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Carolanne 047 Hi. It's Jo0b, again.

My story occurred on a Saturday.

I work for the place that puts the Way in Safe; I think I forgot to mention that last time. Now the deli I work at has a hot side (food service) and a cold side (deli service). In our food service we have Sandwiches, Chinese Food, Fried Food, and Fresh Green Salads..

Any who... This lady shows up at around 11:30 am (Mean Lady or ML).

I had only started work at 10 am. Mean Lady showed up and had an attitude when she first walked in the door. I don't care who you are, do not give me an attitude. I most certainly did not give her one the entire time I was "helping" her.

The following conversation happens as so:

Mean Lady: I would like two get a few entrée's, but I want them weighed and I want them in one of the plates.

Entrée one is General Tsao's Chicken.

Jo0b: I said I don't think I can do that. The plates are only meant for meals.

ML: Well I need them on a plate. This woman is in the hospital.

Jo0b: I said I would ask the manager and see what she says.

So I trot over to the manager who is making some fresh green salads. My manager says its alright.

Jo0b: The manager says its alright as long as I weigh everything separately.

ML: Okay. Good.

Jo0b: What is your second entrée?

ML: Fried rice.

Jo0b: Our express special is basically the same thing that you are ordering. It would be cheaper to get...

ML: THAT is to much food. I don't need that much food.

Jo0b: Okay. -I turned around to get the boxes needed to weigh everything and then grab the tray she wanted, but grabbed the wrong tray because the trays were all mixed up so I was putting them back were they belong before I forget (that took me like 2 seconds).

Oher customer to my manager: Do you really need to help me or do you want to help her handle this?

Manager: No, she has got it.

ML: NEVER MIND. I will go somewhere else where they can help me -epic storm off-

Manager: Don't let her bug you.

Jo0b: She isn't bugging me. Carolanne 048

5 Minutes Later Sign and some elevator music later THE STORE MANAGER APPEARS.

I wasn't surprised.

S.M.: Did a lady ask you for a little boxes of two entrée's?

Jo0b: Yes.

S.M.: She said you had an attitude with her.

Manager: No, she came in with the attitude,

Jo0b was polite to her the entire time. She made the customers behind her feel bad for Jo0b.

S.M.: I figured.

Well lets make this for her and we can talk about it.

Jo0b: I was trying to explain to her that she would save money with the express special and that I can fill it however full she wants it to be.

S.M.: Well if she doesn't want to save money then so be it. It is her choice.

Jo0b: I know, but its my job to suggestive sale something.

S.M.: I know.

So in her two boxes she had a 1/2 of General's Chicken (that’s about $3.00 to $3.50) and about a 2/3 of Fried Rice (that's about $1.65 to $1.75). General's Chicken alone is $5.99 per pound and the Fried Rice is $2.49. I could have saved her money, if she would have let me finish.

What bugged me about the entire thing?

I never once had an attitude, my manager even said so. She made the customers feel bad behind her. She is a regular customer.

I don't know if I should continue to help her or no.

We will see the next time she comes in. My store manager even said I don't see you ever giving any one an attitude or anything else.

Store Manager said I wasn't in trouble and that I did try to save her money.


Thanks for listening.

You've been wonderful <3 !

Peace and Love,






Boring. Get to the point without repeating yourself and actually use the abbreviations consistently. Plus, when you say 'Jo0b:' you don't need to continue with I said.

Aussie Accent

Just as a note to our American friends, where j00b says 'entree' read 'appetizer'. Here in the states, entree means main course... a fact which confused the fuck out of me when I first moved here from Australia.

Video Vixen

Aussie Accent... I think you meant "a note to our non-American friends." Jo0b- I work at the big red S as well. What is it about customers that makes them think that if they control each part of the order, it'll be cheaper? I'm in video, not deli, but the same thing happens with the combo video rental deals. It frustrates me a lot, especially since I know half of them will figure it out later and come back angry.


Ah, that's the thing about being a consistently pleasant employee: when a customer claims you have an attitude, none of your supervisors will believe it. I love that about my job.

Also, @UIdiot: Patience and tolerance are nice kthx. Cut us a break. Not everyone has impeccable writing skills.

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