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Fighting Custys At The Magic Kingdom

Dland From Mouse Mastered:

Hey guys! I'm back, after a long absence of shenanigans happening to me. It might be a good thing to not have to constantly submit because it means I've been through no hell. =D

So, today is basically a follow up to my second or so story, about my experience with a few parade guests almost getting in a fight.

Lo and behold, over a year later, I get a repeat occurrence!

We have a mini topping bar setup, which I was working at, when all of a sudden I hear shouting from the seating over next to the topping bar.

Some lady or something is yelling at some guy, and I walk up as he's telling her "It's okay, you have a great day!"

I'm kinda paying attention at this point, because I dunno what's about to happen.

We'll refer to the guy as MA (Mr. Awesome) and the lady as CB (Crusty Bitch).

The lady keeps yelling at him, and apparently his point of contention is that she called him a black piece of shit, but in Spanish, under the assumption that he wouldn't understand, but he did.

She FLIPS out, saying she never said that, as he keeps insisting that she did, merely stating that people shouldn't say things like that in this park. She pulls the race card on him, insisting she would never say that, because "her grandmother is black", and then proceeds to call him a dumb ass.

I'm now moving closer as the confrontation continues to escalate, with MA still telling CB not to say stuff like that, and she finally basically admits to saying it, but now she says that she was saying it to someone else, and it was none of his business.

As CB says this, she moves closer to MA's table, and basically almost runs directly into one of MA's daughters sitting next to him, as she gets closer to yell at him.

This is where MA suddenly loses his cool, and I don't blame him.

MA stands up at this point (dude's ripped) and is now angry at CB for practically assaultinghis daughter.

There's another, older cast member there, but at this point, I maneuver myself between the two of them and separate them, (not touching them, of course) but using my arms to create a barrier.

Holy jesus, they start yelling obscenities, I finally just yell "STOP!", get MA to sit down, and shoo CB out of the restaurant.

Three different guests told MA he was right, and wow. It was like deja vu.

Except this time it didn't go anywhere and there was no physical contact.

I have a feeling that this is going to become part of the legendary stories of the restaurant.

The story about the lady who left her baby on the counter is already in there. >>

Until next time,

have a magical day RHU!

--Mouse Mastered


Shopping Cart Hiding


From Deven: Apparently Shopping Cart couldn't handle the Custys downtown, so he thought they'd never find him in the alley behind my house (it's the house across the alley from me. Something tells me the Hellspawn that live there have something to do with it.)

Total Custy Hell at Smosh Mess For Less

Ross13 From Wolfycat:

It's SUMMER HELL at Smosh Mess for Less.

There have seriously been busloads of people, all non-English speakers, coming to shop daily and adding to our afternoon rush. I've been stuck doing fitting rooms for the majority of my shifts, and my human interaction has mostly been women trying on sundresses and people looking for the bathrooms. Nothing too out of the ordinary.

And then SHE comes.

She walks steadily down the aisle towards me. I greet her and offer to count the dresses she has in her hands and she just grunts at me and walks past me to where the dress go-back rack is and starts rummaging through it (and messing up the way I had it sorted).

I help a few more people, and then she gives this loud grunt/growl from right behind me that almost scares the pants off me.

"I try these." She thrusts about 20 dresses at me. I'm standing right by a sign and rack that says "LIMIT 8 ITEMS ONLY" or some crap like that. 

I offer to count 8 dresses up for her and hold the other ones and just switch them out as we go along.

"No...I try these." She just stands there staring at me, tightening her hold on the dresses. I tell her she can only take 8 at a time.


I repeat everything in very broken Spanish to her, complete with stupid-looking hand signals, but pretty sure I got the important words across.


At this point, she's looking a lot like Consuela from Family Guy. The lady that covers Housewares hears the commotion and talks to the woman in rapid Spanish. Woman finally leaves me alone and heads to check out soon after.

Then, as I was helping a group of ladies get numbers for the fitting room, some lady came back out and was waiting to give her number back. She ends up getting impatient and throwing it to the floor, which one of the other ladies picks up and hands to me. The other lady could have easily put the number back herself.

Later on, some woman was walking around the back of the store spraying a bottle of to-go Febreeze everywhere. She rounded the corner from the kids' section and nearly sprayed me in the face as I sorted racks. I asked her what was wrong and she said the store smelled like rotten eggs. I dunno. She left soon after.

They had a new girl cover me for lunch, and I came back in time to hear some lady raging at her all "WHERE THE FUCK ARE MY MOTHERFUCKING DRESSES!!!!!!!!!"

Keep in mind that I was up front clocking back in when I hear this. All my coworkers up front are looking at each other like WTF??? A supervisor and LP guy start heading down there and I follow.

All the while the bitch is screaming about bad service and how the new girl is a stupid whore. It turned out to be this blonde lady wearing booty shorts that made her rump look like an upside-down mushroom and a tank top that she must have gotten from the junior's section.

She's standing there yelling her head off and waving a hanger around. New girl is in tears and cowering behind the desk. Ross6

LP guy: "Ma'am, put down the hanger."

Bitch: "WHERE! THE! FUCK! ARE! MY! DRESSES!" *throws hanger to the ground and breaks it*

LP guy: "Calm down right now, or I'm escorting you out."


LP guy: "...We don't have layaway."

Supervisor: "We just do holds for 24 hours and that's it. If you waited a week, your dresses are long gone. Sorry."

Bitch: *looks like she's about to turn into a werewolf* "FUCK THIS STORE! FUCK YOU!" *flips off supervisor* "FUCK YOU!" *flips off LP* "FUCK YOU!" *flips off me and new girl* "FUCK YOU!" *flips off random customer* *continues on cussing everyone out*

LP guy has had enough and starts slowly advancing on the woman like a black panther on the prowl. By this time, supervisor has called up trainee LP man who is taller and bulkier than first LP guy.

The lady starts backing away from LP guy but doesn't shut up. She actually almost backs into trainee LP but he goes "Ma'am." and she looks at him. Her eyes go wide and she finally shuts up.

"You're throwing me out?"

"Come with us, ma'am."

And they show her the door. Needless to say, for a while after, customers avoided the fitting rooms. We gave new girl time to sit in the break room and recover, and the supervisor said she was taking the LPs out for drinks later on.

And still, the faint smell of Febreeze lingers in the air...



Hurried Mom Spawn Bitch Gets Told

BallsawardAAANyx gets a Retail Balls Award for this story of when she managed a gas station while going to school and standing up to a thoughtless, rude, nasty Mom of hellspawn:

 Ah….the joys of this website…just when I thought I had repressed the memories of working in retail (restaurants, gas station, grocery store, even caregiver/maid) for good…I discover this site and they all return to the forefront of my cortex.  

I used to manage a gas station in BFE Florida. Well, by manage I mean do all the managerial work because my boss is too drunk to do it himself. Since we were understaffed, I frequently got to work double shifts. So many horrible custys and piggys…I have so many stories…just call me..Nyx.

This is *one* of my stories…quite horrible actually and all true..

Now…I got to work at 3 pm in the afternoon, had a “wonderful” shift and was ready to leave at 11pm. Surprise surprise…no one shows. Call my boss to come fill in because I have an organic chemisty exam the next morning at 9 am. He’s drunk, so I’m stuck at the station until at least 5 am. He doesn’t show up so I lock the store, go take the gas readings so I can submit them to corporate before 6 am.

6:30am rolls around…a lady stumbles in with her rowdy bunch of children. They were on vacation and the kids were cranky. I roll my eyes and get on with making a fresh batch of coffee. I hear a stand full of candy crash to the floor.

It was the kids! The mom just watches them and picks out a soda for her. MotherF**K. It’s too early (late?) for this crap.

Suddenly the store fills up with people heading to their morning shifts. Twas a bunch of well mannered road construction guys who just want their coffee. They are lovely and thank me for the fresh coffee.

While I’m ringing them up, the lady comes to the side of my counter where my register is obviously not located and demands to be rung up that instant. Without even looking at her and whilst smiling at the gentleman at my counter, I tell her to get in line and continue to ring up my customer. She gets irate.

“I’m in a rush. We are making bad time”

And this is my problem…how? Your devil spawn have made a mess of my candy aisle.

No…I didn’t say this…to her. I just ignore her.

She continues to harass me (calls me a retard, dumbass, ignorant, racist, etc) until finally the store empties and it’s her turn to pay. My previous customers just looked at me with sympathy.

“Bitch, ring me up.” Carolanne2 074a

Oh…hell no she did NOT just cuss at me. I can deal with the insults, but not being cursed at.

“Look lady, I have an exam in two hours and I’ve been working since 3 pm yesterday. Your demon spawn just f**King trashed my damn store that I have worked hard to keep clean and you have been yelling at me for the past 10 minutes to ring you up when I obviously have a line. You have NO right to come in here and yell at me and insult me just because you want a pop and are in a rush, nor do you have the right to CUSS at me. Leave your shit on the counter and take your ass and your children out of MY store. NOW.”

The lady looked like she was about to have a stroke with my manner of speaking.

“I want to speak to your manager.”

“Well, it’s your lucky damn day, he just walked in.”

With that I walked away from the register, gave my boss a death glare, told him that I refuse to be harassed and cursed at, and told my boss that I’d be back later for my final check, and left.

I actually did okay on my exam.

Came back to work after my exam to get my check. My boss looked chagrinned. “She cussed at me too. Please don’t quit.”

And what do you know…I stayed on to work for another year…after I made him give me a raise.


Nasty-Ass Liquor Thieves Thwarted

Storytime9 Hi guys! I discovered this blog through Not Always Right a couple of months ago and I’ve though of a few stories from my short time in retail that I’d like to share. I was going to start with a horror story, but horror stories are a dime a dozen so I’m going to start with 2 stories about me pwning some nasty arse thieves. (I work in the liquor department at one of the big supermarket chains. You can call me Bottle-O-Bitch). Both times I was working the morning shift (8am to 1pm), and both times I caught the thieving bastards in the act.

The first one I didn’t have to do anything really. I was down the back fridges, helping some ladies find a particular beer and we were making our way back to the front counter when I hear the sound of some douchebag ripping a security tag off a bottle.

I come around the end of the aisle in time to see the guy toss it onto the shelf in front of him. I am far from impressed and it must have shown on my face because he looks like a toddler who’s been caught drawing on the wall.

He hands me the bottle and says, “I was gonna steal that.”

Me: “Yeah, I kinda got that."

NAT: “I’m sorry, I won’t do it again, I’ll leave and never come back.”

Me: “You  do that.”

NAT: *flees*

Me: *headdesk*

The second incident happened a couple of weeks later.

One of the jobs when you open is to do a mini inventory, mainly checking high risk items to see how many have been stolen and such.

Less than half an hour after I’ve checked all the stock counts, this young bloke comes in while I’m busy at the register. I spot him eyeing off the spirit specials display, which is right near the register, so I can sort of see him as I’m serving other people.

I hear the sound of him picking up a bottle, and I can see him studying it out of the corner of my eye. I hear the sound of bottles on shelves again and he disappears down one of the aisles.

I finish up the last customer and check out the display and lo and behold there’s a bottle missing.

The second sound on bottles on shelves is where he’d sort of faced the shelf where he’d taken the bottle from. I go down to where he is and the bottle is nowhere in sight.

Despair hits, as I can’t accuse him of anything because I don’t know what he’s done with the bottle. I mean, I know it, but there’s no proof.

So now I’m pissed cause this guy is walking out and there’s fuck all I can do.

But hang on, what’s this? He’s still here. Instead of walking out with the booze, he’s stopped to look at the main spirit display.


I have an idea. I go back to the counter and grab my trusty RF gun. I start scanning things and count stock, like I’m doing my inventory.

I scan the item I know he’s got hidden and start counting out aloud, first with the main display, then with the specials display.

Me, rather loudly (to myself of course!): “Oh dear. There seems to be a bottle of xxxxxxx missing from the shelves. That’s very strange, I only checked the counts a half an hour ago and they were all there. And I know I haven’t sold any this morning. Hmm. Oh well. Must’ve been a theft. Better report it.”

I push a few buttons and continue scanning random things, following this little prick back down the aisle he hid in before, still scanning things as he heads back towards the spirit specials display.

I come around the end of the aisle to see him pull the bottle out from inside his jacket and put it back on the shelf. I gave him my best “I know what you did and I fucking dare you to come back and try it again fucktard” look before he legged it.

*Cue happy dance*

I’ve not even been at the store 2 years yet, but I have many many horror stories, which I shall regale you with another time as this post is already way too long. Oh the joys of working in a bottleshop.