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Arant23 Hello, all!  Long-time read… yeah, yeah, yeah, okay, so you know all of that already. You can call me Andi (as that’s what my name was supposed to be… long story) and I work in the mall at a clothing store with a French name that no one seems to know how to pronounce (I swear, that little accent’s a killer!). 

Usually my job is pretty good… my coworkers rock, my store manager’s really nice, the assistant manager I usually work with is AWESOME, and the custys are usually pretty decent. 


Today, however… UGH.

Today I worked as a greeter… which basically means I’m the first person you see coming into the store, and therefore the first person to talk to you and the first person you see to ask about ANYTHING in the store… including the wall of jeans at the back that I’ve barely even touched in the two weeks it’s been up.  Or the guy’s jeans that I know very little about besides our sizing range. When I wasn’t greeting, I was straightening up the clothes or running a cash register. 

Today wasn’t quite as bad as yesterday, because I wasn’t running to the back room every five minutes to hunt for sizes for polos. 

So, you’re probably wondering what my rant is, right? 

I have a few…

First off, custys need to LEARN TO FOLD CLOTHES. 

Yes, I know that I work here and part of my job is to re-fold the shirts that get messed up.  But seriously, how hard is it to fold a shirt the same way all of the others like it are folded? 

I had to refold the same white polo at least six times because someone had folded it the wrong way, when there was a stack RIGHT THERE.  Arant24

As if it isn’t enough that I have to refold all the shirts that people just stuffed into a space on the table (sometimes two or three stacks down from where the shirt belongs, because it’s SO difficult to take two steps back in that direction to put stuff away). I literally spent over an hour after closing tonight refolding ONE TABLE of graphic tees… and it was less than half full because tonight is a re-set!

*    *    *    *    *

Rant number two is directed towards one individual:

When I look at you with a smile on my face and ask if you need any help, DO NOT stare at me like I have two heads and refuse to answer. 

Yeah, it was awkward. 

Because you chose to make it awkward, that is. 

Yes, I know that I’m pretty much sitting on the floor while I talk to you, it’s because I’m folding graphic tees (Remember that table from earlier? Yup, that’s where I was working). 

How hard is it to just say NO if you don’t need my help?! Why must you be the ONLY person I’ve met so far at this job to treat me like shit because I work retail?!

*    *    *    *    *

Oh, and number three…

this one even pissed off my manager! 

If you don’t speak ANY English, PLEASE bring someone with you who does. 

I can handle dealing with kids as translators… that’s totally normal, I’ve had at least one kid under 10 handling the transaction pretty much every time I’ve worked cash register. Very few people in our store speak or understand ANY language other than English well enough to conduct business.

Today we had two ladies come into the store and start asking questions… entirely in Spanish. 

You would think that the confused look on my manager’s face would tip them off that she doesn’t understand what they’re saying, not to mention the fact that she’s doing her best to help them in English rather than speaking to them in Spanish.  Arant25

Of course, I ended up being the one to check them out. 

First, I understood them enough to know that they wanted me to check the price on something, although I’m not sure that they understood when I told them the price in English (I can’t translate fast enough in my head… I haven’t properly spoken Spanish in over two years and even then it was only for Gen Ed requirements for college). 

Thankfully they understood the signs about our graphic tee sale, so I didn’t have to try to get them to pick out another one (I had three or four transactions where people came up without their second tee… two were cheaper than one on this sale). 

In the end, she handed me almost a hundred dollars more than her total (which was high… she bought a LOT) even though I could see that she had something much closer in her hands… my guess is she didn’t know what her total was, even though it was on the credit card machine right in front of her.

At least I didn’t have to run all over the mall looking for change today!





Uh... stores often fold clothes in ways I can't even begin to fathom. It's not that I'm messy, or inconsiderate, I just can't work out how to make the sleeves go there or have the front nice and straight. I *do* try and fold them neatly, but I'm sure that you end up having to re-fold them anyway because I use a different method. (I fold in half lengthways, tuck the sleeves in and fold over twice. It's neat, but doesn't show the front graphic etc very well)

And I must admit sometimes I'm so much in my own little world that I simply don't hear a greeting. If I do, I at least nod friendly-like to the person by the door though. People look at me strangely on buses because I both greet the driver and call a thankyou when I get off.

Michael Chandra

You really underestimate how hard it is to fold something nicely. Call me spoiled but I really never figured out how to fold things, by lack of practice. (Yeah, I live on my own now, but I kinda just toss 'em over a couch to dry, then leave them lying there until I pick one to wear.)
When I'm trying to refold a shirt or jeans, I will have NO idea what I'm doing and just try to imitate what I can see enough to make it decent enough for now. And yes, it won't be good enough.

Self Scan Queen

Agreed. The folding thing is difficult. In the clothing department at my store, they have a special folding contraption thing for when they set out stock, and only the girls who work there can seem to fold the shirts properly. I try not touch any folded shirts unless I'm actually interested in trying them on and I will attempt to fold them the way that the store has them set out, but my attempts are sorely lacking. So, yeah, someone will have to fix it.


