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Arant23 Beauty Slave back again to vent!

I woke up feeling just tired and loopy today. The weather has been really funky, which always messes with my sleep. I was a super grouch that went into super retail zombie mode. I smiled on cue, but I just could not take any crap.

They had me on cash register duty all day, which I really don't mind that much. If a customer is a biatch, I can just grin and bear it with the knowledge that they'll be leaving soon. 

But working the floor, they just keep finding you all over the store. 

I had grabbed a sample from the front of the store for a customer at the cash registers to look at, and since it wasn't too busy, I returned it immediately instead of placing it in the go-back box. 

Bad idea. 

These two snobby little girls stopped me and asked if there was a color of eyeliner like the jumbo one they had bought recently, but in regular size. 

It was a dark silver/gray color, and unfortunately there wasn't an exact match. I showed them a few that was similar, and when they started talking on the phone to someone else, I gave them their stuff back and walked away. 

Not to mention, the entire time I'm trying to look for different eyeliners to show them, they would not budge an inch to give me room. They just stood there breathing all over me. Oh well, whatever, I've got to head back to the registers as a line was building.

I got stopped a foot away from where they stood for a price check, but unfortunately everyone at the registers were preoccupied and couldn't do the check for me. 

No biggie, I can walk there and get back to them or call for someone near the front to let the price-check customer know the price. 

Suddenly those 2 original snobby girls were right next to me, and asked in such a rude tone, "Where's the eyeliner?"

I'm assuming that they were asking about the one they had already bought, so I replied, "I gave it back to you. It's in your hand." 

Little did I know that these 2 snobs did in fact make up their mind about which eyeliner they would get, and had expected me to pull it out of my ass? 

Whatever, I was only a foot away so I stepped back, almost right onto them since they won't friggin move out of my way, and grabbed the eyeliner they didn't tell me they wanted. 

I apologized to the price-check customer and ran up to the registers with the intent of running back, but the line had grown super duper long by then.

My store has 4 registers in a little rectangle. Two of them face the front, while the other two face the back. I head to an open one in the back, and right as I looked up after logging into the terminal, those 2 bratty snobs were right there. 

I'm BIG on waiting your turn, even when I'm a shopper*, so I simply told them where the line was. 

Snob: "We have to wait in THAT line??"

Me:  "Yes.  There is a line and you have to wait in it."

Snob:  "There's someone waiting for us in the parking lot!"

Me:  Turns around to get the next person's attention.

Snob:  "But we're just doing an exchange!"

Me:  *Continues to ignore the snobs and waves* "I can help the next person in line!"

Those snobs never did bother to wait in line as I didn't see them being rung up by any of my coworkers.

These girls were no more than 12, and devoid of any manners or social graces already. 

I feel bad for their parents, and I feel bad for them to be raised to be such bitches.

*I was in line at a BevMo not too long ago. There's a huge sign that clearly reads, "The Line Starts Here," and I stood right behind it and waited for my turn. This asshole comes up from my side and stand in the space between the register and me. I DO NOT take that sort of BS, and I called him out for his douche behavior. He was at least apologetic. But yea, whether or not I'm in front of the register or behind it, nobody will cut the line if I'm there.


--Beauty Slave




Good for you for not giving in to those little prissy bitches. Someone needs to teach them some manners.


Seriously... twelve-year-olds at that. They think they're so intimidating.. XDD Do they realize they're.. oh... TWELVE? Not that there's anything wrong with being twelve, but when you act like that and expect some service.. pshh. You may as well be invisible.

Token Female

And that is the future of our country? Please, shoot me now.

Token Female

Sorry, meant to say "world," not "country". That is the future of our world.

Zigdog McGillicuddy

don't feel bad for their parents. that's where they learned that behavior.


god i hate entlitled little brats

NC Tony

When I see or hear about people like that, I just want to be a fly on the wall when someone calls them on their entitled behavior and they don't get what they want. When they realize that not everyone in the world will bend over backwards so that they can get their way. I don't care if you're 12, 22, 32, or 102, if you act like the world owes you something just because you exist, you're going to be in for a rude awakening down the line.

Punky Brewster

This reminds me of 75% of my customers.
I feel inspired to write a post. You guys may see one coming down the pipe line soonish :)

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