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From Retail Death webcomic creator, Austin:

I used to get this one ALL the time in my retail underworld. The customer pays in cash, and you say "that'll be two dollars and sixteen cents, please." You hold out your hand to graciously accept their payment, and they COMPLETELY SNUB YOU, plopping their crumpled bills and tarnished coins down on the counter. You're left hanging there, as though they had asked you to "give them five", only to move their hand and tell you that you were "too slow."

Germaphobes and the X-Man Rogue may be excused from the following rant.

Listen, if you're a customer, and you pay in cash, and the cashier holds out their hand to accept your payment, PUT IT IN THEIR HAND. Failure to do so can and will be considered extremely rude. Why would you not? There are a few reasons. You might consider the cashier to be beneath your notice, the gesture of their outstretched hand too lowly to ping your radar. This would make you an egocentric asshole. You might notice, but not consider them important enough to honor their request. This would make you an arrogant asshole. You might just not notice at all, in which case you are an oblivious asshole. Or you might be afraid to touch people in general, in which case you might be either a germaphobe or Rogue, in which case that's okay. But say something first.

What I always found funny was that after picking up those little dollar bills, and prying the coins off the counter with my FINGERNAILS, then putting the money into the register, the customer would usually hold out THEIR hand to accept either their change or their receipt. This is one of those rare, golden opportunities. One of those shining chances to throw the customer's dickery back in their face with total impunity. Take the change, take the receipt, and plunk those little babies down on the counter. Let them pick it up. See, if they didn't put the money in your hand, they must be avoiding this contact, right? So surely they don't want you to put it in THEIR hand.

I love that.





I hate this and getting the chance to do the reverse is always good. I say put the money down on the counter slowly and look them in the eye all the time if possible. Then keep your hand over the money for just a second before smiling, saying have a nice day and only then lifting your hand. Petty revenge, how sweet it is.


Sadly, at the RetailHellHole I am working at right now, I prefer a large number of the Fuckstys to put their money on the counter.

Yes, it takes me an extra 10 seconds to get the money together and get it in my register. But, because a good number of the people I deal with are locals to that area, which is not exactly the best part of town, that extra time is worth me not having to come in contact with open, weeping, drug/alcohol induced poor personal hygiene, sores on their hands. As it is I go through a bottle of hand sanitizer every week there, not to mention washing everything below my elbows with Anti-Bacterial soap when I get home every night.


At most of the shops in my neighborhood, the expected thing is to put the money on the counter, if the clerk is the opposite gender from you. This is true for both the Muslim and Orthodox Jewish shops. If I tried to put my money right in some guy's hand, he'd recoil!

But normally, yeah, in the hand. Especially if the clerk is standing there with his hand all waving in the breeze.


I'm one of those people who dont like coming in physical contact with other people (part of why I had to leave retail even though I liked my job) and once upon a time I mentioned it and it seemed like it only made things more awkward so these days I act like I didn't see the hand but immediately apologize.

Also any germaphobe handling bills and change isnt a real germaphobe, the ones I've met are ridiculously paranoid about the stuff. Not that I know everyone out there and know all of their pathological problems, but we have all seen the mouth breathers touch money...


I'm a klutz. In the past when I've tried to put cash in the hand, half of it ends up on the floor, making a lot more work for both me and the cashier.

It would be more rude of me to try to put it in their hand, as uncoordinated as I am, than it is to put it in a neat stack on the counter.

My apologies for having coordination problems and trying to be helpful.


Same in my area with the religious orthodoxy thing. I work in a supermarket in an area that has a big Jewish community. I get some custys who are visibly observant but not *that* observant glaring at me when I go to place change in their hand. Then I get people with the full-on side-locks, brimmed hat and beard who glare at me when I put the change on the counter. Can't win either way...

Walfart drudge

I for one whole-heartedly agree... I don't like scraping your coins off my counter... Don't put your money or coupons on my belt to ride up to me... And sometimes, I take it a step further than simply replacing it on the counter, and oops knock it into the floor. It's not just simply that they're not placing the money in my hand, it's that it's often crumpled, separated piles of bills that I then have to straighten and/or count, it screams disrespect, and wastes my time.


i ALWAYS put the money back down on the counter if they do it to me. it's one little passive aggressive thing i can get away with.

