Library Hell: Creep Enounter
Craft Store: Bale Clean Up

Illiterate Piggy Custy


From Tweaky:

My badass coworker snapped this picture. To this day we've never returned a bag more than half filled with bags, it's almost always garbage. Hence the sign...


Christine Beres

That's horrible. It's not only disrespectful to those at the place of business, but shows that these people don't care about the state of the planet.

Is the Go Green movement over already? Are we done trying to save the planet? It looks like we're all going to die of severe toxicity of the air and water because of schmucks that do stupid shit like that.


LOL, I have seen those before, in fact I was just at the grocery store returning my bottles! Now, that one wasen't being used as a trash can, but I could tell you about people leaving their wet baby wipes on the floor or in a cart, ewww!


The store I work at got rid of our recycling bins for awhile because people were filling them with trash, what's so bad is there's an actual trash can about 5 feet away!

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