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Beauty Slave: Split Shift Hell

Arant34 Beauty Slave back with a rant that surprisingly, is not about custys!

Today there was a store wide meeting super early in the morning.

When I looked at my schedule during the beginning of the week, I was scheduled from 8:30 AM (for the meeting) to 7 PM.  It was written that my schedule would be split with a 3 hour or so gap in between. I didn't mind that and figured that I would get studying done during those hours.

Was that how it came out to be?  Nope. 

I had the most fucked up schedule I've yet to work in all my jobs, and I've worked odd hours.

I ended up being scheduled for two 1 hour lunches, 3.5 hours apart, and my schedule was changed to stay til 8 PM.

When I heard that, I flipped the fuck out.  I was NOT working 9.5 hours!

The managers for some odd reason kept counting my hours to be at 8, when I wrote it down for them. 8:30 to 12 was 3.5 hours.  1-4:30 is another 3.5 hours.  That's already 7 hours.  What in the world does it mean for me to stay another 2.5 hours?

The worst part is that I know that people who work split schedules actually get paid for an extra hour. So since my schedule was not officially split, I don't get that, AND I was suppose to work an extra hour and a half?

I normally go with the flow with the scheduling, as long as it's within limits, but I guess my "I AM NOT HAVING IT!" melt down was heard and they let me leave at 7 PM.

Still, it sucks to be at work on a Sunday for 10.5 hours. 

I have NO idea what they were thinking and now I'm super duper grouchy!!!!! ARGH I HATE GROUCHY ME!!!  I BLOW EVERYTHING ELSE OUT OF PROPORTION WHEN I'M GROUCHY!!  AAAH!!!!

On the plus side, HP7 was awesome.  Finally they include more details from books into the actual movie.  =D

--Beauty Slave



Kunoichi Cook

Good for you for not taking it from them! That's effed up o.o

Kunoichi Cook

That's horrible Logan, I hate how they are always screwing us over just to save a few pennies :(


I'm sorry, you think a 7hr shift is long? I work 9.5 hrs every day and I dont whinge and complain

Harden up

Hellgreens Slave

No offense but if you don't like the hours then quit or find another job. There are literally thousands of people who would kill for a paying job right now. More hours = more money. Let someone else who will appreciate the job take the hours. I would be mad if I wasn't getting hours but hell I'd work any shift as long as it means money in my pocket. Don't be so ungrateful- when you complain to a manager it just means they'll tell the person who does the schedule and then your hours will be cut.

Beauty Slave

I must be a greedy bitch to have 2 jobs then, right?

Management knows that I have 2 jobs and I'm taking classes for a Master's degree. They understand that I simply work there because I enjoy it. They understand that 8 hours a week doesn't bother me at all. I have a full time job in a totally unrelated field, and I've stated her multiple times that I work at this retail job for fun. I like the people, I like the environment, and I like not being in front of the computer for hours and hours.

And did you not read the part about how other people who worked split shifts on the same day had multi-hour breaks and received an extra hour of pay for having a split shift?

Also, thanks Logan for pointing it out, this website is for us to vent and rant about anything. Just because times are hard does not mean that we can be treated like shit by management, customers, or anybody else. We all have the right to speak up.


iIm with you here on this one. beauty slave. The fact that people are looking for jobs does not negate the fact that employers take advantage because they can.

Hellgreens Slave

We all have the right to complain about whatever we want.. but complaining about receiving hours is a bit stupid. If you don't get hours then you don't make money. It's a STUPID RANT. I'm entitled to my opinion just like you all are. If you don't like my opinion, that's fine.. but you don't have to be rude about it.

Hellgreens Slave

And Logan, go FUCK yourself. This is not the first time you've bitched back at my opinion. It's my fucking opinion. If you don't like it go hang yourself. I don't go around bitching back at people for their opinions.


Beauty Slave - Blowing things out of proportion has to be allowed on RHU. How many times do we threaten physical harm on the douchebags that annoy us? :) Sorry about the hours. It's not just that they're screwing with your hours, it's also the absolute crappiest time of year to be in retail with the most pressure and people with the least amount of patience EVER. Freaking morons.

And agreed, HP7pt1 was pretty flipping awesome. I got way excited about some of the lines being verbatim from canon. YAY!!

Hellgreens Slave

Logan, I am not on meds you judgmental prick. Just SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP. I'm sick of your comments that attack people. Just get a life dude, seriously. And Beauty Slave- thank god you're not my employee, I'd cut your hours faster then you could say Happy Holidays.


*yawn* Troll.


Hellgreens Slave - From the first comment Logan left you he didn't cut down anything that you said, he merely stated what this site is about. I would have to strongly agree with what he stated as well. This site is meant for people to rant and help them feel better. By the sound of it she has quite a hectic life and those extra hours surely effected it in one way or another.

Just lighten up a little. Seeing these kind of comments on this site is wrong. This is a place to vent. We shouldn't have to worry about being criticized if we post something on here.

