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Bitch5 LaughingBarista here again with a very recent story from the bellies of the donut and coffee underground.

This may be the most irrational thing that I have ever witnessed in my life. I did not take care of this customer but her ridiculous tirade occurred about five feet from where I was so I heard everything that went on.

On a quick side note, I just got my job back last week as I had been at school taking summer classes (I'm somewhat of a masochist apparently) so I had noticed that there had been a few changes. Most notably, one of our flatbreads changed from a triangular shape to a circular shape.

A woman ordered one of these flatbreads that was a triangle and is now a circle. It is the same exact sandwich just in a different shape. When my co-worker hands her the sandwich the woman became irate.

Woman: This is not what I ordered!Coworker: No? Do you happen to have your receipt? Maybe they put down the wrong item. (This happens sometimes.)

Woman: I ordered *flatbread named here*!

Coworker: Then yes, this is your sandwich. Have a nice day!

Woman: NO! This is not it! My sandwich is supposed to be square! THIS IS A CIRCLE!

Coworker: *Slightly baffled* We've never had square flatbreads. Only triangular ones and we recently changed the shape of these particular flatbreads to make them more convenient to eat!

Woman: THIS IS WRONG! The flatbreads on the sign (as in, the menu that lists all of the items that is in the middle of the store) are SQUARES! I WANT A SQUARE! This is FALSE ADVERTISING!!!!!

(It should be pointed out that they're triangular on the menu and while I agree that they should change the sign for continuity purposes, I do believe that it is the same sandwich.)

Coworker: It's the same sandwich, just a different shape. Now it's just more convenient to eat while you drive.

Woman: This is ridiculous. I'm going to call up the franchise and complain!

And so left who may have possibly been the craziest customer I have ever heard in my life. My coworker has a temper and I'm surprised that she didn't act out because this woman was a raging bitch to her.

Another coworker of mine noticed that she was pregnant and said that her hormone cocktail may have contributed to her bitchiness. My boss said she needed to get laid. I just think she's a fucking bitch that needs to never grace me with her presence ever again.

My feet ache and my body hurts in general but I'm glad to be making money again. I'm sure I'll be relaying more stories soon.

--Laughing Barista




Tell your manger that the cock isn't as magical as he thinks it is!

Sorry you had to deal with an irrational non shape recognizing looney. Ah, food service. Our own little piece of hell here on earth.

Laughing Barista

I should tell him that!

I fortunately did not actually deal with her but hearing her was enough to fry my brain cells and make me want to scream. Had I dealt with her I would have told her that complaining would do her nothing and that her irrational behaviour is ridiculous but my coworker is too nice to call people out (even if she does have a temper).

Fellow Slave

I can understand my lettuce is a strange color (like neon blue or something) but really, my sandwich shape is wrong.... Goodness gracious.


It has no corners! Ahhhpeahlojsbktns$.

Some people should not be let out, seriously.

The comment about someone needing to be laid? Yeah, like sex is the be all and end all of existence, and has never caused any problems. For all he/she knows, it's because the person has been laid recently that they are irate!

Laughing Barista

@Righteothen: I think my boss was just trying to make my coworkers laugh because they were kind of shaken up by her tirade.


@Laughing Barista: Ahh. Well, as long as he didn't mean it literally. (Guess I got offended since I've heard that when the person was being serious too many times, hehe).

Laughing Barista

He definitely meant it in a joking way but I can see how it can be misconstrued. My bad.

Michael Chandra

Logan: I only use that expression about men with an attitude. Not sure if I mean it as a joke, prolly a joke. I'd pity the poor girl otherwise. :P
Aimed at women it's only when they have a bad day and I'm having a friendly conversation with them, and I also know the joke is acceptable. Otherwise, no way.


I think I know which franchise you work for. Do they happen to make america run by any chance? If so your management sucks. They sent along new pictures of those flat breads to show thier holy round shape. Gaah people are insane. I once got a complaint because I worked too fast. Really...too fast...

Laughing Barista

@SlavetoTheGrinds: Oh yes, that is who I work for. Fun place. I was away at school when the changed shapes so I was unaware that any new pictures came along. Also, question for you: How long are your normal breaks? And wtf at being too fast? That's stupid.

Cardboard Box

If this took place in the Unglued States of Hysteria, I would not be surprised.

The impression I get of American consumers, thanks to sites like this and Not Always Right, is that they all suffer from utopia; namely, everything should be easy, without requiring effort of any kind -- including thought.

This clank is no exception. Her lazy literalist mindset means a) she believes that she is always right (guess why) and b) the product must resemble the advertisement perfectly.

So instead of the sandwich-with-corners she was programmed (literally) to expect, she gets a round thing. Naturally this does not compute and she goes on a rampage, metaphorically speaking.

I'm not trying to excuse the disgusting clank, just explaining why she and her fellow clanks go off the way they do.

PS. Dear Girl Genius Fan: Please don't kill me for using 'clank' the way I did. *hides*


I don't think you can blame pregnancy hormones for the sandwich-shape meltdown. I'm 9+ months pregnant, it's one million humid degrees here, and I still manage to be polite. I certainly wouldn't freak out over FLATBREAD.


not all customer just many/most

Hellbound Alleee

I need to get laid, too.

Joe the Cigar Guy

It starts young, folks. A friend's spoiled rotten little spawn wanted ham and eggs . When it arrived, he threw it on the floor because it didn't look EXACTLY like the picture in the menu.

Michael Chandra

Nice counter, Logan! I'll make sure to remember that for "you're a moron" confrontations. :D

Laughing Barista

@Cardboard Box: It's unfortunate that a few imbeciles gave the rest of the States a bad name.

@Kelly: I completely agree with you. I was just stating what my coworker said. This woman was clearly a crazy bitch and her pregnancy had nothing to do with that.


@ Laughing Barista

Yeah they sent in all the changeover stuff over a month ago. New menuboard magnet and cute lil countertop pics. Course we're still trying to get rid of the triangle style ones so we haven't even started the new ones. Buy one get one bitches...for me the break sitch is kinda weird because I don't work at just the franchise I'm in a gas station. I just go out and smoke when I feel like it (within reason). I really don't think there's a "brand standard" for breaks n such. Personally I hate em, I can smoke in 2 minutes why the hell would I want to clock out for that..I can stay on the clock and do it as long as it's not abused. As far as the too fast thing goes..apparently I looked "inconvienced" uggh. Sory butthead for wanting to take care of the 8 other people behind your slow ass.

Laughing Barista

@SlavetoTheGrinds: I ask you because this is my second store that I'm at and we only have one fifteen minute break, regardless of how long we've been working for (I've worked twelve hour shifts with one fifteen minute break and that's it). It's crap.


@Laughing Barista

Unfortunatly it's all up to the individual stores I think. I mean there are state laws and such but like I said, I prefer going officially breakless and just being able to do my thing. Sounds like your mangement does indeed suck.

Sub Shop Slut

I had an instance like that at Slopper's world, where someone became upset over something really stupid (a 10% coupon in a store that's cheap as dirt, she didn't understand the sign's explanation that we were now TAKING the coupons, not giving them away anymore). Unfortunately I have social anxiety issues so the more scared and upset I got, the more I giggled. Nervous Habit. I didn't get int trouble but my coworkers didn't understand and got all pissed at me. They kept asking "what do think is so funny, this is serious, blah blah blah" which didn't help =_=


@Logan - So you've seen the video where they professionally shoot a bowl of frosted flakes and elmer's glue!

The only chain I know of that is doing "real" photos is a pizza joint asking customers for their "action shots" upon receiving their orders. You know the one if you watch TV.

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