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From Cosmetics Hellhound:

Just wanted to share a nice story for once with you guys!

A while ago a customer was walking around in my store looking for a moisturizer. I spoke to her for about 20minutes and ended up recommending her a certain 4-step routine which cost her about $450.

She thanked me profusely and left.

About a week later I got a phone call while I was at work from her asking to book in a makeover with me as the skincare routine was working amazingly and had turned her skin around in only a week (She had never used skincare before so of course the results was amazing).

I booked her in and she came in about 4/5 days later.

Her skin was GLOWING.

She thanked me again for the skincare and told me how random people on the streets had been commenting on it's glow. I sat her down and spent a whole hour and a half with her (Usually it takes about 30min for a makeover but I went into heavy detail as she had never used makeup before)

I applied makeup, talked to her, and wrote down step by step how to achieve the look that I was applying on her.

After the makeover she literally just stared at herself in the mirror and started tearing up, she told me she had never felt so beautiful in her life and thanked me again and again for the attention I had paid to her.

She told me she wanted EVERYTHING I had just put on her face (Totaling $750) and gave me a HUGE hug before she left.

I felt so good about myself knowing that I had made her feel that good about herself, but that's not all that happened!

About two hours later she arrived back in the store with a white quilted gift bag with soft pink tissue paper spilling out the top and a card.

I opened the card and here is what it read:

The front said "You're so nice, you should start charging people for all the nice things you do."

Inside read "Um, not right now-- but in the future... (Thanks so much)"

Then she wrote ".... Thank you so much -- You took the time to help me and I really appreciate it - I'm Colourblind and shied away from cosmetics! I feel and look great!! :) You gave me the confidence!! So I will continue to apply what you taught me... So this little gesture of thanks (I hope) gives you continual pleasure."

When I opened the present it was an iPod Nano.

I started tearing up and thanked her again and again hugging her.

I just can't believe that someone would be that nice over something what I considered to be such a small thing.

It does show that even what may seem as a small gesture can really help and impact someone's life, though.

She then told me that "If I didn't want it" I could bring it back to the store and gave me a gift receipt for it... $220!!

So remember that even though there are some AWFUL crusties out there, some can really be thankful for something that seems so trivial to us.

Chins up retail slaves!

--Cosmetics Hellhound




Oh wow! I'm glad all this positive energy surrounded you. You deserve it after all you have been through.


Holy crap that is expensive moisturizer and make up! **Clutches her $12 mascara**

That is a great story, though. Gives me hope in humanity.


What a sweet woman and sweet story! :D


I don't even spend 220$ on my groceries T^T I wanna know where the heck you work and apply ASAP.


You're lucky they let you accept a gift. I wasn't even allowed to accept a fun sized candy bar from a regular at the grocery store I worked at as "It was against policy to accept gifts." The first time I took one without know this rule I was written up.


I'm glad you were able to accept the gift and the hug! And I'm so glad you were able to transform that woman's life. From someone who has never used moisturizer or makeup, I can't imagine it myself. I wonder what you could do for me???

Beauty Slave

That's awesome!!!!

It's amazing how appreciative people can be when it comes to cosmetics. Stories like this is why I stay at it even though it could be hell.

Skincare and makeup can really make someone feel just a little brighter.


That's really sweet!


Wow..... just wow.

Cherry IScream

What a brilliant story!

It just goes to show people aren't without hope after all. And lucky you!

NC Tony

Wow. That is a great story. It's nice to hear that people can be appreciative of what we retail slaves do when we go above and beyond the call.


This story made me tear up. There's hope for humanity yet.


That's awesome!!!!!


That is fantastic, congrats! It's nice to hear that both of you had your days brightened.


That made me tear up too :)




That's amazing. It's more proof that it pays to be nice to every person you meet in life. :) Very happy for you, and I'm sure you'll be smiling from ear to ear for a few days at least. :)

Lotus Petal

Way to go! Just goes to show you never really know what someone may be going through until you take the chance to be nice to them. That's freaking amazing. Now when you have a bad day, you can use the iPod Nano to soothe your mind with your favorite tunes and forget the nasty custys with a reminder of a super awesome one.


tearing up right now.

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