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BallsawardAAA A Retail Balls Award goes to Ginger Music Bitch for standing up to an overzealous religious custy on FACEBOOK, of all places:

Hello! Ginger Music Bitch again!

Below is a screenshot off my friends facebook page.

One of her friends took pictures of himself getting kicked out of a bookstore for reshelving Bibles in the fiction section.


Now I dont really care what a person's religious preference is. For the record, I'm a failed Catholic shacking up with an Athiest.

But what really irks me is that in making their "grand statement", they don't think of all the poor retail slaves who either have to clean that up during general recovery of the store, or during Zone Maintenance.

Its a waste of time then, and it's lost sales if someone comes in asking for that certain Bible.

Felt I needed to have my say.

I'm not freinds with that guy, so I had to put it on her page, hopefully where he will see it.

If he bitches about it, I will just link him to this site.

I just want people to STOP DOING THAT.

It's not funny.

It's not clever.

It's really really irritating.

We have had to stay an hour late every night this week cleaning up after people, when usually we are out after 30 minutes.

I'm so tired.

And people purposely making messes drive me crazy.

What do you guys think of the "moral reshelvers?"

--Ginger Music Bitch

(names and info have been blacked out to protect Ginger)


Although tempting from an author's point of view, I promise not to do that with Retail Hell, Book Slaves...LOL --Freddy




How about you save the reshelvers some time and trouble, and file the Bible properly, in the FICTION section?


Super-lame because they're clearly just copying the meme that's been going around the internet for a while. If you're going to make that much extra work for the retail slaves, at least do it for something original.


@WMDKitty That made me laugh so much!

Halfhearted Sales Ninja

Personally, I think the RHU book should be filed under Self Help :)

NC Tony

Since it's really not our place to say where the Bible belongs, whatever your religious beliefs may be, I think what they should have done is make him put everything back THEN kicked him out.

BORDERline Personality

ugh, I HATE that shit too. Some twits have entirely too much time on their hands. And I dont have near enough time to waste cleaning up after you, jackasses. No one gives a fresh zesty fuck what your religious views are, as far as Im concerned thats as bad as those religious nuts who corner you and lecture you about their beliefs. Same thing happens alot in the Politics section too but they usually just turn the books of the opposing party around backward or cover them up with books from their own party. Gets very old, very fast.


Kinda off the subject, but when Bill Clinton's autobiography came out, it was actually shelved under "New Fiction" at the local Borders. I was tickled.


It's rude as hell. Rude to the bookstore slaves, and rude to those who hold those beliefs. I don't care if you're an atheist, Orthodox, deist, Flying Spaghetti Monsterist, whatever - do your thing and let other people do theirs.

Stockroom Slave

I second NC Tony's suggestion...


actualy followers of the flying spagetti monster are called pastafarians and their heaven has stripper factories and a beer volcano.


What a friggin' dipshit. What's the idea here? That some Christians are going to come into the store, find all the Bibles in the fiction section and have like a Boss Hogg moment? Throw their hats on the ground and be like "Dawwww shucks! Them crafty non-Christians done got us again!" while he slow motion jumps his fucking 1993 Ford Fiesta over the curb out in the parking lot? Jackass.


Boss Hogg, oh dear ... bad flashback, bad!

NC Tony

I am now a born-again Pastafarian!

Token Female

The problem with religious texts, no matter what your belief system is, is that none of them are truly fact or truly fiction, so they can't really accurately be filed under "Fiction" no matter how much people would like to see them there.

For the record, I'm agnostic and I believe that religious texts should have their own section separate from fiction because they are in tricky territory. I don't believe the fantastical parts of the religious texts (like Jesus rising from the dead) are real, but who's to say that Jesus the man didn't exist?


@Token Female: Jesus the man did exist. There are records of his life and execution. Everything else, however, IS taken on faith.


I don't think the point is to argue on who believes in what. But rather that it's a whole shit load of extra work for the booksellers to clean up after. Then if someone catches them shelves there and bitches about it there could be a HUGE problem brought up and customers lost because someone wanted to be cute.

Hell I am an atheist myself and still wouldn't do that. It's disrespectful to everyone involved and I haven't seen anyone religious messing with books on atheism lately :/ People who crap like that just makes everyone else look bad...One person can ruin the reputation of an entire group of people.

@ Token: at Barnes and Noble they had the sections "Christianity" and "Eastern religion" ect... separate from both fiction and non-fiction ;) on the opposite side of the store in-fact.


I still say the Bible should be properly filed either in "fiction" or "mythology". Truth in advertising, you know.

Besides, people wouldn't be reshelving the Wholly Babble if so many Christers weren't raging assholes about "Teh Babble ish TEH TROOF, an yuz gunna BURN IN HELL!"

Incidentally, I'm a Satanist, and I would get a good hearty chuckle if I found the Satanic Bible filed under fiction.


Doesn't change the fact that going into a bookstore and moving all the damn Bibles doesn't prove anything, to anyone. Nothing you do with them is going to convince corporate to change the way they're stocked. EVER. The only thing it accomplishes is creating a shitload of extra work for people who:

1) Have exactly zero fucking influence over where the store tells them to stock the books


2) Don't earn enough money to have to deal with smarmy douchebags who can't tell the difference between being annoying and expressing a personal opinion in an adult, intelligent and effective manner.

Endless Mike

Things like this always strike me as insecurity in one's own beliefs rather than some grand statement. If you want to piss someone off go door to door and preach to god word of atheism. Either way it makes the agnostics like me look bad, but at least no one has to clean up after you.


I agree with whomever said it should have its separate section. Included in the religious section should be Bibles, Korans, articles, whatever. Keep it in its section so that no one will be retarded.

I am an atheist and I would NEVER EVER EVER do something this stupid because I also believe in tolerance. If you chose to believe it, fine, just don't shove it in my face.

Token Female

@Luna: I'm aware of that, I was just making a point about how it would be a little difficult to classify the Bible as "fiction"

@Pagemaster: Was kind of just saying that they should keep things as they are. They're not exactly offending anyone by being in their own section - if anything, it's easier to avoid them that way if you're so inclined.

Just A Lurker

So they're only moving Bibles to the fiction section? I guess that means these idiots think everything else in the Religion section is true.

If they really wanted to aspire to cleverness they'd get one of the big "Fiction" signs and put it where the "Religion" sign goes. (Please, nobody actually do this.)


Luna, actually there are NO records of Jesus' life and execution except for the Bible. Consequently, it is entirely possible that he was nothing but a fictional character. Sorry, you were misinformed.


Actually Tom, there are records of Jesus Christ's life. It's his divinity that's in question, not his actual existence. :]


That's really asinine. Just because you don't agree with someone doesn't give you the right to say their beliefs are stupid. If you do that you're just as bad as any other bigot.


As a former bookstore slave I really hated that kind of thing.

Now I see this...

Another group to encourage people to move books to improper sections.

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