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Asshat Manager Causes Ice Cream Store Hell

Icecream Hello once more from the icy planes of B+J Hell! It's Cherry IScream.

Now, usually my main source of complaints is the custys, and I get on well with most of the staff.

I say MOST of the staff because there is one idiot of a manager.

And lucky me! He's in charge of B+J's.

Alright, quick context to this story - it happened last week, while London was still in the grip of a pretty fierce heatwave. As a result, business was booming. For once, we actually had a decent amount of staff rota-ed for the day. I thought it would be quite easy.


I get into the shop and head upstairs to sign in. B+J Manager is there, and so is the other girl scheduled to work. They are engrossed in what sounds like a rather heated conversation. As I approach I find out why.

The other girl, M sees me and fills me in on the situation. Our stock had reached extremely low levels.

This is what they expected us to open with:

Only HALF of our usual flavours, and none of the popular ones such as Mint Choc Chunk, Cookie Dough, Phish Food, etc.


About 30 spoons.

The manager tries to calm us by saying that the suppliers would be coming with more stock - except it could be 5 pm at the latest before they show up. We were facing SIX HOURS without decent stock!


We did get lucky... sort of. The suppliers showed up at 2.30, meaning we only spent 3 and a half hours with minimal stock. However, we still had no cones.

THEN, the idiot manager walks in and TAKES DOWN all the signs stating that we were out of cones!


Because APPARENTLY it "looks unprofessional!"

No, what looks unprofessional is having to inform almost every customer that they can't have what they just ordered because we're out of stock.

Both myself and the other girls rota-ed put up with this all day, but we informed our manager whenever we could of how many people who had complained of there being no cones.

It was at least 20 before I lost count.


Until next time...

--Cherry IScream





This reminds me of the time our local KFC was open all day despite having no chicken.

I felt for the poor buggers working there that day, I really did...


My store's thing is shakes and free refills on french fries.
We had a new asshat manager who thought he was saving us money by ordering less (headdesk). When sunday came around, we ran out of ice cream, french fries, chicken fingers, and onion rings. You try explaining to a guy who came in for a shake and a burger and fries that he can have a Coke and a burger with a side salad... yeah, doesn't work...
Everyone got shitty tips that day (and I had to work a double... fun)and everyone told said manager to stop being so cheap.
He's still here, he's still cheap.

Laughing Barista

My boss sometimes orders too little, too. I love telling people that we no longer have any of our popular donuts (glazed, any of the frosted, anything chocolate) because my boss orders too little. People get mad and I don't get tips. Great.

I hope your boss learned from this and never makes the same mistake.

Also, the signs look "unprofessional"? What the fuck? It's equally unprofessional to have to tell every single customer that they can't have what they ordered because he didn't order enough and then wouldn't allow them to be warned before they even walked into the store.


I think it's more unprofessional to waste the time of the customers and workers by having customers come in, and then telling them that they cannot order what they want. Not only does this make them agitated, but a lot of new customers try a place because of word of mouth. If agitated customers are telling other people to stay away because that particular place is always low, or out, of stock, then you are losing future customers.

Basically, not only is your manager causing a present drop in revenue, but they are also causing an even larger /future/ drop.

Of course, trying to explain that to a stupid manager... *note, not saying all managers are stupid, heh.


I know about running out of things. We actually ran out of bags. Try telling customers that a WMart has no bags! When we realized the bag storeroom was empty, we ended up having to buy plastic bags at Sam's club, and sending workers on a "bag run" to another Wmart that was about 15 miles away.


Oh that's happened a few times at my grocery store too. Apparently the warehouse ran out of bags. I don't know if thats true or not. But we had to go for a bag run to the store across town.


Would it have killed your manager to just go buy some spoons and cones? They're both dirt cheap anyway, and it probably would have saved a lot of future business.


That would have meant having to admit he was wrong. Managers are never wrong. It's always the employee's fault.

Hellbound Alleee

Yeah, hasn't the guy heard of Cash-n-Carry? They have bulk everything.

I was wondering--uh, maybe this is me being stupid, but when you say rota-ed, do you mean "rotated?" I'm a little off my game.


Rota is pretty British for scheduled or ordered. Most times I hear rostered for past tense, but rota-ed is also used.

Garden Girl

I don't understand how some folks can get promoted to a managerial position and not figure out how to order correctly. It was bad when I worked for an office supply store (we were out of bags and register tape CONSTANTLY; could never have more than one register open at a time most weeks because we didn't have the supplies to run more). I can't imagine working in food service and doing that though.

When I was pregnant the one thing I craved constantly was a strawberry creamslush from Sonic, which was within walking distance from my house. I swear the entire 9months every single time I went there they were always out of the mix for it. :( I knew alot of the workers there and they were always frustrated at the manager and I felt bad. I even told him myself that he needed more mix (crazy pregnant lady is crazy) and he said he couldn't figure out why they ran out so often. o.O


Logan: Isn't that the def of insanity: Doing the same thing and expecting different results?? hmmm ...


During my time training for management within Burger King, one of our stores had run out of cheese. Customer reaction was similar to what I would expect during the Apocalypse!

During my stint, I made sure to always order proper amounts of everything!

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