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Entitled Custy Encounter At Sub Shop

Jason2 078aHey fellow slaves, I've been lurking for a good week, and man, do I have some stories.

I work at a privately owned pizza & sub shop, nestled in the downtown of my city, and we're open til 5 am. So, If you're hungry after 2 am in this city, you deal with us.

Anyways, a couple nights ago, this guy comes in to pick up some subs he called in. He says he gets a 25% off discount.

Okay, no problem, we give out creds like these if we fuck shit up, so I go and check.

No jam, so I ask him why he gets a discount.

His reason?

He knows the owners son. Good for you buddy, I don't give a shit if you ARE the bosses son. NOBODY gets discounts. My boss is kinda cheap, not my problem.

Well, this guy fucking FREAKS on me and the other girl working.

Like, being a fucking ASSHOLE.

He told us both we were going to "hear about this in the morning" and we're going to have to beg to keep our jobs.

He honestly told me "C'mon, why would I lie? I get 25% off all the time"

Why would you lie? Are you retarded? I get this spiel multiple times a day. Nobody wants to pay full price. If I gave a discount or free shit to whoever asked for it, the shop would be outta business FFS.

Anyways, he continued arguing with me, and finally gave up and left.

Didn't even get his food. Me and the delivery driver sat in the office and watched it on the security tapes because she missed it and wanted something to laugh at.

--Sub Slinger

RHUer Needs Retail Interview Advice

Carolanne2 101 Hey all. Kuriko here.

First time poster, long time commenter, yadda yadda, shaloopy shaloopy.

Gotta surprise, and a couple of questions.

Yes, that's right folks. I hopefully will be back and kicking! I have an interview with Macy's at Franklin Park Mall in Toledo here in lovely Ohio state, and its exciting!

I know that it's an upscale place too. My ma is taking me to Fashion Bug sometimes tomorrow or Thursday to get me an outfit to wear. (Yes, I am that poor that I have no nice clothes. That's why im looking for work. Plus a tremendous amount of debt me and hubbs owe, but that's beside the point.)

I am happy to be back in that lovely cesspit I love to call Customer Service Hell. (cue music from JAWS) I also found out recently that I am borderline Schizo. Added to my Manic Depression and ADHD/ADD combo it adds kind of a touch don't it? Although its true many of my kind can lead normal* lives like the rest of ya, its only THAT much harder to KEEP a job.

(Which explains why I have NEVER been able to keep one.) I digress. Anywho I'm not telling anyone about that where I will be working as I tend to be a different person completely at work. A better person. Usually.

I am writing to y'all because I need HELP! (Aside from the fact I have been meaning to because y'all are amazing and awesome and have gotten me through some pretty rough times, and thoughts.) I know a couple of you, at least one of you works at Macy's or something like it. Now I will take advice from anyone at this point, (Its the first time iv reached out for help mind you, and its hard.) but I truly need advice from other Macy slaves. I have QUESTIONS!


I'm not trying to make a fake impression or anything but I am a much more direct and professional person past the interview. I get a little timid sometimes during the interview process. Not good at being put on the spot unless on the job.


I want to make a good impression, obviously. I'm going to Fashion Bug in the next day or 2 so I need ideas. Casual/Dressy/Relaxed etc etc.


In other words, nervous tics. I tend to bounce my legs, or scratch my head, or twiddle my ears. I don't know im doing it half the time and I haven't had work since JUNE. Nervous Nelly isn't usually in my vernacular but I'm coming back into this so ill be a bit jumpy.


I only ask because I live EDT and when I scheduled for the interview it was for CDT. (I had no options it was online.) I do believe that's an hour behind me but just to be safe I need to know if its okay to do so.


You all are the best to run to for advice so here I am, the first time in practically ever asking for help. Is there anything I should expect? Anything they might not tell me to see if I can figure it out myself. (Obviously not good at it.) Anything at all would be helpful.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have answers BEFORE noon EDT Saturday. That's when my interview is. I know its a bit late posting this but I put my application in yesterday (no joke) and I received the email today.

You all are so amazing, PLEASE HELP!

-Recurring Retail Slave-

(Is this a good name for me as well as Kuriko? JW)

DJ Hell: Drunk Listener Calling

Arant27Guess what! Gas Peddler is also a DJ!

