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RHSEPT 271 From Home Decor Slave:

I have worked in retail for many years now. Everything from pizza girl to cashier, I have worked in clothing as well as hotel (ugh). I have many many horror stories, crazy bitch stories, demon spawn tales.... But today I will share a couple of funny ones.

1. I know a lot of technology is new to some elderly folks, but this one still makes me smile and cracks up a lot of my co workers. 

I was just finishing up a transaction for an elderly woman.

She swiped her card at the credit card machine, and waited for her receipt.

I said "Ma'am, you'll have to confirm the amount at the touch screen before your receipt is printed."

She looked startled,and said "oh."

In stead of pressing the confirm button, she leans forward, her mouth inches from the screen, and loudly says "CONFIRM!!!"


2. I was a few minutes from the end of my shift so I went to walk around the store to see if I could help anyone.

I see an elderly woman with a cuuute puppy walk in.

I love dogs, so I just had to go say hi to her.

She was very sweet and friendly, told me all about her little furry friend. She went on to ask me about some black tapered candles.

I told her we did not have any, but to try the art/craft/hobby store across the parking lot. I told her that I had seen some black candles earlier that week at that store. I also mentioned that I was heading over there in a few min when I got off work.

Flash forward about 10-15 min.

I am at said art/craft/hobby store looking at Halloween stuff.

I spot her and smile.

She comes up to me, "Excuse me miss, where do you keep the purple candles"

..."I'm sorry Ma'am I don't work here."

She said she was sorry, turned and walked away. 

I had to laugh... I was JUST talking to her in another store...wearing the SAME clothes, sans name tag, and told her I would be here in a few min after I left work to do some shopping.

She did not even recognize me.

--Home Decor Slave



This happens to me at work all the time! I'll be on the floor and help someone, then get called up to cashier and the same person will get in my line and look at me weird when I ask "Oh, did you find the birthday stuff you were looking for?" LOL, I just joke that I'm multitalented when they finally realize I'm the same person who helped them.


Hehe! I wonder if she has prosopagnosia? I have that, and not too long ago I was walking through my church's lobby when someone greeted me... I apologized to them because I was trying to catch the church librarian before they left. This person was, of course, the church librarian, who is a close personal friend of mine and has been for three years!

Prosopagnosia is fairly common; it's simply an inability to accurately remember and recognize faces. I can recognize family members and people I've known for ten years; and I can recognize people I see repeatedly every day for a couple of months if they're in the environment where I usually see them; but beyond that, I'm lost! (I usually explain it as being "bad with faces". People can relate to that because many of them are bad with names!)


lol Callista, I am terrible at both XD I am also completely incompetent and recognizing voices and am in AWE with people who can recognise others via voice o_o Even if it's ONE OF MY OWN COWORKERS OH GOD /die

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