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From McSparkles:

I think my Store Manager has forgotten how to do schedules...

Things were fine during summer vacation. Everyone was pretty much available whenever. The SM posted a sheet for everyone to write down their fall/winter availabilities. So some people are only available weekends, and others are only available after school.

The SM seems to be ignoring this.

The schedule is always posted in the back bubble, where I am 90% of the time. So I'm always there to hear people saying "4-8? But I can't get here by 4, I told her that!" or "I can't work until 3, I have to pick my kids up from school!" and so on and so forth.

The SM posted the schedule for last week, and I saw that I was scheduled to work EVERY DAY. Which, eh, I don't mind, I could use the money. But no one's supposed to work all 7 days (Besides McMama, who's worked there longer than anyone else and has nothing better to do than make awesome breakfast stuff).

So I pointed it out to the SM, and she took the schedule down and made a new one, giving me Monday and Wednesday off.

Fast forward to Sunday night. I'm about to leave when the Night Manager comes to me asking if I can come in early Monday.

Confused, I tell her I'm not scheduled to work then. She shows me the Managers copy of the schedule, and shows me that, yes, I'm supposed to come in at Noon.

So I guess the SM changed the paper schedule for us, but forgot to change it in the computer system. So, instead of being able to sleep in for the first time in days, I have to get up early enough in the morning that I can call and explain the situation to the SM, and she has enough time to find some lucky sap to cover the shift.

Not the worst thing in the world, but I'm still in the "sleep-in-till-noon-if-I-can" mindset.

*    *    *    *

Lately, I've had to stay 15-30 minutes after my 8 hour shift because when everyone is scheduled to clock out, there is no one scheduled to clock in.

Meaning, there is no one to cover my position when I'm supposed to leave. And half of the time, no one even comes to me to ask if I can stay. I wind up standing in my bubble wondering what's going on and why no one's come to change my drawer out.

Last week they put me on table to help out, and a half hour later, I was the only one on table.

I HAVE NEVER BEEN TRAINED ON TABLE, but hey, what better way to learn than just being thrown into the thick of it.

I wound up staying an hour late because the girl who joined me on table had no experience with it either, so they had me stay to help her.

But that's not the end of it.

Today, I was put on front counter, and about 10 minutes before I'm supposed to clock out, the SM asks if I can stay later.

I tell her that I don't think I can today.

She then gets upset, telling me that I never come in or stay when they need me to. Yes, if you just read everything in the last couple paragraphs, you see this isn't true.

This is also two weeks to the day that I was called in 5 hours early.

Which, by the way, I had to cancel plans with my mother in order to cover the shift.

And yet "I never come in or stay when they need me."

I explain that yes, actually, I've been staying on pretty much every day this past week, and I mention coming in 5 hours early the other day.

She says "Well, if you want to be a manager, you have to be willing to help if we need you to."

...Is it just me, or does this sound like she's trying to use my desire to become a manager to blackmail me into helping?

So since, yet again, there was no one scheduled to clock in, I wound up staying 2 more hours anyway.

By the way, during those 2 hours, a huge mob decided to come in. This was also the time when I was literally the ONLY person up front, and I literally had to balance taking orders and getting orders together by myself, which, trust me, is quite a challenge!






Yeah, I managed a week at the arches before they gave me a schedule that I told them I couldn't work and basically had thrown me to the dogs right at my first day and got annoyed when I didn't know how to do something in 100% perfection even if I'd never been shown how.
Oi.. it was a headache.

You're stronger than I to make it!


Sounds like your scheduler accidentally on purpose fell into a vat of sugar-coated, industrial-strength dumb.

Honestly, it's not that hard to write a schedule. It's really not. Especially when everyone seems to be right up front with what they can/can't work.

I'm so glad I'm not in retail anymore.


I used to schedule hundreds of staff members over three shifts (we were open 24/7) in two locations. It's not rocket science. Your scheduling manager is a dick.


Dont let her "if you wanna be management...." BS on you. You'll end up working at thier beck and call and NEVER even see shift leader. They do that all the time; find a good worker who's just a little ambitious and then work the fuck out of them while dangleing the carrot of a raise or promotion that will never come. I worked 4 places that did me that way, and they wondered why (at the last one) I never did any 'extras'.


I agree with witcheypoo, they'll con you into doing what they want. Fight back! Don't let them make you into a dumbass.


I hope you're getting paid for those extra hours, or I would tell them to stuff it. They shouldn't be getting any unpaid labor out of you.


Second everything said, you sure as hell BETTER be getting OT pay, and they'll almost certainly never come through with a promotion, just make you work like a dog for the promise. I'd say either complain up the ladder over their heads, or move on.


Don't worry, guys, I AM getting paid for the extra hours I work.

And as for the Manager thing, I was told a month ago that they actually were going to start training me to be a manager, but then they noticed me start arguing with a manager. My bad, but whatever, it was their fault anyway.


If they do eventually promote you, beware of this trick(happened to me):

They tell you you're getting the promotion. They train you.
They give you all the extra responsibities.
You work hard, don't f**k up, and do a really great job as a shift manager.
They tell you how awesome you're doing.
They "forget" to give you the extra pay for taking on those extra duties 5 months.

I lost over $500 in pay raise money that way. Sixty cents extra an hour doesn't seem like a lot until you add it up over months and months.


@PunkyBrewster. though it's likely too late for you most contracts have a policy that if you do the work of a higher pay grade you must be paid that hourly rate. you ought to look in the employee handbook if it's still relevant.


Ugh. It definitely does sound like you're being blackmailed into manager-status. Same thing happened to be at my job [I work at an amusement park] when I applied for a promotion. I was blackmailed into waking up at 4am multiple days a week to go in and clean rides and then soon after, I got promoted. To put it in the words of my now supervisor, "We'll give you the promotion if you do this horrible cleaning for us!"

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