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RHUer Needs Advice For Coworker Bitch

Ashy Hi Retail Hell! It's Ashy-Boy again, here for a bit of an update.

Ever since my last post, where I made a very stupid error and looked like a total ass, (and also complained about a Nasty Ass Thief), I've been running around like a shlep preparing for the end of the world. My brother's birthday was yesterday, my sister suffered an accidental overdose and got out of the hospital yesterday, my mother's been ill, my classes are driving me bananas, I had a car accident and had to get my check (AND THEY SPELLED MY NAME WRONG, SO I HAVE TO GET IT RE-WRITTEN), and my Anime Convention is FRIDAY, so I've been scrambling to get arrangements and cosplay costumes ready.

Work, of course, is on top of it all. I need money to get gas and goodies, you know. Today, however, I'm here to bitch about a bitch. A bitch of whom I work with, whom I can't stand, and whom has long since worn out her welcome.

Her name is Honky-Tonk. And so help me, the name fits to a 'T'.

Honky-Tonk worked with me last summer, when the stand opened up in the location it's at now. She was...okay, then. I had to train her, because she was a replacement for me when I went off to Jersey for college. Now?

Let me ask you slaves something. At YOUR job, even if you have a very lax dress code, do you get away with wearing any of the following?

-V-neck shirts

For most, I assume the answer will be 'no'. Here, it's also 'no'.

...Unless, apparently, you're Honky-Tonk. This red-neck slut from out in the deepest trenches of the trailer parks walks around in ALL of this. There's a lot of bending, here. If you're a cashier, it means you do EVERYTHING around the store, so yes, if you wear these sorts of things, your ass is gonna be ALL out.

Big Jim has only so far 'warned' her, but allows her to look like a slut with her cowboy hat and tiny shorts. She was standing in a bin of corn and got out of it like she was some kind of stripper. I know some nice strippers, so no offense to them, but her attitude is also trashy.

She's a huge kiss-up to our boss. She also micro-manages EVERYTHING any co-worker does, which is usually me. And when I say that, I mean that she literally trods all OVER me. I'm not the type to stick up for myself. Here are some prime examples:

-We have tons of plants in front of the store. They need to be watered once a day. Even if she's asked by Marvina, the second in command, to water plants, Honky pushes it off on someone else. She's GOT to be Hydrophobic, we've decided.

So she comes in one day and says 'Ashy-Boy, since you're leaving, you go water the plants.' Note that it takes about half an hour to an hour to get this done...and I've got fifteen minutes of my shift left.

So I go, and as I walk out the door, she says this: 'Oh, and make sure you do it RIGHT. They're very wilted, and I don't want them to die.'

Firstly, it's watering plants. As long as you don't just wave a mist over them, they'll be fine.

Secondly, I took Horticulture for FOUR YEARS, and she KNOWS THIS. I think I know what the fuck I'm doing.

Thirdly, this is coming from someone who won't do it herself. The kicker? Marvina asked me what the hell I was doing, and that she asked Honky to do it.

-During a busy weekend shift, I was inside the store. The other person working inside with me had gone out, and the boss told ME to go out when I was done. Problem was, I was swamped, and no one within TWO HOURS came in to help me.

So when he walked by two hours after this, I asked for help, due to the fact that I had five ice creams to get, two subs, and a line of customers at the register. He tells me I should have been out two hours ago, and leaves. It's only THEN that three other girls come up and take over so that I can go out.

When he confronts me at the register outside and accuses me of not following directions, I immediately try to explain that I could NOT go outside due to how busy it was and the lack of help.

To which Honky-Tonk, at the other register, whips around and waggles a finger at me, smirking. "Aht aht!" You know that noise that parents make to their kids when they misbehave? This was the noise she used on ME. "Not in front of the customers!"

If I had any balls, I would have PUNCHED her in front of the customers. The other girls and floor boys were disgusted with her and the boss, although Jim DID apologize for his behavior later on.

Honky-Tonk also dislikes me because I like anime and manga and am a huge nerd who wears my game tee-shirts to work. :/ But she's apparently Big Jim's biggest lackey, so what can I do?

Just about everyone's fed up with her attitude, and all of the other girls think it's disgusting how she dresses and how she treats me. I was almost denied time off for my convention this week, and the first person Big Jim told this to was HER.

