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Blogskull41 Long time no post, eh?

Im stuck at home with nasty pink eye so I thought I would post since it's been so long.

I cannot understand why people can't put their carts away!

I had to go to Albertsons to grab my pink eye medication, and I decided to do a little shopping before I left since I was there. I walk down an aisle and there's an empty cart right there. I wasn't going to use a cart originally, but hey, might as well use it for shampoo/conditioner and then put it back in it's proper place.

So I get done shopping, put it back with the other carts, and as I turn around to leave I watch a couple leave their cart TEN STEPS AWAY FROM THE GROUP OF CARTS. TEN. STEPS.

Oh my god, it's not that hard to walk ten steps. What are you going to stop doing next, breathe? Wait, on second thought, please do. If you're that lazy you obviously shouldn't be in the gene pool.

Being the nice person I am I put the cart back since it was only twenty steps there and back. But, honestly, take your cart back to the cart holding area place, you probably need the exercise anyway.

Oh, and I really hope my coworker gets fired. I called him twice to get my shift covered tonight since I can't work because of this stupid pink eye and he never called me back. If I could go to work I would but I can't. And I don't want my manager to have to work a double shift.


Stay strong RHUers,

--Arcade Slave




I fucking hate that! I don't know if it is a recent trend or if people have just started doing it in the last few months, but it is just unbelievable! You could literally shove a cart across our entryway intot the cart corral, but no, people are so lazy they will bunch up 4 or 5 at a time and just block the whole damn area! I watched a guy just yesterday pull his two bags out of his cart, drop the cart, and walk out the door - the door right next to the fucking corral! WTF you old bastard?!?

Can you tell that you hit a nerve?

Pr. Snail

Excuse me, but I've got to ask this question, from all the carts-related posts : don't you need a token to get a cart, or something?

Little Mall Worker

*Hides head in shame* I had to leave a cart by my car the other day. I had my 2 month old in the car and the coral was in BFE. I felt horrible and like I had a giant finger pointing over my head. Sorry cart returning slaves...


There are very few stores in the US that require a coin to get a cart. I suspect it's because the highest denomination of coin in common use is the quarter which is pretty low value, maybe enough to buy half a candy bar or 15 minutes on a parking meter. It's not enough to significantly deter cart abandonment and a token system would be expensive to implement and a real stumbling block for the multitude of idiots out there.

Don't sweat it LMW, it happens to everyone once in a while. So long as it's not a regular habit and you make an effort to get the cart out of the way so it's not blocking traffic and it's not in some ridiculous place like on top of a shrubbery it's forgivable. I almost always put mine back, even if it means walking the entire length of the parking lot to take it back to the store, but once in a while there are circumstances that mean I just can't. The other day for example I pulled through the space in the parking lot so my trunk was on the inside of the row. When I finished shopping I came back but as I was unloading a huge SUV pulled in to the space next to me so there was no way I could move my cart back out again. There was no way I was going to pull my car in to traffic to get the cart out because drivers are horrific in that lot and I didn't have time to park all the way across the lot (it was packed at that time) then walk back for it so I put it to the side as best I could. I'll bet the cart dude was cursing me considering I was parked right next to the corral but the only way I could have put it in would be to lift it over the barrier.


Speaking of carts, I saw the funniest thing the other day. I was at Target and it was wicked windy so there were carts blowing all over the lot, even blowing out of corrals and making a break for freedom. This particular branch has those yellow lines at the edges of the lot where the wheels lock to prevent theft Every time a cart reached the line it came up short and stopped dead. It was like watching prisoners trying to break through a force field. It was a pain trying to get in and out considering half the rows were blocked by carts and I'm sure it was hellish for the cart guy but it was very amusing to watch.

Self Scan Queen

I know, right? THe doors to leave and come in is where the main cart area is. You HAVE to walk by it to get out. And there is no shortage of cart corrals at my store. but apparently, my self scan is a dumping place for carts. Occasionally, I catch people leaving them around and I tell them to get the cart the fuck outta there, in no uncertain terms. I do not push carts. I should not have to clear my area of carts every five minutes. However, if I'm too late, I push the cart right behind them and slam it into my pile of carts previously collected very loudly so they can hear my annoyance. Lazy fuckers.


I don't mind leaving the cart steps from the corral ( ok I do but...) it's the people who get there bags and leave the cart at the register blocking everyone else in line! Those people are the ones that should be vaporized as they exit the doors.


If I see someone abandon their cart by the register when I'm shopping I call them out on it every time. A simple "excuse me miss, you forgot your carriage" usually does the trick.

At my store we had to have people take the carriages out again because there was really no space, if there was a carriage at the end of the register nobody could get by. If someone tried to leave it we'd tell them very politely to take it outside. I never once heard anyone complain about but I did have one ditzy woman totally misunderstand. She picked up her bags and went to leave and I said "Could you take your carriage out with you please?" She smiled and said "No thank you, I don't need it." She wasn't being sarcastic or mean or anything, she just didn't get the concept. The next customer in line started laughing and said she'd be happy to take the cart out for me. It was all a little surreal.

