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Entitled Custy Gets Told

BallsawardAAA Melpomene gets a Retail Balls Award for not backing down to an annoying entitled custy attempting to break the rules:

I've been averaging 50+ hours a week recently, so understandably, I'm exhausted. I'm only contracted 20 hours as I'm a weekend supervisor (need spending money while at Uni, how else am I going to get drunk enough to forget the customers?), but have been covering weekday supervisor holidays, so I've been spending a lot of time on departments other than my own.

Which has been a mixed blessing as I get away from PB (Patronizing Bitch - a weekday supervisor who seems to think that she is Queen Bee and I am the scum underneath her feet).

So, my tales of recent events at Primevil.

To start with, we have lift areas where we store stock. One on each floor, and the lifts go up to the stockroom. These are only accessible to staff as there is a code keypad to get into them. Except on ground floor where it's broken. Oh, and first floor where they leave it propped open (sensible lot there).

I think first floor may have learnt their lesson however, as a Saturday a couple of weeks saw two of the staff come running out of the lift lobby shrieking.

Examination of CCTV footage showed a middle aged Asian woman wandering into the lift lobby, hiding behind a cage (for stock and cardboard - it was full of cardboard at the time), squatting and taking a dump.

Footage also showed 5 members of staff walk past her, one of whom came out of the lift, pushed the cage towards the wall out of his way, and then carried on. She can be seen scuttling backwards so the cage doesn't squash her, which explains why the mess was a trail across the floor. Carolanne 020

We do not have customer toilets (I believe I've covered this in a previous submission), the nearest ones are literally less than a minute away. How can this woman think it is socially acceptable to go into a staff area and do that?

And carry on while there are people walking past? At least we're all laughing about it (but the poor cleaner who had to clean it up, not sure which one it was, but my god do I feel sorry for them).

It has however, shown a rather unpleasant side to some of my colleagues, who, every time an Asian customer asks if we have toilets, wait a few moments and then ask if I want them to follow the customer. Not as a joke, but in genuine assumption that because the customer who did it was Asian, all our Asian customers will be likely to do the same.

Considering we've had English customers scream at us about their children needing the toilet, and then turning to their children and yelling "Take a crap right here! Show that lady who's right!" I think that they are more likely to be repeat and widespread offenders.

I've been supporting the customer service desk a lot recently as well, because it's situated on the 2nd floor, where I've been covering.

Why is it people see 'customer service' and read "easy target for your self-entitled, ignorant and misdirected anger at your own stupidity"?

We had the same woman come in 3 days in a row (obviously hoping I wasn't going to be working) and telling the staff she needed a VAT refund form. This is a service we offer to non-EU tourists. We calculate how much VAT they will be due to have refunded, they get the form stamped by customs, and their refund is processed.

We do not give the refund ourselves, the form MUST be stamped by customs. In order to do this we have to record the customer's passport number. This woman, three days in a row, came in with a photocopy of the photo page of her passport.

The first day I asked the store manager (there are 6 levels in our store, he is top, I am second from bottom therefore I am NOT arguing with him, especially when his decision supports my own instinct as in this case), and he said we do not accept photocopies of passports.

I relay this to customer, who argues that she was allowed to do it the day before. When quizzed on who served her, or what time she was served, she said it was the same time of day, so I turned to my colleagues and asked if they had accepted a photocopied passport.

'No' was the response. No one else is trained to work customer services other than these women, so customer was lying. Jason 004

The next day she went through the same charade with one of the staff, until I came round from the back, recognised her and said "I'm sorry, but as I told you yesterday, the store manager will not allow us to issue a VAT refund form without your passport. We cannot accept photocopies".

She launched into a long story about her passport being locked away in a safe, as if that would make me change my mind. "I'm sorry, but without your actual passport there is nothing I can do. You will have to either bring your passport in, or speak to customs about this when you get to the airport"

Day three I heard her telling my colleague that I had said all she needed  to do was bring in a copy of her passport and a business card from the company she was here with and we'd issue the form.