I'm sure she had a good laugh until I explained to the boss that I'd sunk in a lot of money already, which made him have a change of heart. I love the boss, I really do, but there's a fine line between being lax with your employees and just not giving a shit, and he's let Honky-Tonk rip it up and throw it out.

Did I mention she ALSO cheated me out of an hour of overtime pay? 

What do I do, RHU?

Big Jim is as high as the ladder goes...and the boss over HIM loves her. We're all fed up, but there doesn't seem to be a whole lot we can do. I can't continue to get walked all over and treated like a child by this slutty bitch, but at the same time, I'm unsure of just how to go about addressing my concerns...

Confused and enraged,




Is there anyone beyond the slut loving boss to complain to?

I don't really know what to say, but you my sympathies. I'm having problems with a wench myself that the managers just love. Good luck.


I'd try and get people to complain her. Enough people complain that she's walking around like a slut and eventually they'll have to do something.

Christine Beres

convince customers to complain formally if bothered. don't say, "hey that chick sucks, complain about her", but if you see they're upset, say "i'm really sorry about her, i keep complaining but they only listen to customers here, not employees..." and hopefully they'll decide to complain about her.

~sub shop slut


She's clearly blowing your boss(es). I'd try telling her to do her fucking job instead of getting others to do all her work for her, but she'd probably just get screechy and continue her weaseling. Really, though, try standing up for yourself if you can. Or telling her to put it away when she's bending over and you can see her crotchless panties (if she's even wearing panties).


Ugh...I wish I had advice for you, really : (. Complain and get others to complain, I guess.

Fellow animanga fan woot woot :D! (just got back from my con, which was this weekend)


I'm so jealous you got to go to a con. until I get a car I'm stuck here. XP conless.


Ah, I had this problem.

I gave her a taste of her own medicine. She was only there because she was of Hispanic origin and no one could stand her because she was so bitchy to everyone, including customers. So I got the idea to treat her exactly as she was treating us and it soon caught on.

She eventually decided it was easier to get along with us instead of trying to bitch about everything.


I'm hoping to go to a con in October, and I know what it is like to have people treat you like a idiot just because you like anime. All I can say is stand up for yourself. Next time (and every time) she asks you to water them before you leave say that you have plans and can't leave late. And when she asks you at work just say that *manager* told you to be here, so she should take care of it. make it clear that she is not your boss and you will only take your orders from your managers


Damn, Lola beat me to it. I was say something like "she's kissing up in more ways than one" (i are clevar) but whatever.

Anyway, I second the "stand up for yourself" and "treat that bitch the way she treats you" courses of action. The only coworker I have a problem with is that PETA chick who walks around with her head up her ass, but I can't really complain too much because she's certainly nice enough.

Anyway, best of luck!


If you can gather all the other employees and do a mass 'complaint' to the highest source that controls your store maybe you can see some action taken against her?


I'd ignore her hardcore. If she is told to do something and tries to pawn it off on you, I'd just say "No" and walk away. It will take guts, but you'll be pissing her off which will only bring you glee. I turn my back on my dogs when they misbehave, try it on her. She'll get the message.

And she probably is blowing someone.


I know how hard it can be to stand up for yourself hon so you've got my sympathy. My backbone is a learned thing and I remember well the days when I'd let people walk all over me. Thing is, as hard and scary as it can be it's also deeply satisfying.

First off I'd ask her to show you a piece of paper that says she's your boss. Then when she fails suggest rather strongly she spend a bit less time focusing on how you do your job and and bit more on doing her own with something vaguely resembling a hint of competence.

Next, I'd tell her that you'll make her a deal. If she won't give you hell for being a geek girl and wearing geek wear you won't give her hell (not saying you do by any stretch) for dressing like she spends her free time supplementing her income on all fours in a public toilet stall. For foodstamps.

If she doesn't back off on that, start calling her on her hooer house wardrobe and ask her if she isn't worried about getting arthritis from all the time she spends on her knees.

As for your con -don't suppose you go to a certain general-purpose geek con in Minneapolis in July do ya?- do what I did when my former assistant manager started talking shit about me having it off. "You schedule me whatever you want those days. Just be advised that I already know where I'll be and it won't be here. Your call."

Despite what HT might demonstrate to the contrary it really is better to die on your feet than live on your knees.
Best of luck
Mech out

Rollercoaster Slave

dude, i am in the same fucking situation with a total BITCH in my stand. i've been there 2 years more than she has, but she thinks she knows EVERYTHING and I know NOTHING.
damn whores.


