Grocery Checkout Too Complicated For Custys


Zigdog McGillicuddy

I was willing to think the animals had lived as vegetarians until the tofu.


Hahahaha I laughed at the sign but there is good reason for this. I live in California in the bay area; and there are lots of Asian communities. I can say for sure that this sign comes from a Vietnamese or Chinese(but most likely Vietnamese restaurants). I grew up eating sandwiches that look like this.

Anyway, to the "vegetarian [animal]" part:

There are a lot of temples(as in Buddhist temples) near where I live, and they make imitation meat that actually is made from various types of bean curd and other veggies(such as mushrooms), etc.

Of course the "meat" is seasoned with a lot of savory or spicy stuff, but it's still a little rubbery. Anyway, it's funny because how people say it in Vietnamese is normal, but translating it verbatim into English is just lolololololol.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention I'm Vietnamese?


Hehehe. I was on the same line as theSteenars so I didn't get it at first.

Thanks for sharing


There's no fail here. Vegetarian meat substitutes are very common in Asian cuisines as is non-vegetarian tofu dishes. It makes perfect sense to anyone who is vegetarian or anyone who enjoys Asian cuisines.


I agree that it could mean duck with vegetables but its more likely that it actually means vegetarian duck.

I too live in an area with a lot of various Asian communities, and there are vegetarian replacements for seafoods and meets that you'd have a hard time telling apart, particularly under sauce and whatnot. Its not just tofu, so it has the proper texture.

Joe the Cigar Guy

Darn! And I was thinking we TOTALLY scooped the "Unclear N The Concept" part of News Of The Weird!


Yeah, I don't think this is a fail either. I know exactly what the sign was saying, and see that kind of thing all the time.


I have "vegetarian" beef in the fridge right now. That's totally a Vietnamese place, you can tell by the drink sign.


Logan - A lot of tofu dishes in asian restaurants aren't vegetarian. They might be flavored with pork or have a chicken based sauce for example. They don't consider tofu to be a vegetarian specific food, it's just another ingredient so it's found in all kinds of dishes.

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