I agree with everyone else. It's near impossible to fold t-shirts that neatly when you're holding them and don't have access to a folding table. I can do pants neatly but not shirts. I try to fold it basically the same way and I'll put it back on the same stack unless it's packed so tightly that I could barely get it out in the first place (hate that, very bad practice IMO) but it's not going to be perfectly square.

If I were in charge I'd tell people not to stack things tightly, put the same sizes together with all the labels facing out, and either fold things so you can see the sleeves or post a sign saying what length the sleeves are. I hate it when I take out a shirt thinking it looks like a short sleeve but it's actually a long sleeve because I know there's no way I'm buying it (short arms but petite sizes are too short in the torso) and I can't fold it properly again.


I worked in a clothing shop for awhile and I sucked really, really bad at their methods of folding (and they had folding forms, but not the cool folding boards like on Big Bang). Its half the reason they moved me to being a cashier.

Now, at stores, I don't even bother. I fold things so they don't get wrinkled, that's it.


The thing about our shirts is that they all have an obvious crease where they're supposed to be folded... they actually come into the store folded correctly, and we simply have to adjust them a little to make sure they're going to lie flat. We don't use folding boards at all, because our shirts are so simple to fold back properly (I seriously learned in less than five minutes during my first shift, and we have to fold the guys & the girls shirts differently to make them fit in the displays properly). I certainly don't expect it to be perfect when a custy folds a shirt, because there's a tag issue that often makes shirts do strange things, but I do agree with NC Tony - there's a BIG difference between trying, which makes it slightly easier for me, and balling it up and throwing it, which is what most of the custys in my store seem to be doing lately.

Ledi, I WISH that it had simply been that she hadn't heard me. The woman turned and stared me down, looking at me like I was an alien or something. The store was loud, but I kind of have a big mouth when I'm working and the only time people have trouble hearing me is when we have HUGE numbers of people in the store like this weekend or they already don't hear that well.

NC Tony, I feel your pain. It's tax free weekend here as well... I'm sure between the two of us and anyone else from the Carolinas, next week will be full of tax-free horror stories! I've actually worked Friday & Saturday both, and I'm going in at 2 today to work until close, meaning I MIGHT be home by 9. We close at six, but last time I closed on a Sunday we didn't leave until eight and I work in one of the smaller stores in both our mall and our chain!

Christine Beres

Guys, folding the shirts are SUPEREASY.

Lay it on it's front.

Fold the shirt halfway between the collar and the seam for the sleeve.

Repeat for other side.

Make sure it is straight all the way down and the sleeves, if it short, do not touch (women's) or barely overlap (men's)...
For LONG sleeves it's a bit harder, but not much.

Then you fold it in thirds.

Also, i've NEVER folded for a store (we hung everything, shelves were for shoes and purses). I simply fold my clothing the same way (and have since I was 9)...
(Although I ALWAYS have to redo it if my grandmother folds... She folds differently)


This is how I fold all my shirts.


No seriously, this is how I do it. Once you learn it, it's really easy to do. I do it because every shirt turns out the same way, nice and neat...and my previous method I could never make the shirts look good folded.


Christine - Where do you suggest we lay them down while in a store? It's not like they leave empty tables all over so custies can lay down the shirts and fold them neatly. If there's a surface it's easy enough to do but when you're standing on front of a set of shelves and probably holding something else like a bag or a kids hand or other items you intend to purchase it becomes very difficult to fold both sides in neatly.


That's one of the things I hated about working at Target, having to refold the shirts! Especially since one night in particular one of the team leads took the nice neat piles I'd just done and dumped them on the floor, making me redo them.


I use the Japanese style too at home!

easiest/fastest/cleanest way to refold a shirt (at least in my book) is you hold it in the air, pinch it on either side of the collar, get the sleeves behind and lower it down to fold it in two.
Not easy to describe but I find it's nearly always the way the stores folds them here.

And I agree, I hate it to see tables where customers just trow the stuff back on. My mom usually comment on how badly kept is the Zara store here in regard to the ones in Brazil, implying that the slaves should work harder, I had to tell her that it's the customers fault and that there always seems to be people only there to re-fold stuff.


Ugh, it was tax-free hell in Ioway, too...but only on clothing. And guess what section I work?

More aggravating than the inflated mess, though, was the fact that 3 cashiers - almost half of the closers - decided to be selfish bitches and call in "sick". It's always 3 people when it's a "famous" busy day and we get cashier call-in problems, so I bet it's always the same people. Almost all of the sales people, rather than a few of them rotating, were those 3 actually working, were stuck doing backups for an hour during rush hour, so we had to leave those custy table messes we had just fixed alone for another hour to rot. Ouch. But I digress.

Folding might be hard, but -trying- to fold something isn't, especially when you're at a chain store where the clothes come pre-folded with creases. It also makes me mad when people pull out the hangers and put them back in in a way that tangles them with the other clothes and generally makes a mess. It wasn't tangled when you got to it, so you can probably put it back in that little slot it left without it getting tangled with very little effort.

Hellgreens Slave

Folding shirts isn't easy unless you've worked in a clothing store... Hellgreens sometimes carries cheapo shirts (they're like 5/$10) and folding them is a nightmare.. mostly because no one refolds during the day.. they leave it all for the night crew. Over time I figured out a way to fold them to make them the same & look neat..

