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Jason2 070 An Arch Bitch here.

Now I actually like my job, my co workers are pretty awesome and I've made some good friends there over the years and the customers are actually nice, unless you mess something up, which is understandable.

Anyways I worked today and had quite the interesting run in with a customer.

Now, this wasn't one of our normal customers.

One of the other arches near us closed down so we get all there horrible custys.

And I mean horrible, the first customer I met with from that store was so rude, and its not like he was waiting or anything.

Anyways back to my story. We had been very busy from the wave of customers from the other store. So when I get to take this guys order he seemed not to bad.

And then he pulled out the dreaded coupon.

He wanted the meal and had a coupon for a free same sandwich. Which isn't possible. It says pay FULL price, get second one free. The meal, isn't full price. Some custys have issues with this.

I informed him of what the coupon says and he went, a little mental is how I explain it.

He looked at me saying I was crazy and that other stores do it. And that he couldn't handle it and would be going to another store.

I kinda just laughed as he leaved.

I honestly get 3 people a day that do that, except most of them can handle it :D:D

Of course the next lady in line knew how to use the frigging coupon. xD

--An Arch Bitch



Ahh, the dreaded coupon. We used to get coupons for the free Frappes, and once they expired, they didn't let up any. After a while, when a customer would tell me on speaker that they had a free Frappe coupon, I'd just ask them if there was an expiration date on it, and let them find out on their own that they don't get a free treat today.




Yeah, i was kinda tired when i wrote this, i blame the custys for tiring me out at work.

and mcsparkles: you feel my pain!

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