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Carolanne2 088b From Gas Slave Emma:

I have to get this off my chest.

My number one pet peeve, the one thing I absolutely hate in customers:

Customers who think that, just because they've had me as a cashier, it's okay to talk to me outside of work.

Case in point: Today. I was running to the grocery store to get some garbage bags before work, running a bit late, and some guy starts shouting across the parking lot.

"Hey, what up?"

I ignore it, assuming it's someone greeting their friend.

"Lady, what up?"

There's still a lot of females in the parking lot, so I continue walking.

"Hey, BP lady, I'm talkinta you! Excuse me, what up?"

This is where I turned around and looked.

It was some guy I'd helped maybe once at work, walking up to me with a big shit-eating grin on his face. "What up?"

He repeats.

I glare.

"What up?"

Continue to glare.

"BP lady, what up?"

"Is there a point to this? And I have a name, you know."

"What up?"

I lost it.

"Me wanting to do my fucking shopping and getting stalled by some guy I don't know, have NO interest in, and who shouldn't even be talking to me seeing as he doesn't know my name. That's what's up."

I turned around and started walking.

I realize I could have maybe been a bit more tactful, but damnit I have a name and I have no interest in talking to most customers outside of work.

Especially when I'm out SHOPPING.

I don't like talking to strangers much, especially when they can't be bothered to even introduce themselves.

Does this bother anyone else or am I just weird?

--Gas Slave Emma




I frequent one particular gas station on a pretty regular basis at least 3-4 times in a week. As a result I see people outside of there job there once in a while. I have always made it a point to wait to see if they want to interact first. Cause seriously just cause they sell me cigarettes does not make us friends. It would be extremely rude of me to presume as much. You were dead on in your reaction that creeper deserved that verbal beat down 100%.




"hey, whats up?"
"hey, whats up?"
"hey, whats up?"
"hey, whats up?"
"hey, whats up?"
"hey, whats up?"
"hey listen!!"
*twitch, stab*

Ground Slave

I live in a relatively small area where my work is pretty much the hub. So yeah I run into people every f'n where. My kid always gets annoyed and asks if I know everyone. What's worse is running into someone whilst holding a GIANT box of tampons. Yeah awkward.


If I see someone from the market, the drug store, wherever, outside of work, I'll just say Good Morning, and if they want more, they'll give more. Polite, yet noncommittal.

Malmart Peon

I frequent the local Steak N Shake with a group of my Malmart buddies, and we always get people who recognize us from work (it helps that the Steak n Shake is almost in the same parking lot as Malmart). Most people I've had are nice, but if someone was as annoying as your guy, I would definitely say something along those lines. You are not completely defined by your work. You are also human. I don't think they realize this.


I have a few customers whom I would love to talk to outside of work. However, those are never the people I run into. >_>


That's ludicrous.

Its only happened to me once, and even then I'm sure it was a line. Oh, and by the way, while I waiting to get my ankle x-rayed is NOT the time to hit on me. And when I tell you that no, you don't recognize me from working at some shop because I am a stay-at-home-mom that with the wedding ring is even more reason to STFU!


I've seen a couple people from shops I frequent, I'll say hi or wave if I catch their eyeline, but I'd never chase them down or blather at them repeatedly. I've also had workers from places we frequent come up and say hi, how things...kinda wierd cause I've got the whole "who is this person and where do they know me from...oh yeah! it's the waitress from blah-blah place!" thing going on in my head. Eh.


I was at my park over the summer once not for work, and I was talking to one of my friends there, and someone came up to me to complain about the lines. I'M NOT EVEN IN UNIFORM YOU [insert colorful language here]


That's why I hate the fact that retail requires name tags. I think that it creates a lot more safety issues than anything else. Plus it's creepy when you serve someone and they thank you by name, or when they see you outside work and call your name, you respond thinking it's someone you know, but it's not.

Julia (LegoLass)

I haven't had that happen to me before, but I do get annoyed when people read my nametag and call me that the whole time I'm interacting with them. Yes sir, great, you can read. However, I don't know your name, and all I'm doing is ringing you out for a $100 lego kit for your spoiled brat. It's weird for you to call me by my name like you know me, stop it :<


It's never bothered me much. I just smile say Hi and go on with my day. As for name tags I would rather have someone call me my name then hey you or lady...Then again I could weird like that.


Stalking across the parking lot is weird but customers saying hi to me outside of work never bothered me in general. I think it means that the customers recognize you as a human and realize who you are despite the fact you're not in uniform. I always thought it was kinda nice actually, maybe I just had nice customers. I particularly liked chatting to fellow slaves from other stores because we'd all help each other out. The guy from the hobby store knew I was looking out for him (I always checked my samples for allergens and remembered my regular custies allergies) so when I went in to his store to buy a gift he gave me great service and so much help. I'd look the other way when the SB guy wanted an extra taste of something and he'd take extra care making my latte just the way I liked it.


