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Magic Kingdom Rude Custy Gets Told

BallsawardAAA Redheadactress gets a Retail Balls Award for standing up to verbal abuse from a rude, entitled custy:

We were closing up for the evening. In fact our hours sign is in big bold white letters and numbers, yet people still try to come in. Most are understanding, but I have some that are like this asshole.

Cue asshole and his two children.

Me: “Sorry sir, we are actually closed for the night.”

Ass: “So is that the way it works, huh? People who are already here get to stay but no
one else can come in?”

Me: “No, I am actually emptying out the arcade right now. They are just finishing up
their last games and redeeming stuff.”

Ass: “Come on kids, the mean bitch won’t let you in. *turns to me* You ruined my kids‘

Me: “Excuse me sir, but that is uncalled for.”

Ass: “So? I am on vacation from my very important job, something you wouldn’t know
anything about since you are uneducated woman working here.”


Me: “First of all, I am very educated, graduated with honors and a B.A. in theatre and
elementary education and you don’t know me. Second of all, I do not care that you are on
vacation, it does not give you the right to be a jerk to me, especially when I did
nothing wrong. Third, the arcade closes at 11pm sharp and it is not my problem that you
chose to show up 5 minutes after we closed. And lastly, if you are not out of my sight
within 5 seconds, I will be calling security to escort you off the property, without
refund and without your belongings. 1, 2, 3...”

*custy scampers off*

My coworker was behind me the entire time and laughed at me.

Yes I know I broke Disney look, but seriously I do not care. I will not allow someone to
take away the person I am on the inside. I am a real person and deserve to be treated
that way.

On a good note, I requested a transfer and I am on a waiting list to be a server. That
means better custys, more money, and less bullshit. But for now, it is back to the arcade.

Love and chocolate peanut butter pie,






He called you a bitch in front of his kids and other's, he broke Disney.

Almost makes you want to wish for someone to lose their job and find out what its like not to be able to get a "real" job and have to take anything just to feed their kids.


" a server. That means better custys, more money, and less bullshit."

Uh huh...yeah, that'll happen. Ugly Custys are Ugly Custys whether they are in the arcade or waiting in line for food. Keep the smile and we'll see you back here.


Taking his kids to the arcade at 11:00pm, calling people bitches. Father of the Year Award, here we come.

Joe the Cigar Guy

Methinks Daddy drank his lunch again and "overslept". Hence the 11:00 PM visit to the arcade.


He can't die on Disney property, perhaps just outside it, but that means you didn't kill him on Disney property either...


Wow, yeah, have to agree on him not winning Father of the Year! I always worry about the kids, and hope that they don't pick up that kind of behavior from their parents.


Disney code is broken when the grown ups starting throwing around swears in front of their children. How about HE ruined his children's vacation by not being able to understand simple logic skills like "Closed" and "It's late at night asshat"


With all those cell phone cameras around these days, it's a shame someone didn't record it to post online. In fact, if I knew how, i'd hack his email address book and send the recording to all his friends, so they would see how he treats people. If he gets that bad about being refused admission to an arcade that is closed, how does his boss know what might happen when things aren't going his way at work?

NC Tony

Don't you just love it when people accuse us of ruining their child's vacation/birthday/Christmas/whatever because we won't break company policy for them? Just once wouldn't you love to tell them "You're showing up after closing hours/asking for something we don't have/asking for something we can't do, are swearing at me/insulting me/calling me stupid, and I'm the one ruining your vacation/birthday party/Christmas/whatever?"

Then smack them in the head with a clue by four.

Lotus Petal

Reminds me of when I was working at LameStop last year for the seasonal work. This guy and his girl/sister/wife showed up after we had closed the store, and already locked the doors. He pulled and pulled on the doors to try and get our attention, before the shift lead finally yelled "WE'RE CLOSED!". After pulling one last time, he gave us a nasty look and sauntered away. Some people...


Last time I had a custy say something along the lines of myself and my coworkers (all college students) being uneducated, I voided her order and walked off. When she asked what the hell I was doing I looked at her and told her, "Sorry, in the ten years I've been in school to obtain two Associate degrees, a BS, and an MS with teaching license, I somehow never learned to speak your native language of Jackass...have a good night!" and kept going. Never saw her again....

Mouse Mastered

ooftah. More and more I'm thankful that I haven't had anything to post recently. I think food and wine stole all the happy guests from the rest of the park. <<


I guess his "very important job" doesn't require one to be able to read...

bill the charity shop slave

@ Lotus Petal, I've had the exact same thing happen only worse. My charity shop was switching things over from summer to autumn and locked up with big signs everywhere saying we were closed. People tugged on the door relentlessly and when my manager popped out to get us all lunch for our hard work, and cos she was awesome, 5 people tried to walk in within the 2 minutes of the door being unlocked as she left. It was ridiculous.


I think you're perfectly within your rights to educate him, especially if he insults you. Flex those sexy Retail Balls.


Retail is a lot like sex work: people assume you must be stupid and uneducated to do it, otherwise, why would you do it in the first place?

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