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Bloodsucking Piggy Bitch Encounter At Craft Store

Craftcusty Hi there, read the site for awhile but haven't posted any of my encounters in retail hell yet but my encounter with this lady finally pushed me to posting. 

I'm an Asst. Manager for a craft/fabric store that I've worked at for the past six years and very accurately am TheKattyBitch.

First off, I'm almost 8 months pregnant and still trying to do 40 hour work weeks which are wearing me out a little...

Anyways, I'm walking across my store yesterday when I'm called over to a lady who is using a stack of sewing tables as her throne.

She's a heavy set woman who decided that instead of using a cart would just gather random products around her as she scrutinized them.

She called me over to ask what the price was on an item that came from the other side of the store-

I wasn't sure so I had to trek to the other side to look at the pricetag on the hook she got it off of and walk back to tell her, then got drilled for five minutes about the price and the sale price before she thrust it at me.

"I don't want it. Take it back." 

Fine, whatever as long as I can walk away from you now.

Fifteen minutes later I walk past that side of the store again and she's still sitting there only now she's surrounded by 20 large skeins of yarn and holding a bouquet of fake flowers.

She calls out to me to answer a question and for the next five minutes I get to explain over and over again how 'Buy 1 get 1 half off' works and why it's only on brand A and not not brand B.

After it's drilled into her brain she asks if the flowers are on sale, "No ma'am, they're not."

Blank stare from customer before she barks out, "Go check." 

"Ma'am these are not on sale, there are no sale signs anywhere near that aisle and I set the ad... They are not on sale, sorry."

And I scooted away as gracefully as I could and was beyond thrilled when I saw her at the check out line some minutes later....

That was till I walked past her thrown and saw the mess she left behind of her discarded treasures.

Ugh, I could have taken a pair of scissors to the temple at that point.

Well, I needed that.

--Thanks for letting the pretty bitch rant.





Take a pair if scissors to her temple instead.


I always end up laughing when I seeing the fatties sitting down surrounded by stuff.


Oh em gee! Who would make a heavily pregnant lady run around like that, what a truly miserable crusty. Some people...grr

Timekeeper's Twit

that's terrible!! What a rude bitch!

but congrats on your new baby!!!


Happy, safe, healthy delivery !

And don't let the maximum density spawn of unmarried felons get you down !


Trust me- I watch my customers and their kids and mental notes on the do's and don'ts of parenting.

Dishwashing Monkey

Pics or it didn't happen.

Just kidding.

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