I worked at a nursing home for 2 years. Near the end of that stretch my mom had had a stroke. She spent a month in a rehab hospital but the doctors didn't think that she was ready to go home just yet so they wanted to send her to a nursing home. Being in that I lived and worked in a very small town it just so happened that she was sent to the nursing home that I worked in.
While she was only there for a couple of weeks, it was pretty awkward for everybody: me, her, nurses, administration, and even other (lucid) residents.
One day I had gone in on my day off to see her and there was this man there who was the son of one of the other residents. He knew that I worked there so as I was passing his mom's room to get to my mom's room he asked me for something or another and I said "no" and kept on walking. Apparently he bitched about that to the Director of Nursing and she tried to chew me out over it and I told her in no uncertain terms to fuck right off. I was there as a family member, not as a employee, and she would never speak to another residents family member like that. After my mom was released I only worked there for another week or so and then we all moved out to Nevada to be with my grandma (mom's mom).

NC Tony

I've had a couple of times where I've seen someone from a store I frequented, and just said a casual hello, but didn't stop to socialize (like Spritzy said). On the other side of the coin though was someone recognizing me from my job and wanting to stop and talk to me while I was out with my family when my parents were visiting. I had no idea who this guy was and him trying to tell me who he was wasn't working. I worked in a restaurant at the time and saw dozens upon dozens of people a day, and unless you were a regular (and most of the regulars sat up at the bar) I don't know you from Adam. My mother asked me who the guy was when I finally got rid of him I said "I have no freakin' clue."

Token Female

I don't have that problem with the customers I encounter. Sure, if I see them outside of work and they seem to recognize me, I'll say hi and go on my way. But following you across the parking lot when you're ignoring them is not cool. It's downright creepy, and he totally deserved it, especially since he didn't seem to have anything productive to say to you. >.<


Truthfully this hasn't really happened to me, but I do sympathize. One incident comes to mind:

On a particularly cheery day, I woke up early and therefore got to work early, around 9:20am. My store has big metal gates that need to be raised by pulling on a chain. While I'm pulling the gates open, I hear honking behind me. There's a dude in, like, a purple '81 Honda sitting there staring at me. I stare back O_O. He rolls down his window.


I take a gander at my storefront, which clearly displays our hours. "At 10am," I smile, and go back to opening the gates. I finish, unlock the door, and slip inside to disarm the alarm system. As I reach the keypad,


I plunk in my code and begin counting my registers. After all, my name is not 'honk'.

A few seconds later I hear BAM BAM BAM as this guy starts banging on my glass door. Ok now my morning is wrecked. I crack the door open and just look at the guy. Guy says, "I NEED TO RENT A CLARINET!!!!!"

I say, "Um, ok. We open at ten." (nevermind this guy just stood there and watched me haul the gates up for ten minutes).

He stares at me like I'm an alien. "I have the money. CAN YOU GIVE ME A CLARINET?!"

Me: *heavy sigh* "Yes, I can, in about forty minutes. I just got here."

This goes on for a while, and finally I simply lock the door and go back to my work, now that I'm behind schedule. Dude throws up his hands, get back in his car, and peels out.

Ten minutes later I pull up at the bank to make the deposit and get change...and guess who's at the bank! It's Annoying Purple Honda guy! As I walk past him, I stop in the middle of the lobby, put on my best Frightened and Hurt Puppy Face, and say loudly, "SIR, I WILL BE RIGHT BACK TO RENT YOU THAT CLARINET, JUST AS SOON AS I CAN!! DON'T WORRY!!!"

He was so embarrassed. It was fantastic :D


Crane, thats hilarious! Classic!

Burger Bitch

I hate it when that happens.

Most of the customers at work, I only speak with them because I have to.
It's happened to me a few times where they try to give me their life story outside of work or try to tell me their problems.

Sorry, I'm off the clock, so fuck off.

DVD dogsbody uk

My worst encounter with a regular custy outside of work was on a Sunday when I only get a 30 minute lunchbreak and as I was running to grab a sandwich, this lady grabbed me by the arm in the street and then asked me if we had one particular music dvd in stock as she really wanted it!
I mean WHAT THE HELL? I wasn't even in the building let alone near the computer system. So I told her quite brusquely that I was not working at the moment and if she wanted to know she'd have to actually go into the shop herself and find out.
I was as polite as I could possibly be, but I maybe should have waited slightly longer before ranting at the top of my voice to my bf who'd met me for lunch about 'Lazy, fucking bastards who feel they have the right to stop me in the street and who have all the brain power and common sense of a dead fish!'
She stopped being a regular after that, but as she had on a couple of previous occasions in store tried to catch my attention from other customers by pulling at my tshirt and stroking my BACK, I really wasn't bothered by the loss.