Retired Retail Chick

This really seems like such a petty thing to get upset about. Having worked in retail for more than 10 years, this happened to me only a couple times a day, maybe? In comparison to the people that hand me their money, the ones that don't are insignificant. If you're really taking it personally, I think the one with the problem might be yourself, not the customer. But then again, I'm a really laid back person.

Now, if this article mentioned that during the entire transaction they were asshats, then I could muster up some sympathy because then obviously they went out of their way to be that way - but it really doesn't.

By the way, I had a germaphobe customer who freaked out when I placed his money on the counter instead of his (gloved) hand and explained there were far more germs on the counter than there were in my hand. He also wore clear plastic bags over all his clothing and put each of his items in a plastic bag that I had to open and scan. Scary guy (because he was mean, not because he was a germaphobe). Anyway, those were the thoughts of a germaphobe, thought I'd share them with you.

Triple Crown Slave

I run into that a lot at the track.

I have about 2" between me and the custies (and believe me, that is not enough distance for some of them to be from me!) and so many people not only put their crumpled bills on the counter instead of handing them to me, they put them on the counter closest to them. So I purposefully put the change closest to me (which ends up being about halfway because of the keyboard and screen on my machine).

If the custy at least meets me half way (puts it on the machine), I'm a lot nicer and i'll put the bills there and hand them the change since it's usually a plethora of dimes, sometimes a quarter or two.

Triple Crown Slave

I wish we could edit comments. That should have been 5 FEET not 5 INCHES. I blame need to sleep and no rest for the wicked :)

Triple Crown Slave

Aaaand that should have been 2, not 5.

Maybe it is naptime >.<


In Japan, it's actually considered really really rude to try to hand money to the cashier. There's a little dish for expressly this purpose - you put your money in, they take it and put the change back there.

I tend to prefer it when the cashier puts my change on the counter, too... otherwise they tend to wrap the bills around the change and then I hold everyone up while I try to separate everything and put my money away.

Self Scan Queen

I wish people would hand me their money. There's really nowhere else to put it at a cash in my store - one side has rollers and so money will fall into the cash or underneath it and I am not climbing under there to get it or taking the whole thing apart because you couldn't put the money in my hand. The other side is the conveyor belt, which is usually still moving (Or it's covered in groceries and so they can't drop money there) and will eat money if you just toss it down there and you know what? Herculean effort to make it stop so I can grab your ten bucks is not in the cards. Lastly, there is a little platform for signing a credit slip, but it's slanted and so stuff will slowly slide off and onto the floor.

I guess other than handing it to me, you could try and throw it onto my scanner, which is in front of me, so you're throwing money at me...something I am not okay with at all.

And I always hand the coins and bills separately, and the receipt too, so if I make that effort for you, you better have taken the effort for me. If not, you can lift your own damn last few heavy items into the cart yourself.

Michelle Chartrand

On that note...please give us customers the coins before you give us the bills. The coins slide off everything and annoy the crap out of us. :-)

Admissions Whore

I'm like Self Scan Queen. I hate it when I get coins on top of bills so if I can avoid doing that to others I try. I usually put the coins in one hand the bills and receipt in the other. I hand back the coins and then I give them the bills and receipt together. At my job at the zoo people have to put money on the counter since we have booths with little holes in them. When I worked for Panera I always tried to put money into their hand.


I always handed custys the change first and then the notes with a slight pause in between so they could switch hands or slip the change in to their pocket if they wanted to. It's always puzzled me why so many cashiers give back coins on top of notes when it seems that nobody likes to receive it that way.


See, I don't see what the big problem is. Usually if I have to count out my money, I find it easier to put my bills down on the counter while digging through my wallet for the right coins or one more dollar bill. Or the cashier is finishing bagging my things while I get out the right amount so there is no hand to put the money in.

Honestly, as another commenter said, if you really have such a problem with some insignificant little thing like this, then the problem sees to lie with you. Does it really matter WHERE the customer puts the money? Is that really such a big problem? It's like with a waiter: if the diner puts their used plates one on part of the table instead of say, closer to where the waiter could get them, does it really matter?
I bet you 90% of people that do this don't think anything of it. To sum up: get over it.


It's not so much when people put their money on the counter at all. I understand if I'm doing something or if they count the bills and then put them down while they're looking for change. The problem is when you're standing there and you put your hand out for the money and they put it on the counter instead. That person is flat out ignoring you when they do that and that's rude.

