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Cardboard Box

Piggy shoppers indeed.

I was shopping for some cheap shorts at our big red crapstores which I will call The Whorehouse.

I find the shorts, but will my stomach fit in them? Well...

...first I have to fit into a fitting room.

One may have someone in there; the curtain is drawn.

The other three are awash in discards.

I didn't dally. I checked the fit and headed over to the nearest counter, waited for the cashier to finish with her custurd, then informed her politely that it'd be a good idea to get someone to clean up the fitting rooms.

She thanked me for letting her know.

I've worked at the Whorehouse, admittedly as a night fill years ago. I know what late night custurds can be like.


Oh it drives me crazy when people do that shit! The other day at the local ghetto-mart I spied another empty chicken container in the reduced bakery rack.

Yesterday I was doing go-backs when I found a store flyer stuffed in a display shelf. Plus an open can of goya tarmind which some had spilled on the floor. Nice of the pigs to let us know of the spill pfft.

NC Tony

I'd hate to see what these people's homes look like.


@NC Tony - Ever see the show "Hoarders: Buried Alive"? That's probably a close.

Seriously, the garbage ones annoy me most. REALLY? You can't bring along your garbage with you, to the front of the store where you're going to go eventually ANYWAY, on your way out of the building? Really can't carry it the extra 30 yards? Alright. >.>


Probably close, rather. 8)


Yeah, it's a pain to put back what people have left everywhere, but at least it's still sealed, closed product. It's the garbage that pisses me off: the empty cups, the pistachio shells, wrappers, peels, etc. That's just gross.


I wish I had a camera on me yesterday when we went oh-damn-we're-out-of-stuffing-and-Grandma-wants-us-to-bring-some shopping. For some reason the rack of cheap DVDs became a dumping ground, first for a bag of potato chips that I saw on our way in, and then on the way to the checkout there were muffins, candy bars, I think a pair of sunglasses.... *shakes head*

Pizza Pimp

Yeah I'm a bit behind and catching up. But I saw number 4 and wanted to flip out. Seriously? The hershey's box is right the fuck there. Not even a foot away from where it was. I know it's an easy thing to fix but it's also an easy thing to avoid.

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