Again I came out from the back (she came in at the same time all 3 days, while I was checking the refund receipts for a till), and told my colleague to serve the queue while I spoke to the woman.

I left the desk and went around the front to speak face to face, and repeated everything I had gone over with her the previous days. I then added "I'm unsure how you misunderstood me, but I will say this once more. We will not, under any circumstances, accept a photocopy of your passport. All the staff are aware of this, it has been repeated to them over the last 2 days, and no one will issue the VAT refund form without your actual passport in their hand. I suggest you the next time you return to request the form, you have your passport available."

She came back less than 30minutes later with her passport.

I wanted to slap her.



Bakery Hell From The Land Down Under

Arant1 Hi all, Majuba, the bakery slave, here again.

What a crazy Sunday I've just been through! As I told you before I work in the bakery department at a major Aussie supermarket chain "the "Fresh Food People".

During the week I start work at 5am spending the next 5 hours slicing and bagging bread. Sundays I also get to bag up all the rolls and cakes as well as my bread. Not usually a problem...usually.

Now my store has a policy that no-one is to be in the store completely alone at any time...this is when it causes problems. During the week (Monday thru Saturday) there are two bakers on duty - a baker and an apprentice - from midnight. On Sunday there's only a baker (starting at 3am) and me, the untrained assistant (starting at 6am).

For several weeks now the big bosses have been having trouble finding anyone willing enough to come hang out in the store at 3am with the baker. Dunno why, its winter time in Oz, which means cold dark and wet.

We've had several occasions when people haven't shown up on time and the baker has been an hour late....last sunday he was 3hours late....3hours!!!

Poor baker had to sleep in his car outside the staff entry until I arrived cos there was no-one to keep him company. That caused a huge rush for the baker to get stuff started baking and left me to "find stuff to do"  till it was cool enough to bag/slice.

The first rack of bread wasn't cool enough to slice till 8.30am and then I had a mad catch-up rush to try to get something, anything onto the shelf for when the store opened at 10am.

Now, you might be saying "Why didn't you just call in your department manager?"

Well I could but he's totally useless and has told me that Sundays are his day off and he WILL be taking them. In Australia we have an expression for people like him 'useless as tits on a bull', or as my housemate puts it 'he couldn't organise a root in a brothel'.

So I was pretty much on my own. The poor baker was rushing round so much he ended up wrenching a muscle in his lower back. This baker isn't the most cheerful person at the best of fact he's a total this made his temper worse. Arant13

I ended up having to do the heavy stuff for him (like lifting trays in and out of the ovens or bowls into the mixer). Grouchy baker did try helping me bag rolls but the pain got too much and he was sent home.

So there I am rushing round like a mad thing and trying to get three things done at once. Naturally I get a rush of Entitled Custys that all demand the bakery slave stop whatever she's doing and fetch their items immediately; then get snappy when I all but toss the bag in their trolley before diving back into the bakery!

Sure I could have done better there but as I said I was juggling jobs frantically!

Luckily 'Baby-Face' was the duty store manager that day and helped me when he could.

I'll call him Baby-Face cos he's in his mid 20's with blonde hair and a round face and an ever so slight lisp. He's the 2IC store manager and is the only one of the three store managers that will actually help out....and people like him because of that!! He's not too keen on bagging or slicing but told be to just fill the racks and he'd take them out and shelve them for me.

I think I did okay; from being three hours late in the morning I only left an hour and a half late in the afternoon. The monday duty manager was bitching about all the stuff I didn't get done but none of it was major stuff so I don't care!
Sunday I didn't get a meal break all day and didn't even get a toilet break till nearly 2pm. Its hard to get a toilet break since the only toilets are on the other side of our, very big, store and up three flights of stairs...not a good thing if you have an emergency situation (if you know what I mean)! There used to be a handicapped toilet behind the Deli counter, just off the fruit/veg prep area, but someone broke the lock and there are now massive crates of watermelon and pumpkin parked in front of the door.

On a funny side note; I dunno what what Baby-Face had on his cereal Sunday morning but he was in a crazy mood. At one stage there I was shelving bags of rolls and must have looked a little grim. Arant25

Baby-Face came bouncing up to me and says "Hey Majuba I've got a song that will cheer you up, its a cheerful little Christmas song!".

