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Hello from Cakefaerie,

This morning I was in my local Tesco and saw this terrifying thing.

Sorry the picture is not great but my phone is good at phoning, not so much at taking pictures..

What you can see is a shelf just behind the crisps and snacks aisle,the lower shelf has got reduced damaged items, the one with the golden boxes is full of Belgian chocolates and the one on top of the chocs is.....ANT KILLER!!!!

In any form you want...powder, liquid, traps and so on...

Not even have to say that as soon as I got out of the shop I phoned Environmental Health.




NC Tony

Because nothing enhances the taste of Belgian chocolate like Raid.


@NC Tony: pretty sure that made my day xD
mmmm... pesticides...


I would still buy the discount chocolate.

Call Centre Cow

Whoop! Tesco! Would you be another English Retail Slave perhaps? I'm just going on the assumption that you are as the majority of Tesco's are in the UK...


@Call Centre Cow : No I am not a Tesco Retail Slave, I am a self employed Retail Slave... I have been a travel agency slave for quite a long time (18yrs) and now I have a small (only me) homebaking business and sell at farmers market. Have quite a few stories myself about piggy shoppers and crusties..

Call Centre Cow

No, I meant I just wondered if you were English as you were in a Tesco, lol. But ooh, well done for having your own business :)


Yeah I'm glad you called the authorities... that's a major violation no matter where you're from.


I can't remember where I was at, but the insecticides were right in between children's toys and pet foods In retrospect I should've called it in, but wasn't thinking much beyond, "well, won't be buying those, now will I?"

Still, I wonder how many things get packed next to each other for delivery that really shouldn't be packed alongside one another on long road trips (or any trip, for that matter, boat, airplane, semi, train...).

There was a case back in the 1970s or 80s where insecticides were packed next to jeans in a delivery van, but not in the stores. Well, the insecticides came open, burst, not sure which but at any rate they ended up all over the jeans, but no one in store was told.

I guess the employees didn't get enough exposure for any obvious effects, but the article did say that some of the buyers ended up hospitalized, particularly a couple who wore them straight on buying them, without putting them through the wash first.

Always good to be careful. But you can't anticipate everything. I react so badly to insecticides I imagine just being in the store would've landed me in the hospital....


Unfortunately I popped in this morning and ...yes..everything was still there as it was yesterday. I geve them till Saturday and then I will send picture to local paper. WHen I have food inspection by Environmental Health I would get a very bad report if I would store any sort of cleaning stuff (Dettol or others) next to food. These supermarket is displaying it in full view next to chocolate and drinks . I think I actually saw it last week but didnt go near the shelf. Will see...and will let you know...It is in Scotland by the way, not that it matters.

Bitch Boy

@Cakefaerie - I wouldn't wait sending it to the paper, most organizations are slow to respond unless it is getting air time.


Fact is I know the Environ/Health people and dont really want to push it with them...they could always decide to pay me a visit before due time...but will keep them under control!!Could actually have "a member of the public" phoning them about it as well.

Care Plan Pimp

@Corvus That was made into an episode of House!


Well that would explain the huge Scottish flag on the wall there cakefaerie.


Knowing Environmental Health in Scotland like I do, they probably won't follow it up "properly". Plus, Tesco (and the other big 3) get away with breaking the Licensing Scoetland Act all the darn time. I'm sure putting ant killer next to food isn't going to get 'em closed down.

Yeah...I'm not a Tesco fan!


Scoetland? What planet am I on?
I meant Scotland, obviously.


Actually, to me (an Englishwoman) that reads pretty much like Scots pronounce Scotland. I like it!

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