Believe it. I work for the school's radio station hosting a heavy metal/old-school punk/electronic show along with doing some tabling for concerts at the bar and plugging around campus trying to fill time slots. A really nifty thing about our station is that Top 40 is FORBIDDEN, meaning any song that is Top 40 or has charted on Top 40 within the last ten years.

So if you want to hear "Fireflies" or "Dynamite"...suck my dick while I play some Amon Amarth instead.

Another cool thing is that we ARE allowed to play covers of Top 40 songs. I once played a metal cover of "Toxic" and got lots of lolz.

Most people around here understand that we are strictly no Top 40 and thatif you request something forbidden (or that has swearing before 10 pm), we can't play it. Otherwise, I will happily take a request for the Barenaked Ladies between Eluveitie and Cradle of Filth. It amuses me. Chuckle,chuckle.

So I was working the midnight-3 am slot one weekend during a school break since I wasn't going home for another day and was bored sitting around in my apartment. I did the legal ID (where we read our call letters and the frequency, blah blah) and said the number for requests and went on through my playlist.

While the music played, I was organizing the vinyl room because nobody ever does and I saw the phone light flash.

I picked up the phone and heard a drunk girl giggling.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA can youuuuu plaaayyyyy Airplanes?"

"Um, I can't. It's Top 40 and we're not allowed to play that."

"FUCK YOU! You're a bitch!"

"I'm sorry."

"Why won't you play the fucking song???"

I told her again that I CAN'T and she proceeds to bitch me out some more and say that she's going to come down there.

I'm not too scared, but I lock the station and make sure I have a working phone and the number for campus police in case she made good on that threat.

It turned out to be an empty threat, which I expected. It's not the first time I've gotten a drunk call and it won't be the last. Usually they're too drunk to even speak coherently.

Don't get me wrong; I love everything about this gig, even though I am still incredibly gawky on-air. It would be AMAZING to work for a legit radio station someday...and dream I do.

--Gas Peddler


Funny Custys At Home Store

RHSEPT 271 From Home Decor Slave:

I have worked in retail for many years now. Everything from pizza girl to cashier, I have worked in clothing as well as hotel (ugh). I have many many horror stories, crazy bitch stories, demon spawn tales.... But today I will share a couple of funny ones.

1. I know a lot of technology is new to some elderly folks, but this one still makes me smile and cracks up a lot of my co workers. 

I was just finishing up a transaction for an elderly woman.

She swiped her card at the credit card machine, and waited for her receipt.

I said "Ma'am, you'll have to confirm the amount at the touch screen before your receipt is printed."

She looked startled,and said "oh."

In stead of pressing the confirm button, she leans forward, her mouth inches from the screen, and loudly says "CONFIRM!!!"


2. I was a few minutes from the end of my shift so I went to walk around the store to see if I could help anyone.

I see an elderly woman with a cuuute puppy walk in.

I love dogs, so I just had to go say hi to her.

She was very sweet and friendly, told me all about her little furry friend. She went on to ask me about some black tapered candles.

I told her we did not have any, but to try the art/craft/hobby store across the parking lot. I told her that I had seen some black candles earlier that week at that store. I also mentioned that I was heading over there in a few min when I got off work.

Flash forward about 10-15 min.

I am at said art/craft/hobby store looking at Halloween stuff.

I spot her and smile.

She comes up to me, "Excuse me miss, where do you keep the purple candles"

..."I'm sorry Ma'am I don't work here."

She said she was sorry, turned and walked away. 

I had to laugh... I was JUST talking to her in another store...wearing the SAME clothes, sans name tag, and told her I would be here in a few min after I left work to do some shopping.

She did not even recognize me.

--Home Decor Slave

Merchandising Fail


Hello from Cakefaerie,

This morning I was in my local Tesco and saw this terrifying thing.

Sorry the picture is not great but my phone is good at phoning, not so much at taking pictures..

What you can see is a shelf just behind the crisps and snacks aisle,the lower shelf has got reduced damaged items, the one with the golden boxes is full of Belgian chocolates and the one on top of the chocs is.....ANT KILLER!!!!

In any form you want...powder, liquid, traps and so on...

Not even have to say that as soon as I got out of the shop I phoned Environmental Health.