Then he danced around singing 'I'm a Happy Little Christmas Tree' while I could only look on in amazement!!

Oddest comment of the day goes to the Baby-Faced manager who came bouncing into the bakery and happily announced "I'm like every department's little Bitch today!"

What he meant was that every department had been getting him to help them out but his comment came out rather wrong.

I took it the wrong way since a week before I had walked into the staff lunch room into an enthralling discussion between an (openly lesbian) co-worker and the (straight) female 3IC store manager on bondage outfits, latex versus leather and what the manager would look like in heels and a whip.

BTW, we found out that it was the butcher that was late letting the baker into the store. Apparently he overslept till 5.30am then found someone broke into his car, busted open the locked glovebox and stole his prescription of Dexies, he had to wait ages for the cops to show up.



Costco Hell



CSI Update:

School keeps me very busy but I just had to share my Sunday with you.

(Photo above from my cell phone)

The door counts were in the 300s all day. This means 300 card holders...not people.

So a family of 5 with one card gets counted as 1.

These counts are also done every half hour and I assure you every half hour just brought more idiots and little demon spawns.

They took my help from me right when I got there so I was alone all day.

I wonder if I keep telling myself "I love my job" I will believe it at some point. lol

Hope all is well in your side of the world.



Awesome Custys and Coworkers Diminish Hell


Greetings all, Mechgogo once again tearing it up here at RHU.

Figured I'd take a break from two solid weeks of  "I am fixin' to exercise my 2nd Amendment rights all OVER that fuckin place!" and share with you a tale of two epic custys and one new employee (NOT FNG) who I think scores at least a nomination for a Retail Balls award.

First, Bear.

Bear is one of my regulars. And by my regulars I mean he'll come in any time we're open and spend hours chatting up anyone on staff.

But there is exactly ONE person he spends dime one with. Bear is a former Marine who is now on 100% permanent disability thanks to some high-speed metal he got in the way of while doing his bit for Corps and Country.

I've seen pics of him in his dress blues and even in those all you can think is "That is one biker-lookin motherfucker right there."

Bear best resembles the by-product of a magical night shared between a bigfoot and a grizzly bear. These days he devotes himself to three things, in order. His kid Marlon, his Harley, and his love of whiskey, weed and loose women. Bear, in short, fucking rocks. And for all his hard-partying ways I've never SEEN such a devoted father.

So Bear comes in one day last week while me and FNG are in the depths of a pretty serious feud that got WAY the fuck outta hand and nearly cost us both our jobs. Jason 013

I get to bitchin' about FNG and tell Bear that if things don't settle down soonish-like I'm out. I am too old to be taking crap from some whiny little tard who, best case scenario can't have more than one third my time in this industry.

Bear's response?

"Mech bro, don't quit man. You're the heart and soul of this place brother. Everyone else here is cool and all but you're the only one who GETS IT y'know? Stick it out man. This place wouldn't be any fun if you left. And tell ya what, I'm ever in here when that little shithead's working, point him out to me. I'LL settle his shit like his daddy shoulda and you can take the tape home to show the wife."

Did I mention that at 6' 1" and 200+ pounds of wiry, very strong muscle and certified crazy I only make up about 3/4 of one Bear, either in mass, crazy or not-to-be-fucked-with?

Hehehehehe, I plan to Scotchgaurd the store carpeting on my own dime in anticipation of FNG standing in a puddle of his own piss seconds after making Bears acquaintance.

Then there was Melinda.

Melinda was a rather stunning lady who came into the store from Seattle today. Long dark hair, very buxom, pretty face and a personality that made me envy the SHIT outta those lucky Seattle bastards. She comes in, does some shopping, sees me interacting with a family over by the display bike.

I go over, ask her how she's doing and get the following response:

"I'm doing fine thanks. You know, you really have an amazing personality. I've never seen someone make people who weren't spending any money feel so welcome in a store. You need to not ever lose that. It's really rare." Freddy2 073b

I swear to the Gods I had to go in back and wipe my eyes. Then I went out, thanked her profusely, told her how I'd been having a crap month so far and that she had just made my WEEK with her kind words.

