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Picture-2a OKAY guys, it's time for me to do another rant.

This one is probably going to be pretty bad. I'm going to put my own spin on Jason's bipolar rants...because I actually AM bipolar, but also because this situation so calls for it.

This afternoon, I had a nasty run-in with the rudest customer service person I have EVER met in my LIFE. I wouldn't even call this customer service. This guy was just plain verbally abusive!

So I'm leaving my home area to go back to college and I'm using a certain bus service whose logo happens to be a long running grey dog (DON'T EVER TAKE THEIR BUSES, THEY ARE A HORRIBLE COMPANY!) but anyway, and I'm at the terminal in that cesspool of a city located in the very southeastern corner of the state of Pennsylvania (okay...it's Philadelphia...*shudders*).

Now, this is only the second time I've traveled by bus with this company, so I'm nervous and also erring on the cautious side as I don't want to get on the wrong bus, lose my luggage, etc.

A lot of other people are acting just like me, wondering around, looking confused, double and triple checking that they are boarding the correct bus so they don't wind up in Pittsburgh or St. Louis.

When I handed the ticket to the ticket guy, he tells me my bus number, a four-digit number that I immediately forget because I'm fumbling with my luggage and not paying attention.

My bad, I'm usually better about paying attention to shit like that. Anyway, I wander around for a few minutes, looking confused because NONE OF THE BUSES ARE LABELED WITH WHAT CITY THEY'RE GOING TO!!!! I came through gate #9, so I ASSUMED that my bus would be parked in the spot for gate #9. WELL THAT MAKES TOO MUCH SENSE!

I discover that's not my bus and I asked one of the luggage check people wearing the neon vests where the bus is for my destination. Arant43

The lady I asked just answered, "Go - ask - the ticket - man - right there!" and pointed.

I asked her again and she just repeated this again, all snippity. Okay, so you can't just take two seconds yourself to answer my fucking question. Stop doing drugs before you come to work lady. It's not nice.

So I go up and ask the ticket guy, the same guy I just talked to a minute ago. He turns around and looks at me funny, then just chuckles and shakes his head, then starts shouting at me that I wasn't listening and that I was stupid.

That it was the last bus at the end of the terminal and I didn't know how to listen.

Yes. He said that.

All I said was, "Excuse me, could you tell me again which bus goes to blankety-blank PA, I forgot."

And he started with that shit.

And I said, "Woah, I just forgot my number, sorry."

And that's when I was called stupid.

Okay, here's my bipolar rant. Ready?


Second, if I ever spoke like that to a customer at work, I'd be fired on the spot, no questions asked, and it wouldn't matter if the customer was in the right or the wrong. I don't believe I've ever met a customer in my life who deserved such verbal abuse, and I've encountered some pretty terrible customers. Rant19

By the way, it turns out that my bus was in spot #12. Yes, I was supposed to magically guess that gate #9 led to bus #12 with no other signage.

I got to Harrisburg and it was slightly better. Most of the employees spoke like they at least graduated high school. But seriously, this is why we need to extract the few decent people living in Philadelphia, put an electric barbed wire fence around the city, and flip the switch. That place was fucking nasty and if that ticket guy hadn't been a big fat huge black guy, I would have mouthed off to him, but I don't feel like suing this bus company, so I let it go. Besides, he's probably got enough legal problems as it is.

I'm also rather ashamed because I spent the following 30 minutes bawling my eyes out like an abused child. This is exactly the way I used to behave when my co-worker beat up on me (I have previous posts about him, thankfully he is no longer in our company) and I vowed I wouldn't let stupid selfish asshat pricks like him ruin my day, to hell with them, they don't scare me, and then this happened and I feel so mad that I let myself get so bent out of shape over some drug addict who is mad at the world because his own life sucks.

I just needed to rant, I'm sorry, but this has had me in a rage all day long.

--Kunoichi Cook

PS: If that guy ever showed up at my work as a customer, I'd totally introduce his face to the bottom of my fryer.


Pony Hustler

Yay, Philadelphia! That stinks, I'm sorry. If I were you I would write a letter or make a call to the Greyhound corporate offices. Maybe they will give you some free shit! Lol.


Absolutely. Put in a complaint.

Kunoichi Cook

I seriously doubt they would bother. I mean, it wasn't just him, they were all pretty rude, so maybe Greyhound doesn't care.

Kunoichi Cook

I don't even remember the guy's name though. =(

Painted Waitress

you can still complain about the service you got, even if you don't remember their names. it sounds like that whole branch of employees could use a refresher in "service". and don't bash philly too bad, i'm from there, and stuck in pittsburgh for the next few years and i'd trade almost anything to be back.

Hellgreens Slave

LMAO He's probably just an angry loser because the Eagles suck!
Go Giants <3 lol seriously, Jets, Patriots & Eagles fans are the worst ever! lol :)

Kunoichi Cook

@ Painted Waitress: Sorry, I know I shouldn't generalize, but that was my slave rant and besides, every experience I've ever had in Philly has been disgusting and terrible. And I think you're right, they need to fire all those slaves and hire a new work force. :/


Sometimes one particular branch just attracts a bunch of really bad workers. Maybe they have a really crappy manager and they just stop giving a crap after a few weeks working there. It reminds me of my local bus station growing up. Bus drivers and staff were perfectly nice everywhere else but this one station just attracted the biggest jerks. They'd spit on the sidewalk right next to customers, ignore people when they asked questions, and bitch if you took more than 20 seconds to find your money or ticket. One time I went up to the information booth to find the time for the next bus because the posted time tables were vandalized and illegible. The guy made fun of the way I pronounced the name of my town, all but called me an idiot for not just looking at the posted timetable (the ones that were illegible) and was basically a complete ass. I was only about 14 or 15 at the time and really quite thrown by his behavior so I didn't do anything about it. Probably too late now anyway, given his age and weight and the stink of smoke coming off of him I'm betting he's probably dead.