Arcade Slave

@ Katie Prin: At the time I wrote that I was very upset, and very sick. I had a cold/laryngitis on top of the pink eye, and I was somewhat emotional/confused.
I've had issues with my coworker in the past just not answering phone calls...just, because he didn't want to. There's other things going on work that makes me angry too. Anyway, his phone was actually dead and he was able to come in.
And I never expect the world to bow down for me :] I'd hate it. -shrug- I was just upset.


My store is across a HUGE parking lot from a large grocery store. For the last week, every time I pull into the tiny parking area allotted for our store, at least three of our parking spaces are blocked by carts.

It didn't used to be such an issue, but there are probably 20 total spaces, and we're a decently busy store.

I'm pretty sure it's cart breeding season.


@Katie Prin: Are you sure your co-workers are not just reacting to your charming interpersonal skills?


Being disabled, I find it hugely annoying to find the handicapped spaces filled with shopping carts. Even if you put the carts in the hash marks, it can be a hazard for those that use wheelchairs. Its not another cart corral! I try to buy as much food as possible at once so I limit trips and then I ask for help getting it into my vehicle. If some idiot (including another handicapped person) has left their cart parked in the middle of a space or the hash marks, it makes it very difficult to maneuver the electric scooters and even the regular carts if all of the scooters are busy when I shop. Please, if you have to leave a cart in the handicapped spot, leave it at the very front of the hash marks so we have room to get in and out of our vehicles.


@ Humor_Me - My Target store here constantly has that problem of leaving carts in handicapped spaces... I took a few minutes to take about 6-7 carts back to a corral so the next person would even be able to get into the space! People are just so lazy sometimes it drives me insane.

The worst thing is that I'll catch my mother do the exact same thing and she's worked in retail most of her life, a good part being in that same store. -_-'


I hate that. Our cart corral at my B-Cubed is outside. But instead of taking their carts a few extra steps outside to where they got them, the custys leave their damn carts in the doorway. Hello, safety hazard people. They will sometimes leave them in the area just before the registers but still in the way and sometimes just at the register. I politely informed one custy I was checking out that the carts were outside and he rudely replied "I don't have to do that." What the fuck is wrong with people?


Yeah, I too don't mind if they leave the carts out by their cars, (gives me an reason to leave my register for a bit), but I've had custys stop, look around like they're looking for the cart corral and act utterly lost when it's right there smack by the front door and the customer service counter! Even they don't bug me like people who just walk off, leaving their carts right in front of the register, especially when I'm busy.


I dont understand why people are so lazy returning carts back to the area outside the store. I'm 27 and when I go shopping with the gf I beg to take the cart back because it gives me a excuse to build up some speed and ride the cart like you used to do as a kid. Sure I get some funny looks from people but I never hit any cars and its fun as hell lol


"I suspect it's because the highest denomination of coin in common use is the quarter which is pretty low value, maybe enough to buy half a candy bar or 15 minutes on a parking meter"

Most stores where I live require coins and only one store uses anything more than $0.25 despite the fact that we have $1 and $2 coins. And its not like twenty-five cents buys more here, in fact it probably buys less. People are still motivated, money's money.


Sweden has the cards chained together so you have to insert a coin (Usually a five or a ten) to get one and people REALLY want their money back


"I'm 27 and when I go shopping with the gf I beg to take the cart back because it gives me a excuse to build up some speed and ride the cart like you used to do as a kid. Sure I get some funny looks from people but I never hit any cars and its fun as hell lol"

Don't feel bad, I still do that sometimes, and I'm a 40 year old mommy... but I'm still 12 between the ears sometimes ... ;-)


I yelled at a customer once while I was at the grocery store. I was leaving and I seen a lady just throw her cart in the path of my car. Almost hit it! I got out and asked her to put her cart away. She told me she didn't have time. I told her I wasn't moving (I was in the path of her vehicle leaving) until she put her cart back. She shoved it into the corral. I think she was more pissed off about being caught than having to waste her time putting it back. People are just really lazy.

Arcade Slave

@ Kefo: I ride on the cart inside the store. I've gotten very good at it, actually.


I to ride the cart back to the coral (I'm 22), carts here a 99% of the time coin-locked so very few carts are not returned.

I'm debating asking my dad to ride the cart inside next time...


Taking the trolley back to the corrals is my daughter's favourite part of shopping.. and she only gets to do it if she's been good... which means she's learning manners / how to be a good custy AND behaving in advance at the same time!

One time this woman left her trolley RIGHT NEXT to the corral - seriously, it would have taken ONE SECOND longer to put it away. My husband said "Too hard for you to put that away?" Silly bitch said "yes, it is"... what a cow. So he put it away and gave her the finger.

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