Hey Ashy-Boy,
I feel for you, 100%. I hate people who think they are holier than thou and think that even though you have more experience and been there longer, and they're the new guy, that they can boss you around. As for what you can do, I don't know. When you have management 'issues' with favoritism, especially higher up the totem pole, you're really stuck between a rock and a hard place. Now, if you and other coworkers can PROVE she's violating policy (such as dress code (really wtf is she doing dressed like that? whore))- with the regulations from the handbook, and call her out on it to management, and they do nothing, go higher and higher in the chain of command.
Now, the only advice I have for you after that is - BE CAREFUL. I don't know what state you live in (and you can look this up on wikipedia), but most states are Free-Hire states, meaning they can fire you - whenever for whatever.. So sometimes, within reason, keeping your mouth shut is the best thing to do. Use your judgement and common sense - thats something that we intelligent retail slaves have over the common folk.. and go from there. Hope that helps.


Hey there have you ever considered the possibility that honky tonk sleeps with your manager? I've had a coworker like that, she was such a f**kin slut kissass, lost my job because of her, turned out she really did sleep with the boss...

Beauty Slave

First, I hope you enjoy your convention!

Now, since your boss and his boss refuses to do anything, is there an HR department available? If so, document every inappropriate action (and inaction from your boss and his boss), complaints from other coworkers, and also from customers if possible. Write down in detail the time, date, and witnesses. Try to keep everything factual and impersonal, so it doesn't come off too much like whining, but as a real complaint.

If an HR department is unavailable, just keep reporting it up to the highest person. Make it very formal, and good luck!


Bah, Cons. We've got GenCon coming to town this week. I just hope they remember to fucking bathe this year before I have to deal with them.

And, I'm in the "Get Complaints filed" camp. If you don't have HR or Corporate to go to you may be screwed, since it does sound like Slutty McWhore is giving the bosses Happy Endings.

I think everyone in Retail at some point or another has had to deal with one of these Trash collectors. Good Luck getting rid of yours.


I agree with most of these comments. My suggestions.
1. When she tells you to do something then refuse unless it is an order from your manager and then check with the manager that it really was.
2. You and your co-workers get together to complain as a group.
3. If she's screwing the managers and they ignore your complaints then write to head office. Head offices receiving letters from a group of workers will almost definitely investigate and as soon as they do the managers will move to cover up their mistakes and come down on her.
4. If she dresses that slutty then make a complaint to HR. If you want to really screw her then say you feel sexually harassed by her dress and behaviour. She doesn't have to make a move on you to be sexually harassing, just create a sexual atmosphere which it sounds like she's doing.
5. Follow Christine Beres' advice - customer complaints will trump yours.
6. Keep a daily record of when she doesn't do what she is told and how she has dressed and ESPECIALLY any complaints that are made by customers about her.
7. Don't what mechgogo says and accuse her of being slutty etc - then you'll be in the wrong, guilty of sexual harassment and actually open to being fired and worse. When someone is a bitch then they'll try and take you down with them.

Best of luck and remember that there is always a way to screw people within the system and it's generally more fun and rewarding.


Is your boss and/or his boss married? If so, a picture snapped secretly of one of her oh-so-appropriate outfits sent anonymously to their wives (( be careful with with your handwriting! )) telling them about the newest employee might do the trick. If either one of them are jealous, she'll at best get fired and at worst get told to at least dress more appropriately, and the managers will probably act more appropriately around her. :D


Maybe there is a way to discretely take pictures of her uniforms. I'm sure those would go along great with a formal complaint.


You could screw with her.

Just saying.

I mean, you could sit there and approach her carefully, with a lot of sympathy, tact, sensitivity, etc etc -

then have a conversation that goes like this:

"hey, i know we aren't always on the best of terms, but i wanted to let you know something. people have been talking - and i do not know if it's true,and i don't want to get involved, but i thought that you should know that a lot of people say you're sleeping with the boss. Also, I just wanted to make you aware that some people say when you wear (x) your (x) is showing and they're making nasty comments and calling you things that no woman should be called."

but you've got to do it as nicely as possible, as if she was completely ignorant of the situation - like when you tell someone discreetly that they have TP stuck to their shoe.

then watch the hamster wheels turn.
then watch the hamster wheels turn.