One time i took the greyhound and got stuck in dallas for 4 hours. By the time i got to memphis i had missed the connecting bus to my hometown. That bus only ran once a day! I had to call my mom to drive 5 hours to pick me up. She complained and got a full refund.


I would definitely complain. My parents made me use Greyhound a lot when I was in college, and my experiences were terrible. Buses left destinations early or were late for connecting buses. I remember vividly the hostility of many of the personnel.

mike savino

So. If you're ever in Philly again, hit me up. I go to Drexel and I'd buy you a beer. And you should try the mega bus or the bolt bus or the chinatown buses. They're much cheaper.

And if you think that's bad, try riding the SEPTA around 11:30 on a Friday or Saturday night. To be fair those poor train guys have to put up with a ton of drunken ass hats. A ton.

crafty cashier

A few years ago, I lived in Virginia and I was trying to take that bus up to Harrisburg, PA to go home for a funeral. I got to the station super early because that was the first time I had ever taken the bus (I'd only ever taken the train at that point) and I wanted to check everything to make sure I was going to get on the right bus. Everything was fine, I was in a good mood. As soon as I got up to the bus to board, the man taking tickets said "Why are you getting on this bus?" "It's on my ticket... is this the wrong bus? I'm sorry!" "No, it's the right bus that's on your ticket, but you should go on that bus over there." At this point, I was very confused. "Sorry, what? I thought you said this was the right bus." "It is, just trust me. I'm trying to steer you in the right direction." "But I..." "Don't be an idiot! Just listen to me!!" (I was just trying to ask if I needed to switch tickets at the desk) The guy behind me said "Are you going to Harrisburg too? I've taken this bus line my whole life, these guys know what they're talking about. Come on, let's go."
So I went in the line for the other bus, which turned out to be a seldom run local bus, with limited seats. Needless to say, we didn't even get CLOSE to the bus before it was too full to board. The line was way too long. It was now about 9AM.
People in VA are awesome, so it wasn't that bad of a wait before the secondary bus that Greyhound called in was coming. We had a sing-a-long, we discussed the potato famine, the "food court" gave out free chicken nuggets (which I was allergic to D:), and I was back in a good mood. The guy that yelled at me for trying to board the right bus (which had left and wasn't coming back) was glaring at me. Woohoo.
Eventually, we got on the bus, and it took FOREVER to get into Maryland because of all the local stops. Once we got to Baltimore, we ran into another snag.
The bus to Philly wasn't coming for the next few hours.
Ok, we wandered a while and found some lunch. We got on the bus to Philly, and finally arrived there at 11PM. SERIOUSLY. (It's 6 hours by car to Harrisburg from Richmond). And then we ran into the worst snag. We missed the connecting bus to Harrisburg by 20 minutes.
The next bus to Harrisburg was at 6am. THE NEXT DAY. They offered to give us a list of local hotels, saying they couldn't pay for the rooms for us because it was OUR fault. I called my sister and she called the station and HARASSED them hardcore. I was so uncomfortable for being the reason the clerks were having a bad day. It wasn't their fault that man steered me wrong. But from her spurring them on, they found a bus nearby that was going close to Harrisburg, and convinced the driver to add two extra stops to pick us up and drop us off. It wasn't in vain, though, there were two other full families that were going through the same problem. The bus driver, in turn, harassed us for "missing the bus." Haha, ass-hat.
I got to Harrisburg at 3am. After 20 hours.
Worst day EVER. Never listen to those jerks.


I feel really bad for his co-workers. There are probably really good people working there, and this one jerk just has to make problems by being nasty to customers. Put in a complaint and describe the guy, maybe the company will relieve his co-workers of him.


mike, if there's anything more frightening in this world than riding Greyhound, it's those Fung Was Chinatown buses! I mean, yeah they're super punctual and get you there in no time at all, but that's because those suckers FLY! I've never had a more terrifying bus ride than on a Fung Wa (used to live in NYC and took them a few times).

I had an overnight Greyhound trip between NY and Canada and coming back the driver turned down some wrong dirt road in the pitch black and had to do a three point (more like 50 point) turn to get us back to the main road...oh man, never EVER again XP.


I love my Philadelphia :(

NC Tony

I hate, hate, HATE Greyhound. Of the two times I used them, the second was by far the worst. Why? Because the driver got lost... twice! He had to stop and get directions twice making the trip take twice as long, since he had to get off the highway, get directions, then get back on to the highway. Fortunately after our fifth stop we got a new driver who knew where the hell he was going. Most of the people in the terminals acted like they didn't give a fuck about anything, except their paycheck.

The only other bad experience I had with a bus was when I lived in Charleston. I was coming back from work and was sitting in the front of the bus, it was late at night and it was the last bus of the night. I had my walkman in (back in the days before MP3 players), and the bus driver complained that it was too loud. So I turned it down. He complained that it was still too loud and if I didn't turn it down he was going to kick me off the bus. Being that it was late at night and I would have to walk for at least an hour through a couple of really bad neighborhood, I just turned it off and glared at him for the rest of the ride. When I finally reached my stop I couldn't resist a parting shot, so just before I stepped off the bus I turned to him. "You know, you're an asshole." Fortunately I never saw him again.

Front Desk Freak

@Kunoichi Cook, seriously, the next time you decide to hit philly, let me know, the grey dog has nothing on my city skills. I know every strange and unusual place in philly, 'cause I used to do the horse carriages many moons ago...and also do the ghost tours...

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