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Jason2 078aHey fellow slaves, I've been lurking for a good week, and man, do I have some stories.

I work at a privately owned pizza & sub shop, nestled in the downtown of my city, and we're open til 5 am. So, If you're hungry after 2 am in this city, you deal with us.

Anyways, a couple nights ago, this guy comes in to pick up some subs he called in. He says he gets a 25% off discount.

Okay, no problem, we give out creds like these if we fuck shit up, so I go and check.

No jam, so I ask him why he gets a discount.

His reason?

He knows the owners son. Good for you buddy, I don't give a shit if you ARE the bosses son. NOBODY gets discounts. My boss is kinda cheap, not my problem.

Well, this guy fucking FREAKS on me and the other girl working.

Like, being a fucking ASSHOLE.

He told us both we were going to "hear about this in the morning" and we're going to have to beg to keep our jobs.

He honestly told me "C'mon, why would I lie? I get 25% off all the time"

Why would you lie? Are you retarded? I get this spiel multiple times a day. Nobody wants to pay full price. If I gave a discount or free shit to whoever asked for it, the shop would be outta business FFS.

Anyways, he continued arguing with me, and finally gave up and left.

Didn't even get his food. Me and the delivery driver sat in the office and watched it on the security tapes because she missed it and wanted something to laugh at.

--Sub Slinger



I get a lot of people who demand a discount or immediate service cause they are buddies with a manager or a managers relative. I remember this one old guy asking me to drop everything while I was busy with another. I told him I get to him in a minute and he stormed out saying he knows our district manager. A full week and nothing from the DM.


Wait... he paid full price and then left without his food? Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, nope I have nothing to add to that.

NC Tony

You've gotta love that "I know (insert someone of power here)." I got that at the bookstore once, a woman had put a book on hold. I got the book and for some reason, she thought because she pre-ordered it she got a 20% discount. The only thing I can think of that put this idea in her thick head was the fact that we had a sign up front that said selected titles were 20% off, maybe she didn't see the part that said "selected titles", and assumed the 20% off was on every book in the store (for the record the "selected titles" were on a table about three feet behind the sign, with a smaller 20% off sign). So, anyway I told her that there was no discount, especially not on new releases, and, you guessed it, I got "Well I know the manager and he told me I could get 20% off." I knew this was bullshit for two reasons. My manager was a woman and was standing right behind me. So of course this woman stammered trying to change her story, but ended up shutting up and paying full price.

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