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Carolawesome Hey so I've been lurking RHU for the last few days and have read quite a few entries. In fact, I have done little else since.
Anyway, I just started a new job at a local pizza joint so I don't have any bad custy stories (yet), but I do have one good one.

Not your average pizza joint, we do more than just pizzas. We also do spaghetti, lasagna, french dip sandwiches, and other things like that.

My story is that this one customer ordered three french dip sandwiches. And she wanted them delivered. Oh joy.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to deliver three sandwiches and three cups of au jus?

I can't just throw it in the same fabric boxes the pizza goes into. They have to be bagged and I have to keep my hand on them the entire time while driving so they don't spill in my car.

On top of that I have a pizza to deliver to another address afterwords.

Anyway, I make it to the apartment with the $23 dollar order and she pays with $40 cash.

I haven't counted back cash for quite a while so I'm a little rusty but I count it back and give her $17 with her food, she tips me a couple bucks, and I leave.

No big deal and I continue with my day.

I get back to the pizza shop and my manager tells me to do my end of day, which is where I just calculate how much I've made and separate my tips and float from the order money.

I came up roughly $30 short of the over all total I should have had.

It's then that I realize I don't have the $40 from the sandwich  order.

Luckily the phone number is printed on the receipt so I call the number and asked if I accidentally gave her money back with her change.

She checks and claims that I did not.

I can normally be put under a lot of stress until it starts to show, but did it ever show when I went out to my car to search for the lost money.

And that's when she called back.

She found the $40 and was willing to give it back to me.

I have never felt so lucky in my life, and it leaves me with some hope for humanity still. She saved my job with her honesty (or at least my paycheck).

Either way, I will not be doing that again any time soon.

Well that's my story. The pizza joint I work at has mostly good customers so I don't know if I will post very often but I do know we have some trouble customers every now and then so this may not be the last you hear of me.

So back to lurking with me.

I guess you can call me pizza pimp for lack of anything else creative and even though I'm apparently not good with money

--Pizza Pimp




A co-worker of mine once did something similar, but with a 100 dollar bill! Since it was take-out that was ordered in house, we had no way to contact the person. The amazing part was that the lady came back the next night and asked "Were you guys short last night? I think the guy accidentally gave me back my hundred dollar bill with my change." We fell all over ourselves thanking her for being such a wonderful, honest, clearly superior human being and the manager bought her a glass of wine and some dessert. Everyone was super paranoid about money handling after that, and we retell the story in over-dramatic tones to all the new hires.

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