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Notice To Game Store Custys: What We Are

Jason2 037a From Pwngirl:

We are [Awesome Game Store] somewhere that is not the United States.

This is a letter to all the customers who come in and somehow do not notice what we are:

We are not a Daycare

No, seriously, we are not a daycare. Oh, your kids are on break from school? Good for them vacations and breaks are great things. Oh, you want to dump them here all day? No can do.

No, Sir/Ma'am, no. Really, we are a store, not a daycare.

No, if I let you dump your kids here 'just this once', I know you will want to do it every time. No, they can not play in the demo units all day, the demo units are for customers who are undecided, to play a bit and get a feel of the game.

Oh, you are telling your children to stay here and 'behave', because you will be 'back at the end of the day'? Yes, Sir/Ma'am, I am telling you, loud and clear, that the moment you set foot outside the store I am calling Children Services. Threatening me just means I will invite you to leave (with your children) and never return. Jason2 008

Yelling and hammering my counter means my working partner is calling the police, because you are now officially trespassing. This is terrible customer service, you say? Well, I have to mention you are not really a customer, since you are demanding something we do not offer.

You are not coming back? I really hope so.

We are not a Bank

It is 8:05 AM on a Tuesday. You really want to pay for your $2.00 rental with a $100 bill? Sorry, no can do. You can yell, pout, sniffle, huff and whine all you want, I only have $100 in the till to begin with. I will not hand you all my change because you want to break that $100 so much.

Yes, I know the banks do not open for another two hours, but that is not my problem. No, I am not required by law to break your $100. This is not a bank, sir. You say you do not have anything else in your wallet? Sir, your lie would have been more convincing if you had not opened your wallet wide and went over many different bills almost under my nose.

Why yes, you can not show off your wealth and claim the $100 bill is all you have. What? No, you can not 'pay later'. You are not a good customer, or a 'regular'. You rent with us maybe once a month, have a bad habit of returning games late, and canceled several orders, leaving us with 'cult' games nobody else wanted. That is the reason your account is flagged 'no credit' and 'game orders with prepay only' (but I did not tell him that, of course).

Oh look, after 20 minutes of going in circles, you finally gave up and handed me a $5. Was that really worth it, sir? Jason2 012

We are not a Smoking Lounge

Do not light that fucking (cigarette/cigar/pipe/hookah/joint). No, you do not have a right to smoke here. If you light that thing, you will be in violation of federal, state and city laws. Oh, very classy of you, lighting up and trying to puff on my face. Yes, you are banned from the store, your account is blocked and you are on camera violating our obsessive 'no smoking indoors and most of outdoors' laws.

You are not coming back either? What you thought 'banned from the premises' meant?

We are not a Porn Store

No. Just... no.

We are not a Bar

We are not licensed to sell alcohol. Our vending machine never sold beer.

Video Games, sir. No matter how much you insist, we never sold beer.

Rinse, repeat for some 15 minutes.

- Pwngirl



But you totally sell beer right?


Yeah, I totally got beer here last week. Stop discriminating against me!


This is probably one of my favorite posts in recent memory... I've been through most of those dances with customers before, with slight variations.

You sound like a very blunt person. Must make retail life hilarious when you have the chance to be blunt with a customer ;)


You aren't related to the Almighty Gord, are you?

(context: Acts of Gord)


Should just tell the parents that after 15 minutes unattended, the children become legal property of the store.

Dishwashing Monkey

I shocked that parents dump their kids in your store and then get pissy because you said no.

Unfucking believable.

Token Female

I agree with Jmonkeh - tell parents that. And then sell the kids off to the circus (I've seen stores with signs like that and I giggle a little every time).

Account Deleted

@Jmonkeh, Dishwashing Mokey, Token Female

I don't know how it started, but it became a depressingly common trend here, dump children at game stores, toy stores, arcades, and go out do shopping. At the local mall it is a common sight, loads of unsupervised small children at the 'funland' area.

Bossman is a father of two, and parents doing that shit really drive him up the wall.

@Blue Bomber

I am not actually THAT blunt to the customer if they offer a smidgen of courtesy. Some entitled people are just dumb, we do the 'no can do' dance without raising our voices, and the custy flounces out trying to be 'classy' (no screaming or stomping). But I do, as my other coworker do, have the right to be blunt the moment the custy starts being rude. Here I just let loose with the 'tone' i wish I could have used...

I know how lucky I am to have [Bossman] backing us up on that, I'd never fit in a corporate or franchise where retail workers are supposed to take abuse and keep smiling while bending over for some idiot's satisfaction.


I love the Gord. [Bossman] pointed it out to me after he saw me handle 'difficult' customers. Being so small as I am, I learned early that I had to stand my ground or I would be stepped on.


We've had parents dump their brats in the children's room while they go do God knows what, and I've only ever seen ONE supervisor tells some lady not to do it again. ONCE. And the bitch kept doing it and my fucking pussy of a supervisor never followed up on her threat to call the cops.

And of course, as a minimum-wage slave, I have no authority to tell them off myself. Fuck my job.

Arcade Slave

People do that all the time at my arcade. The great thing though, is NO ONE can be in the store for more than five minutes doing nothing. It's considered loitering. I mean, if they're watching a friend play, fine. But they can't just stand their and socialize.
I have a friend that works at Build-a-Bear on the other side of the mall I work at and he says he has parents that "drop off" their kids all the time. The irony is that our mall has a daycare place where you can drop off your kids (for a fee, of course).


If I were to drop by the game store with a hundred dollar bill, it's because I'm about to spend one hundred dollars...

*Sweetly* Sure you can leave you child here! I'll be calling Child Protective Services five minutes after you leave. Have a wonderful day! (then walk away...)


If it wouldn't get me arrested, it would be tempting to say, "how old is your little girl? eight? oh, I looooove eight-year-old girls." She'll take the kids out of the store so fast it would make your head spin.


Crap parents drive me nuts. I know so many people who would dearly love kids but can't have them so seeing people who don't give a toss about the ones they have makes me fume.


Ah yes, Gord would indeed be proud. You are a wonderful disciple of Gord.

Down here in Southern Aussieland our Gamestop-replacement moved to a big store with 20ish demo machines. I wonder how many kids get dropped off there...

Michael Chandra

Oh yeah, I'd definitely consider being an ass and telling them no. Then if they do it anyway, take a bathroom break, call the cops with an anonymous warning there's unsupervised children and you're worried they ran away from home.


I didn't let my kids out of my sight until they were nearly unto high school when we went to public places. Leave them UNATTENDED in a public place? I don't think so!

We had a lady who wanted to leave her EIGHTEEN MONTH OLD in our children's area while she used the restroom! I sweetly asked how old the child was and then informed her that state law said an adult or someone over the age of ten MUST be with the baby. If looks could have killed...



unto=into--my typing SUCKS!

Christine Beres

I used to play video games all day while my parents shopped, but thankfully for the retail slaves, I always threw a tantrum until my parents bought me like, THE most expensive game in the store xD

I was there too long and annoyed the shit out of them (I was DEFINITELY a hellspawn, no two ways around that...), but they got their sale.


I will admit to leaving my son in the children's room for a minute or two to go to the rest room or to find a book for myself, but I asked first, the place was near empty, he played quietly, the librarians knew me, knew him, and they knew I WOULD be back in a minute or two, not an hour. No way would I do that anywhere else, but this was my home branch, we practically lived there. And he was older than 18 months, I'll tell you what ...

Su Chan


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