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Hellspawn Encounter Recalled


From KitKat:

I was wandering through the Hellspawn stories while procrastinating on my schoolwork and remembered something that happened earlier this summer regarding small children (well a small child).

My manager had assigned me to work in Lingerie for a day for whatever reason. I like working up there because it is absolutely tiny but that's beside the point.

The way the register area is set up is basically two counters with a small area between them to stand. Next to the one counter is a rolling folding table.

I'm ringing out a lady who has her son with her.

This kid can't be older than seven, and he proceeds to try to sit on the folding table.

As I'm continuing the transaction I say loud enough for the kid to hear "Please don't sit on that."

The mother then tells me that I should have told her that her son was sitting on the folding table. I'm thinking "It made noise! And you'd sue me and the company if your son fell off and conked his head."

I apologize and she goes on her merry way.

Fast forward to the next day: My manager stops me out on the floor and asks what happened the day before in Lingerie. The lady left a complaint about me so I told my manager exactly what I said to the kid and where said kid was going to sit.

My manager stared at me, said "damned if you do, damned if you don't," and then walked away.

-- KitKat (formerly Department Store Slave)



Michael Chandra

I like how the manager basically went "Eh, nothing you could have done to make her happy, she's the one at fault", but then in a really catchy way. :)


Some parents are so touchy about people talking to their kids, it's ridiculous. If a retail slave caught my kid doing something he shouldn't be doing while my back was turned I'd thank them for stopping him and apologize.

NC Tony

Sad thing is your manager was right. If you had said something (which you did) then the mother (and it's always mothers) would get mad at you for telling their little snowflake what to do. If you don't say anything and the little moron hurts themselves then the parent sues the store because you didn't tell their little demon not to climb on or play with the fixtures. I'm with N/A though, if my son was getting into something that had the potential to hurt him or break something, I'd want someone to let me know.


I had the same thing a couple of weeks ago. Except that the kid was using heelies. In a liquor store. And ran into a pile of boxes of wine, nearly knocking them over. His dad's reaction? "He doesn't need to stop. He's fine. You have no right to address my child." Uh, no. He's not fine - and if you're not going to address him, I am!

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