Botanical Garden Hell: Entitled Custy and a N.A.T
Silent Rude Custy Encounter



hey look it's Snookie and.....the other one

BORDERline Personality

oh dear God....the one in the pink tights looks JUST like my sister. Sadly she probably would do that too..... X___X


That picture needs to be obscured so that we can't tell that they are women. Otherwise it is stating that only women and all women act like that. (see comments to Riferous' post for context)

^ What the hell?

Unidentified Human-Like Being of No Discription

The pic also needs to be inverted into monochormatic shades so that viewers cannot tell their ethnicity either...and the caption needs to be taken out so that no one can tell it's from wal-mart and the background needs to be edited out and replaced with daning unicorns and butterflies so that it doesn't look like a retail establishment of any form. And their outfits need to be re-edited into a basic and simple slacks and top ensemble so that the fashion police don't object to it...and their pose should be altered into a proper standing postion so that on one can object to their posture or their penchant for prancing amusingly in public, which some may consider outlandish or gaushe.
Aaaaaannnnd in case anyone can't tell...that was SACRASM! saaaaarrcaaaasm! *big flashing neon light of sacrasam!!!*
and in case anyone doesn't know what sacrasm is, then:
sar·casm   /ˈsɑrkæzəm/[sahr-kaz-uhm]
1. harsh or bitter derision or irony.
2. a sharply ironical taunt; sneering or cutting remark
and if you don't approve of sarcasm....then you're in the wrong place.


Dammit! Stop using them big words! /sarcasm


What the hell's happening here? Are they dancing the cha-cha or something? O.o


Oh, lord, I think I know that girl on the left.


To be fair, they could have been coming from a dance recital... I've seen costumes so asinine they make this look tame.

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