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Blogskull5 Hello fellow RHUers! Fake Barista here again!

I've got a short one for you guys today!

I was working in the coffee bar at Hell Foods Market when a woman approaches me from the side.

"Excuse me?" she asks.

"Yes? can I help you?"

"Uh, do you have a knife I can use to cut my sandwich."

(I point in the direction of plastic utensils) "There are some right over there."

"Uh. I already tried that, do you have a sharp knife?"

(we have sharp knives behind the counter for cutting produce for juices) "I can cut it for you

If you'd like, I can't give you the knife on account of the liability of you getting cut, i can't risk that"

"Um.. that's not going to work... I NEED that knife to cut my sandwich!"

"Ma'am, I really cannot give you this knife, it is extremely sharp, I can however cut your sandwich for you, if you'd like"

"What do you mean? I already opened my sandwich, I will bring it back when I'm done cutting it."

"Ma'am, I cannot give you this knife, absolutely cannot, I can lose my job if you cut yourself! let me cut your sandwich for you."


She walks away from me shaking her head, to which Iyell out "All I was trying to do was help you!"

My job is not worth her cutting off her stupid hand with a sharp knife.

I really can't believe some people sometimes. I just laughed about it for the rest of the day.

Oh well, next time she should let someone help her!

That's all for now fellow retail slaves!

--Fake Barista



Stockroom Slave

I would have responded exactly the same way, but... isn't it pathetic that we have to be worried about losing our jobs because some idiot cuts themself? Today's society makes me sad :p


Or maybe she wanted it for a different reason. In which you would also be liable, so good job sticking to your guns! People are so ridiculous.


Kerry, I was thinking the exact same thing =)


That happened to me so many times. Thankfully most of the people asking were quite happy to let me do the cutting but once on a while you'd get someone difficult. One woman even tried the "Oh, what's that behind you?" trick and she was most ticked off when I picked up the knife and moved it out of her way before turning round just ever so slightly sarcastically to see what she was pointing at. I once had a little boy aged about 9 or 10 ask me for my box cutter to open a toy but thankfully he was totally fine with me doing it for him with scissors.

The Empress

I also work for Hell Foodz Market. I've had the same issue of "Gimme a knife NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW" ETC you get the point :) Any who, kudos for you not bending to the badly behaved ID10T.


Stockroom Slave, I couldn't agree with you more. It's pathetic that people have to be treated like children all the time because they can't be trusted to do simple tasks. Then again, they usually act like children...


We even get that at the library. We're not supposed to loan out scissors, cause who knows what'll happen. They can come up to the desk and do their cutting, but that's it. But I will loan them out to people I know: ones I know won't hack themselves or others up, and who will actual RETURN them.


What's really sad is that there really ARE people who do things like borrow a knife, accidently cut themselves with it, then blame you or the store for causing them to cut themselves. Like in their minds there REALLY is some kind of connection between you giving it to them, and them being careless and cutting themselves. It's confounding. And depressing. :P

a completely different Joe

...not to mention the sanitation issues if you take cutlery out of the food prep area and hand it over to a custy who may or may not (I'm betting on not) have washed their hands recently? Think about the people who come along after you for once, lady! Sheesh.


yea she prolly wonted it for less benign reasons

Sword Slave

I work in a store that sells knives. The customers are allowed to hold the knives. The customers cut themselves ALL THE TIME. Point proven methinks.


Sword Slave- dear god basic knife safety is...well basic. How do so many people fail at looking at knives? It makes me think about infomercials where the demo is completely incompetent kinda like a seizure or palsy in action.

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