We chatted some more, she bought a hat and left with me wishing I was single so I could buy her a drink.

And finally we have Awesome New Chick (ANC).

ANC comes to us from a neighboring store that has a reputation for being a shit place to work. The manager treats the staff like convict laborers , is addicted to polyester and seems to have the same reaction to soap that werewolves do to silver. So ANC gets hired at our store. She gives her two week notice.

On her last day she tells her now-former boss "Y'know, I've always hated you. Everyone here hates you. You're a mean, abusive, manipulative bitch. You treat us all like dirt, you smell like a toilet backup in a homeless shelter and where the HELL does someone who deals with the public for a living and has dental insurance get off having such a bad case of fucked-up pirate teeth?"

Call me optimistic but I'm hopeful she proves a nice counterbalance to FNG. She's already met him and described him as a "Whiny, entitled little bullshit artist."

Bear, Melinda and ANC; me likey em all. Yes me do.

--Mech out


Pouting Mannequin

Perhaps unhappy because he has been sentenced to do stock work in the front of a strange Asian gift shop. Welcome to the world of retail and wearing a hat of many of colors...

Garden Girl: Asshole Custys and Retail Law Proposal

Carolgarden From Garden Girl:

What a beautiful day it is. Please, visitors, don't screw it up.

I just got yelled at by a visitor for NOT checking ID. When members drive up to the tollbooth, they need to show their membership card. I record their member number and the total number of guests (family memberships allow multiple people to come in at one time).

Usually I don't have to ask how many people, I just look in the car as they drive on and do a quick count. Most members know the procedure, so it's usually a quick process. Usually.

A large white van pulls up and the person driving shows me a card. I write down the number, say 'thank you,' and glance in the back for my count.

The van doesn't move, the driver is still holding out their member card while staring at me.

Me: Is there something else I can help you with?

Staring Visitor: Um, hello? My ID? (Not that they even have it out or anything)

Me: Yes, I saw your card. You're free to go ahead. *points out the window for emphasis*

SV, now waving the member card in my face: NO! MY ID! YOU DIDN'T ASK ME FOR ID!

Me:...okay, and I don't need to. You have shown me your membership.

SV, whose companions in the backseat are laughing hysterically: HOW DO YOU KNOW THIS IS ME? HUH? HOW DO YOU KNOW I DIDN'T STEAL THIS? DON'T YOU THINK YOU OUGHTA CHECK SHIT LIKE THIS?

No, asshole, I don't. This isn't the fucking Pentagon. It's a fucking Garden. We don't want you to steal from our exhibits, and doing so will surely get you thrown out (which I would pay to see, honestly), but it is definitely not a high-security area. You'll be okay, I promise.

But alas, I didn't say that.

Me: Fine, may I please see your ID.

SV: Nope. *drives off*

Sigh. Shoulda seen that one coming.

Also, I would like to lament the lack of an ability to make change.

I'm sick to death of having a car full of these dumbasses wanting to pay one at a time because they are too ignorant to figure out how to make change among themselves.

Not only is it a waste of time for me, it is a waste of their time as well. But they can get impatient with me because I'm the slow one, of course. I'm not even good at math, but I can make simple change without even looking at my register. Didn't they used to teach that in school?

Even better are the folks who run on the assumption that a $20 bill pays for anything.

They're in a vehicle with 5 people and when I give them a total around $40 they stare blankly at me, slowly hand me a $20...and then blink at me when I tell them I need more money.

Do you walk into a grocery store holding a bill awkwardly in front of you and hand it to the cashier asking for 'this much' worth of groceries?

No? Then why the hell would you do it anywhere?

Summer holiday can't be over soon enough. I vote we make a law that everyone must stand in front of a mirror every morning and start there day by telling themselves "Today I will be a productive, intelligent, neat, polite member of society, or may I be eaten alive by starving chipmunks."

I'm sure this will solve everything.

'Til next time,

--Garden Girl