And Beauty Slave, I hope that you aren't burdened by that kind of shit anymore. I know how annoying it can be, especially if you think you're supposed to get off at a certain time but they change it on you. >_>


Hellgreens, the main source of Beauty Slave's rant is that she wouldn't have gotten paid for an hour and a half of work, which even if done for fun is still providing your skills to them for a fee, because of a mix of bad math and insistence that said bad math was right. If you did that to your employees they'd have you marching off to court.

Also if some random stranger suggested I go kill myself, an action not to be taken lightly, for my opinion on their oversimplified generalisation of the situation of calling it complaining because of the hours I may not insult their person but I would wonder about their maturity levels and how they would get anywhere in life with that complete lack of tact going all the time.

First and last thing I'm saying on that matter.

Yeah, creative time keeping is an old and irritating trick to get around a company's payment policies, thankfully hasn't happened to me but I've seen some poor employees screwed by the schedulers.

Michael Chandra

Hellgreens Slave: If you are encouraging people to commit suicide, you are a horribly disgusting person and if I were your boss, I'd fire you on the spot, officially for creating a hostile working environment, unofficially because like said, you are disgusting. Is that enough of your own medicine tossed at you, or do you simply have no intent to become a proper human being and instead desire to keep showing off a complete lack of care for the wellbeing of people who deserve as much mental help as you do given your disturbing comments?

Hellgreens Slave

Oh you all can just shove it. People we all come on here to share rants about the retail hell we work in.. instead some of you decided to constantly bombard each other (and it's usually towards me) with nasty comments back whenever one posts their opinion. I've had enough of the abusive comments towards me.. it's been on going. You people all suck at life, no wonder you'll never do better then retail. Me? Ha.. I start my new job far away from retail hell as possible, making 3x as much as my shitty retail job was paying me. I don't need this pathetic site nor the inbreeds that inhabit it anymore. FUCK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!


Wow, what a nasty firefight, all because someone didn't quite understand the rant being posted, and overreacted. Jeez. To be expected though, it happens every few batches of rants... *sigh*


Wow Hellgreens Slave. Thank you so much for being such a demeaning bitch. Just because a few people pointed out some things that were a little askew in your statements you have to go attack us, calling us inbreeds and basically losers? Are you freaking serious?

And if you don't need this site, why do you continue to visit every day? Just go about your merry way and be the snobbish bitch everyone here rants about and leave us. We will be glad to be rid of you if this is the way you will act.

Personally, I have not said a thing towards you until this point. You are being quite immature. Instead of focusing on the people who did leave you comments (and to be honest, they didn't really say anything bad) you group all of us in one large group when in reality you know none of us. But what is worse is that I believe we have seen your true colors. Bon Voyage.

Michael Chandra

I have little interest in the delusions of someone who ridicules the death of people. If you wish to consider that behaviour perfectly alright but disagreement with your hideous self nasty, then feel free to never return. You will never be a decent person anyway.


Mmmm kay. Obviously there is a lot going on here, but... moving on!

I am certainly not an expert, but it seems like the 'scheduling' described both in the original post and especially in Logan's first response would be held in a dim view by the local labor authorities. A few years ago, my employer went though an audit by the state Bureau of Labor and Industries (just a random thing, not in response to a complaint) and they asked all the employees numerous questions about scheduled hours, paid and unpaid breaks, and similar. I know laws and regulations vary by region to region, but hopefully there is someone to go to if things get really bad.

Anyway, Beauty Slave (or BS if you prefer) keep your chin up! Best wishes through the Holiday Season:)


Hellgreens Slave sucks titties


I think the thing a lot of people aren't seeing here is an erosion of basic workers rights. If people are willing to do "whatever it takes" to get hours, then we all lose. Big business is just getting bigger and more conglomerated. With that comes bean counters who don't care what or who is hurt to get a bonus on their already oversize checks. More and more people in the U.S. and other countries that are supposedly top of the pile are forcing the "lower class" to live in third world conditions. Like not being able to afford basic health care, healthy food, and reasonable shelter. Retail that pays minimum wage to employees and makes BILLIONS of dollars is the worst of the worst. I don't see why people would waste time invalidating another person for venting their frustrations in a valid and somewhat anonymous venue. This post to me is about an egregious offense from a company that is echoed all to often in other companies. Ladies and gents seriously if we can't support someone on a fun website we aren't really getting whats important. This is a place to vent about whats bothering you if I don't agree with a poster I just don't leave a comment. I for one thank Beauty Slave for standing up for herself and enforcing her right not to be treated like crap. Yes the job market sucks But it certainly will not get better if people just do whatever ridiculous thing is handed down from the privileged few at the top. They make their money walking on our backs if they can't show basic respect then kick them off. Think about it united we stand divided we fall. Sorry it was such a long rant peeps this kinda crap just pisses me off.

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