I used to work at Kohl's. One year, I made the mistake of shopping there on Black Friday. I asked an on-duty fellow employee a question, and that tipped other customers off that I worked there. Even though it was clear that I was doing my own shopping and was not on-duty, customers stalked me and asked me questions and overall would not leave me alone. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised, but I was walking around with coat and purse and Kohl's shopping cart, so it never occurred to me that people would harass me with questions.

I was shopping last year at J.C. Penney. I was on my knees going through the folded shirts on tables looking for ones in my sizes in the patterns I wanted. A woman approached me and asked if I worked there. I said no. She looked as if she was going to lay into me. She walked deliberately on my side of the table to take a closer look at me. I think that she had mistaken my big clumsy functional cell phone as a palm pilot used for store inventory. When she reassured herself that I in fact did not work there, she left me alone.

One recent night, I was locking the shop at night. I turned around and found a couple sitting in their car with their window down. They asked me our operating hours, which was fine, but then they asked questions about particular products and their uses and how they compared to each other and which products should be used for results X and Y. It was too much. I was obviously off-duty. I had been standing for nine hours, I was tired, hungry, I wanted to go home, and the couple clearly had no compunction about standing between me and my escape home.


A custy cornered me in a bathroom once when I was trying to finish washing my hands so I could get to work. I was not working, clearly, as I was nowhere near my workplace, but she literally cornered me to blab about her vacation. AWKWARD and creepy.

Video Vixen

This happens a lot to me, too... half the time, I don't recognize the custy at ALL. If they remind me, and they're a regular customer I actually like, I'll say something like "Oh, sorry. It's hard to remember names and faces when I'm not in my work mode." If I'm just shopping at work and I see one of my regular customers, I'll say hi, how are ya, etc., if I'm not strapped for time. If it's a custy I don't remember/aren't fond of/who is creepy, I totally ignore them. I'm off the clock, I don't get paid to deal with you. Get away from me. I don't talk to strangers.


It's different for different customers. On the one hand, for example, there were some nice ladies who always used to come into my shop for the weekly free tastings and were super nice. I always got a hug and a kiss on the cheek, we were friendly. If I were walking to work and came across these ladies out walking their dog, I'd stop and chat.

On the other hand, we had a serial creepster who would always come in and try to wangle somebody out of change, or out of a bottle of something, or try to sell us something, and he was perverted and strange. A couple of times when I would treat myself to a soup and sandwich at the local cafe for lunch, this douchnozzle would come up to my table while I was eating and try to sit with me, or talk. Finally I was like, "Please, I'd rather eat alone. I want to read and enjoy my lunch." He was all, "Aww babe I thought we were pals, don't be like that." Um, no. Just because I have to be nice to your creepy ass while I'm on the clock, does not make us pals. GTFO.

I'm kind of envious that you were able to be direct with your creepster. My best move was to put my book inbetween my face and his, and scoot away to another table.


the other day i was talking to some people, and they found out where i worked, and one of them actually wanted to complain about something there. Nice try, but I quit 2 months ago.

Custard Chick

I hated it when customers recognized me outside of work. When I had my first job (at a national store that rhymes with Smaco Smell), I had schoolmates come in all the time and it got to be embarrassing when I'd hear, "Oh hey!! It's the Smaco girl!"

Um, hello, I've got a damn name and I've sat next to you in our English class for the past year. Use my name dumbass...

For the past 3 years though, I've worked for this very small, family owned business where we don't have name tags but our regulars know our names. I still think it's creepy when I'm out with my family and I hear my name or have a regular come running up and starting a small conversation, but I usually just go with the flow. Our owners are like best friends with all of the regulars, so I still need to be polite even when I'm off the clock. Plus, it's gotten me discounts or free food at other stores when they realize I'm "Custard Chick", and I AM SO DOWN for free food!


My mother works for Planning, Zoning and Building. Basically, if you need a permit to build something in Southeast Florida, you go to PZ&B. We are always running into contractors she's met from work. Luckily, they're the nice ones.

Retail bitch McFarley

God I hate that!!! It has happened to me a few times. Once I ran into a crusty from work at my local watering hole who preceded to talk to me and ask if we had XXX in stock, and if we could order ABC for him etc. He kept using my name as if we were friends, introducing himself to my hubby... I am like who the FCK are you?? I honestly did not know who he was. Then for like a week or so after that he kept coming in to my work or calling me at work. Frikin creepy azz baztard!

Joe the Cigar Guy

Whenever a custy accosts me away from work, my first response is a blank stare.
"Remember me? I was the guy who bought those pants from you that time?"
Seriously!? Most of them don't realize the Sixties were good to me: I can't remember what I had for BREAKFAST, ferchristsake!

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