I would call the police.

Dressing the way she does, she obviously is revealing herself. You can call the police for a public display of indecency.

Especially if you ever have children in the store. I would look up your local laws first, and I would call a non-emergent police number, not the emergency line.


Thanks for all the response, guys. My con had a fire drill on Saturday (Went to Otakon 2010, for ultimate nerd happiness), but other than that, it was amazing.

Honky Tonk continues to dress like a slut and act like she's Hydrophobic. Seriously: she whips the ice cream scoop out of the dipper we have to clean it even if I put it in there five seconds before. She doesn't realize, apparently, that this CLEANS THE FUCKING SCOOP, and we can get into serious trouble if, say, she does it and Butter Pecan dries there for some poor nut-allergic custy to get in his strawberry cone. She also doesn't wash dishes, and has been known to take drawers other girls are counting right out of their hands so that she doesn't get stuck with them.

On the plus side, I've been getting praised a lot for the very thing, since I offer to do it a lot. Apparently, my cleaning of the store is pristine. Today I got a bunch of 'thank yous' from my fellow employees about how well the store looked when I closed Thursday. I don't really get it, though, since I just do what I'm supposed to do when I close. I mean, come on, you don't leave bowls encrusted with watermelon/pinapple/etc juice over night, or ice cream stains on the counters and floor. Common sense.

We, as in the other employees, all feel that something isn't right about her relationship with the boss. He's married and looks old as dirt, as well. We're nearing a breaking point, and the dirty bastard actually ran inside to tell the rest of the girls one day that Marvinna and Honky Tonk were gonna go at each other. He said to Marv that he WANTS to see them fight.

I finally did some snooping and figured out who he and everyone else answers to. If I have to, I'm going to rally the others, and we're all going to go report them. The bitch likes to micro-manage and complain about everyone doing their job right, but she also was responsible for the inside of the store, and I can tell you that she doesn't do as much as she thinks. There were seven bags of molded, disgusting grapes on display that I found today on my first night back, as well as out-dated soup mixes, things that needed to be re-bagged, and she apparently didn't wash several things the night before. She's a lazy whore, and I blew up in front of two other women and a floor boy, all of whom I work with, about it tonight. We all agree: Honky Tonk's gotta straighten up.


@Ashy-Boy: Rally the troops, have them document everything! Date/time stamp each event as well. Follow what Fudge documented above and make sure you get day-time contact numbers from customers willing to document complaints about dress code!

Do not do any kind of name-calling; it will come out in an investigation and you don't want a single negative point against you. If any of those "Thank You" are in writing, hold on to them; they are gold when it comes time to report her.

"He said to Marv that he WANTS to see them fight." - Document this immediately! Make sure to get the others that heard this to do so as well! OSHA regulations dictate that all companies provide a safe working environment and that is grounds for immediate termination!



LOLOLOL The silly skank got her hair cut just like mine a couple days ago and won't even look me in the face. Couldn't stand the five minutes of 'Oh, Ashy-Boy, your hair's nice!' from everyone else, apparently. We are indeed documenting everything, now. I'm going to start training for a new job that pays better soon, so hopefully I can hang onto this one until I'm ready to transfer over. She also left a nice pile of dishes for me in the sink yesterday. I'm sick today, so we'll see how long it is before she starts whining about that.


Ashy-boy, coming from someone who's worked her way up in the chain of command and has had her fair share of issues with coworkers, a few words of advice:

1 - as multiple people have pointed out, document everything, including verbal descriptions of her outfits. I was going to suggest taking pics to add to the documentation, but some states and counties would find you culpable in a harassment suit if you do.

2 - do not rise to her bait, as much as you can. The best way to show her lack of work ethic is to consistently and politely show YOURS.

3 - keep your nose clean. Its hard as hell, but it worked for me, and I've seen it work for others. If she complains, whines, etc, but you don't, she's going to look the fool.

4 - and lastly, look up in your employee handbook, or HOUR manual, call HOUR or head office and get the process for writing someone up. Many companies will allow for coworkers to log and write up problem coworkers. But that ties in with what I suggested before...you can't write her up and expect help if you call names, gossip, etc.

Good luck, sweetheart. And remember, you could always try to turn your love and anime and manga into a job, too. Just gotta look for it.

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