Oh and about the people speaking Spanish.. well I have my very strong opinions on this issue and let's just leave at I hope Arizona's law gets passed & goes nationwide because I'm sorry but when you go to another country you're expect to learn the language to get by and here- there's people who come here (legally or illegally) and never learn English even if they live here for over 10 years. My grandparents were forced to learn English to go to school and work and survive.. and now it's a much different world we live in. I'm just glad I have had & currently have several co-workers that are fluent and can translate when needed. But I don't get annoyed with those that don't speak English.. I just pawn them off on a co-worker that can translate lol.


I work for the same company, and currently I'm placed in the back as the "denim expert." So not only am I constantly refolding jeans (which, admittedly, are folded in a bizarre and specific way), I also have to refold all the tables of clothes that people seem to paw through and then throw around. Like, I have to refold entire stacks. The sweats folded on the table are the worst. I also have the issue with the customers who speak little English, have no one to translate for them, and then get upset when it takes me a long time to understand them, no matter how patient I'm being. A custy even left the store today when I told her our sole Spanish-speaking associate wasn't working that day. Anyway, I've mostly taken up this space to share my own rants, since we have a company experience in common.
God bless!


I don't mind custies who can't speak English. I work in a big tourist area, and I have people come through all the time talking random languages. I just speak to them normally and exaggerate my hand gestures;occasionally do some pantomime. Works fine.


Hellgreen's Slave, AZ's immigration law has nothing to do with language. A law making English a requirement would be a different matter - and would most likely be ruled unconstitutional. We do not have an official language here.


I hate it when you go in to look for something and everything has been folded so tightly and laid so close that it's impossible to even tell a size without picking it up and then you have to fold it and put it back. That's sometimes when you end up with crazy unfolded messes as people get frustrated and end up dumping stuff. Also jeans stuffed into shelves so tight that you nearly pull the stand down on yourself.

I know it's not managers, not slaves who force that organisation but it can really put you off a shop.


Most stores seem to have some different alien form of clothing folding that I've never seen before, but I always make an effort to fold an item back if I can imitate how it came undone (I'm puzzle/logic oriented so once I unfold something I can figure how to reverse the pattern), or just the simple sleeves behind/fold in two. There's one main way that most stores usually fold jeans and pants in, however, and I'm totally a pro at that now! =D

We all may not be able to fold it back to its original state, but like NC Tony said, it's nicer than a ball of a mess back on top.

Garden Girl

I'm glad so many other people are unable to fold shirts in the store. I have my own personal folding-clean-clothes way of folding, but I'm lost otherwise. I feel terrible that I never do it right, but I definitely at least fold it my way and put it back neatly. Over 10 years of retail and I never worked with clothes. >.<


I always get frustrated trying to refold clothes, so if I can't tell what it is without unfolding, I usually try to lay it out nicely so at least maybe other people won't have to unfold it themselves. I know, noit asgood as refolding, but cettainly better than balling it up or dropping it.
I do have to say that I've been know to be guilty of the greeter thing too. I have mild narcolepsy, no I don't just fall down unconscious like on TV, (thats actually very rare) but during a spell I react veeerrrryyyy sssllloowwwwllllyyyy. Sometimes by the time I realize that I've been spoken to, and formulate a reply the other person has moved on in disgust.

Halfhearted Sales Ninja

They called me the Folding Nazi at my old work, because I loved folding and was really strict about it. If someone was folding sloppilyy, I made sure they got more training (by me) or stopped folding altogether. Apparently, I offended coworkers, because they would spend an hour folding a table, and I would walk by, shake my head, and refold it all anyways. Ah well ;)

That said, a LOT of people, even those in clothing retail who have HAD training, don't know how to fold neatly. I cut them some slack. The thing that pisses me RIGHT OFF, is when a table of identical tshirts in various colours gets wrecked because one stupid customer has to pick up one of each colour, shake it out to hold it up and look at it, only to drop it directly down on the pile in a big puddle. They all look the fuckin' same, dumbass!

What pisses me off more, though, is the big piles of clothing left in a crumpled pile on the floor of a fitting room. Can people not put things back on hangers, or hang up their cast-offs on a hook? Or at LEAST pile it on the bench/chair inside each fitting room?! Lazy! It's those assholes I hate the most, because then I have to break out the lint roller (or, if it was empty, as it usually was, break out the packing tape to wrap around my fingers to remove dust/hair) then drag out the big steamer, steam, THEN refold. GRR.


I never fold clothing before putting it back. I never do it perfectly and mostly I don't want to fold laundry when I'm suppose to be shopping and having a good time. But what I will do is just unfold one item to get a better look, and then neatly rummage through the rest to find my size and color. Hangers are so much more efficient for everyone.


Rizzo, I FEEL your pain. The other night I closed, & our DM was with us. She decided we were putting ALL the jeans from the back room out. The wall was already packed in places, and I ended up having to just pack them in as tight as I possibly could. I HATE the way we fold our jeans, but we gotta do what we gotta do.

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