Crazy Religious Psychopath Encounter
Honest Pizza Custy Renews Hope For Humanity

Customer Reject


Hello RHU,

So there I was, changing some prices in out freezers when I spotted this frozen Caesar Salad kit.

Just so you understand exactly how lazy this is, our produce department is about 10 feet away from this freezer.  

I guess they wanted frozen vegetables after all.

Thanks for helping me smile every day!






Custy: *reads, "contains crisp leuttece"* Crisp leuttece!?! This ain't no crisp leuttece! I'll show you crisp leuttece! *shoves salad in freezer*


The ones that really get me are the frozen items that have no chance of being salvaged, such as individual ice cream bars etc. I once found one of them stuck on the candy by an underused register at a hellmart I worked at. It was the morning shift and it was room temperature, so it had been there at least overnight.

Not Normal

Earlier that day I had found a whole bag of popsicles, MELTED, on the endcap display just past the freezer. I didn't get a picture, but it pissed me off.

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