Joe the Cigar Guy

How about we just fling the change in the air. If the custys catch it, they keep it. If they drop it, we leap over the counter screaming, "MINE! MINE! MINE!"

On a related note, my missus the ex-clown tells the story of the ticket seller on the circus. He would slide the change juuuust to the edge of the counter. If the townies were too slow, it fell into the pile of straw on the ground under the the counter. The ticket-seller would then tell the folks, "Hey, it's just a quarter. There's a lot of people behind you!"
They'd move on and he got several bucks in change by the end of the night.

Kunoichi Cook

I considered it rude, when I used to cashier, if the custy handed me everything in a bundle and I was trained to hand the custys their bills first, then wait for their other hand to take the coins, if any. It drove me fucking insane if they handed me everything at once and I wanted to kick them in the shins if they did. Stupid people! :P

Tutor Stupor

For me, it depends on where I am. In some neighborhoods and stores, it's common to hand your money to the cashier because of the way the belts and registers are set up (Meijer, I'm looking at you). On the other hand, if I'm at a store in our downtown there is no way I am making physical contact with the employees unless I'm on campus. My downtown is fucking nasty and full of disgusting people who think it's socially acceptable to spit on the sidewalk and snort crack with $1 bills then spend the money. There's no way I'm touching hands with anybody working at a store down there.

Halfhearted Sales Ninja

Darn, I was just going to submit a comic that has this as a part of it D:
Ah well, I'll send a different one and send it later :)

Halfhearted Sales Ninja

Ooh, also, sometimes it is a good thing if the customer puts it down rather than hands it to you... Too many "ladies" with grotesquely long (sometimes artificial, sometimes REAL) fingernails + carelessness on their part = nasty little scratches that need to be cleaned ASAP (No, I will not wait, somebody else grab my cash because I don't want any nasty infections!) x(

Projector Peon

The only thing I find worse than money on the counter when i have my hand out, is the hellspawn that has either crumpled the bills individually making tiny balls, or folded them up as small as they possibly could.


my favorite is when they put it on the belt, while its still moving. I've lost 20 dollar bills before to the belt of doom. and their change ALWAYS ends up on the floor


One time a lady was handing me money and then I notice blood on her hands...ewww it made me light headed and I almost puked (I'm bad around blood plus umm...BIOHAZARD!!). So, yes, I think it would be nice to have a general rule to just leave the money on the counter.


How 'bout this for the whopping two folks here that don't this is a problem and why get your knickers in a twist over this non issue? Perhaps it's not important to YOU. Guess what? You don't get to decide what's important or problematic to other retail slaves. Say it isn't a problem for YOU. Don't negate other's experiences. It's fucking rude.

Postal Slave

Hear hear DW :D


I love when people pay for at least a dollar or more of their order in SMALL coins. Of course they have to dump their purse out on the counter and scrounge around for the change amid purse crud and used tissues (this one is more common than you would think!). And then god forbid they give me a precious quarter: only pennies and nickels until they have to resort to dimes.

So... after taking ten minutes of counting out change I have to pick it all up off the counter and then put it in the proper spots in the drawer. Oh man do I ever take my sweet time picking the coins up! I will always pick them up one at a time and instead of sliding them to the edge of the counter I will struggle multiple times with the same coin to try to lift it off the counter with my finger.

P.S. Most of the time when people are giving me ten pounds of their change they will have taken some bills from their hand and HAVE to use up their change instead of just giving me the $5 that I could see in their hand.

This is long, but it's my first RHU comment. I guess I had a lot to say. =P


The worst are the people that make you pick out the change out of their hand. Drop it on the counter and I'll sort it out and hand you your other coins back if you're too arthritic to friggin' hand me change!
See, I hate germaphobes. If you've got a problem with germs, don't make me deal with you. Pay someone else to do your shopping!


Actually, I think it's a bit rude to assume that when customers do this it's always because they're assholes. When I put money on the counter instead of handing it to the cashier, it's either because I'm counting out the correct change, which is easier on the counter than in someone's hand, or because I'm paying with bills and have the money ready before they have the total, so I decide to put it on the counter and start putting things in my backpack immediately rather than wait until after I get my change, and possibly end up holding up the line. Plus I'm kind of clumsy and find handing people money to be a bit awkward, especially if there's coins on top of bills. It doesn't really matter to me whether they hand my change to me or put it on the counter, and I never noticed any looks of frustration, so until I saw this comic, I didn't know this was a problem.

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