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Bloodsuckerstory Hey fellow RHUer's, Slave with No Name here again.

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been busy with school and getting ready for my internship next semester. So happy I'm finally starting to get my foot in the door to my career :]

Anyway, recently I've been reminded of a story that happened a while back, a story that is known around my store that just makes everyone laugh every time I tell it and of course you all would get a kick out of...

So Slave with No Name was walking back from helping a cashier and I see a custy with my co worker, C, who works in the dairy dept.

At the time no one was in customer service, one was checking a price for C and the other was helping another cashier.

So as I walk up I hear C say, "Ma'am I promise you it's down aisle 8, last item on the right."

I asked C what was up and he explains, "Well she asked me where Ronzoni was, but I misunderstood her and thought she said pasta roni/rice a roni."

Obviously they're in two different aisles, but no big deal, it happens to everyone. So I turn to Custy and go, "Yes ma'am, the Ronzoni is down aisle 8, it's the last item on the right."

She tells me she doesn't believe me.

C then says, "Ma'am, theres actually a display about 10 to 15 feet behind you of the ronzoni so you don't have to go all the way down."

She replys, "I'm not looking, I don't believe you."

C and I give each other a look of WHAT THE FUCK!?

So then said custy asks me a few questions which include what the store's phone number is, and naturally I give it to her.

I think some of you may see where this is going...

So she whips out her phone, dials and I hear the other end ring. It was on speaker phone. As soon as I hear the ringing, my phone, which is right in front of me, starts to ring.

C picks the phone up and hands it to me.

I answer it and I hear my own voice on her phone.

I'm looking straight at her but she was looking down at her phone. She then proceeds to ask me where the ronzoni is and I tell her.

She thanks me and hangs up and proceeds to go down aisle 8.

By this time my other two co workers had come into customer service. One of them was cracking up along with me and C and the other co worker asked me wtf just happened. She thought it was some sort of joke.

To this day I have no idea if the woman realized she was talking to me and was too embarrassed to just stop the conversation or if she really thought she would get someone else on the phone.

Nonetheless, it made an amazing story that I tell every new employee that walks through the store. Even my DM thought it was hilarious.

So I hope if you guys are having a bad day, think of this story.

I hope it cheers you up like it does for me when I'm having a shitty day.

xoxo <3

--No Name




That is too funny. I have this nagging feeling that I read a similar story somewhere else though...Ah well. Still a great story lol


Maybe she just wanted to act out a really old urban legend.


HAHA thats pretty funny.

What I can't understand is why she is asking you if she won't believe you?


But Ado, she doesn't have to believe them, because THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT.

Oh god, I think I just threw up a little from typing that. . . .


@Ado, I was just thinking that if she told me she didn't believe me, the next thing out of my mouth would have been, "Then why did you ask me?"

Slave With No Name

Riferous, I was thinking that the whole time in my head but she seemed pretty pissed off and the last thing I wanted was her yelling at me for an "attitude."

Slave With No Name

Oh Samantha, I don't know if you read, but I posted this story on there before I discovered RHU :]




Ok, That's where I read it. I read that site everyday. That's also I found this site.

NC Tony

I remember this from notalwaysright too! That is too funny. She probably realized the phone right there was ringing and didn't want to look at you when she realized what was going on. Seriously though, why would you ask someone where something is, and then tell them they're lying? Sure I can understand if you misheard or made a mistake, it happens, we're only human after all (in each other's eyes, not in the custys eyes).


YES! notalwaysright! Another of my regulars! At one time I actually went back and read *every single story*, but I haven't gone back to catch up on the 4 months I missed when I moved here. Its places like there, here, and that make me feel better after I've had a bad day.

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