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Blogskull41 Shywriter again.

Today I had a great moment in retail hell in the form of an older gentleman. He walks up to me and I asked if I could help him.

In a very proper British accent he said "Yes, I would like the latest from GaGa."

Trying not to laugh, I lead him over to the new CD display where I was sure I had seen Lady GaGa's cd and handed it to him.

"Is this it?"

He studied it for a moment before saying "The Fame Monster. Yes, this is it, thank you."

As he walked away, all I could think was "Wow..."



Arcade Slave

I can't help but imagine a top hat, studious black coat, and cane. Toodle-pip! That made my night :D


Love her or hate her, ya hafta admit she really does cross all boundaries.


I had to imagine this staring a young John Cleese, hilarity ensued :)


Don't feel bad, I got creeped out at Best Buy when some old guy asked for a Hanson CD then commented on how cute the girl was... (hell, any of you that ever worked in a place that sold music has had at least one person do that)

Christine Beres

i imagined a bowler, monocle, tobacco pipe, cane, topcoat, bushy grey mustache... oh man x]


I had a Brit couple in my store the other day. The husband asked where the closest liquor store was. Before I could answer he said "Or do you have liquor stores here? Or do you call them something else?" I said "Oh yeah, on just about every corner".

Arcade Slave

Ah yes, either or. Still brings a great mental image with it though.


Pip-pip, cheerio, and all that rot ... ;-)

I read a lot of Victorian literature, so the image of the "veddy British" gentleman is firmly planted in my tiny brain.

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