastered