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Storytime2 From Hell's Security Guard:

Oh, did I have a night.

Tonight, it was the Security Hell Hole. In this case, where I've been for months now, the Customer base is limited to the Client, but it still counts. But I have to say I had some good fun at work this morning.

Ever since June 16th (yes, over a month ago) we have been trying to get UPS-Freight to come pick up two Trailers for delivery to a different site. The only contact I have had with these two trailers is 2 folders full of Paperwork, showing that these trailers have merchandise on them.

So, this morning, at a quarter to seven, they finally show up to make the pick-up.

Cue Comedy Music, bells, and laugh Track.

Trailer # 1:

The Bill of Lading has been sitting in the Truck Gate with no Seal Number on it. This is normal, we don't record the Seal Number on the Bill until the Trailer actually leaves the Lot. The Trailer itself has been backed up against another Trailer so tightly that Lot Patrol, all three shifts of them, have been unable to get close enough to record the Seal Number.

However, as we found out this morning, they were able to get close enough to determine that it had no Seal on it. Therefore it has been recorded as an unverifiable empty for the past 4 and a half weeks. Now, get that...Lot Patrol has been saying it's empty, but I have paperwork saying it's not.

So, the Trailer gets brought up to the front. I go out to record the Seal number.

I find that there is no Seal on the Trailer. First action I do is open the Trailer to verify the contents.

Guess what? It's Empty! 35 Cartons of Merchandise somehow disappeared, even though no one on this planet bigger than about 1 foot tall and weighing more than about 10 pounds could possibly have gotten into the Trailer.

That's 35 boxes, at an average retail value of about 400 dollars per box, so we're talking about 15,000 dollars that have just up and walked away. That's around 75% of my after tax salary for the year.

While the Spotters are bringing up Trailer # 2, I call Receiving and let them know we have a problem. Spotter One states that he is the Spotter who took that Trailer out of the Dock Door, and that he was told at that time that it was empty, therefore he did not call for a Re-Seal. I relay this information to Receiving for their investigation.

Trailer # 2 :

Arrives at the front at this point. I pull out the June 16th Trailer Audit to get it's Seal #, and proceed outside to verify the Seal.

And, the Seal # is Wrong. Bells go off in my head, and I think, "Hmm, these have been here so long, maybe Receiving decided to move the 35 Cartons from Trailer # 1 to Trailer # 2, and forgot to tell anyone. (This has happened before, so it wouldn't be a surprise.)

With the UPS-Freight driver at my side ( for Accountability reasons) I break the Seal that is on the Trailer, and proceed, with the Bill of Lading, to check the contents.

Trailer # 2 is supposed to have 15 Cartons of Benches, plus 2 "Big Boxes, No Bill" on it. Visual inspection reveals 15 Cartons of Benches. That's all.

OH, Boy, my day just got better.

I re-Sealed Trailer # 2, recorded the new Seal number, and went back to my post.

Once again (That's 3 times now, if you're keeping count) I called Receiving, and informed them of this new development.

This time I get bumped up from the Receiving Supervisor, to the Logistics Supervisor. I explain the problem to "Mr. Shipper". HE begins his own investigation. (Again, for those of you keeping count this is now three separate investigations going on, Mine, Receiving's, and Logistics's.)

Having ten years in Security, and therefore knowing how to track this kind of stuff down, I begin carefully combing through every single Trailer Audit done by Lot Patrol since 6-16-10.

I find, on the Trailer Audit for 07-02-10, second shift, a small notation that the new guy (who is a Floater, covering the second shift Lot Patrol because we are down 3 Officers at this site, and have been for nearly 3 months) put on his Audit.

He "Found Trailer ##-##### Un-sealed. Seal was Broken, and lying on Floor of Trailer. Re-Sealed" . O.K. , it was his second day. He was working second shift, which is the busiest shift for Lot Patrol because we go from 5 officers on Site down to 3. But, he claims that he has been working Security for 5 years.

He didn't do any kind of investigation as to why the Trailer's Seal was Broken, nor did he make any attempt to verify that the contents of the Trailer were what they were supposed to be.

For the fourth time, I call Receiving, and let them know what I have found out. And, because this just escalated from probable mis-communication to possible Theft, I had to call the one person I just hate to bother, the Site-Liason between Big Company and Big Security Firm, Funny Mikey.

Luckily, Funny Mikey and I have been working together for over a year, and he knows I wouldn't bother him for trivial shit.

Funny Mikey sends Lot Patrol out to get the Bills of Lading and take pictures of the Trailers, so that he can begin his own investigation. (Yes, that is now 4 investigations over one incident.)

Thankfully, my relief shows up at this point, and I leave, to head out West to work on some beers.

Asses are going to get Reamed. Hard. And I'm going to pick up some major Kudos for finding the problem.

--Hell's Security Guard





Yay for kudos!
Wtf was new guy thinking? Surely he could have written on the back of his hand, "Re-check Trailer X for theft."


Hopefully you'll get the Kudos; I had a management chew me out for making THEM look bad when I caught some funny business that lead to a delivery crew getting arrested for theft.


This story thoroughly confuses me.

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