Crazy Bitch Encounter At Depot Hell

Pet Peeves From Jewelery Kiosk Hell

Arant3 Salutations!

You can call me Vee. First time posting and all that.

I sell body jewelery at a kiosk. It's pretty laid back, I mean, after tidying all the tiny stuff I just sit back, read, and wait for the morons.

Now, I have decided to compile a list of my most irritating encounters. As much for your entertainment, as for me to blow off steam.

Here it goes.

1. If you are coming to buy something for your piercing, what kind of a person would you expect to sell it to you? Some blonde bimbo who doesn't know what they're talking about? Chances are, it's going to be somebody with body modifications. Perhaps even *gasp*, someone wearing slightly alternative clothing!

I wear a bit of everything, but generally black. With heavy eyeliner. I guess I'm sort of gothic looking. So here comes a troup of giggling ass-tards with the same messy bun updo that looks like a mushroom growing from their heads, wearing short shorts, uggs, and Lululemon hoodies. (I am not kidding when I say they were all dressed in the same basic outfit. Four women. Creeeeeepy.)

They give me the up and down with a look that says, "Oh. We were hoping for someone more normal looking to help us."

Mmhmm. Good luck with that, sweetheart.

2. I have gagued ears. I know what I'm talking about in regards to that. When I tell you that you don't have a chance in hell that you will be able to fit that in your ear, no matter how drunk you get, please believe me. I know. I really do. It's at least four sizes too big to fit in your ear. At least. But if you wanna go tear your ear to smithereens, go ahead. Don't you say I never told you so.

And certainly don't try to return them after. I will just laugh at you.

3. "I like your outfit! You look very Japanese!"

Buddy. Just because I'm wearing a necktie and a miniskirt? Really? That is your definition of looking Japanese? I am of European descent. You tardmuffin.

4. Dork: "What's that symbol mean around your neck?"

Me: "It's a pentacle."

Dork: "So you're Wiccan? I know all about that stuff, I used to watch Charmed!"

Me: * awkward thumbs up* suuuure.

5. Lots of people: "Well, you don't know anything! I'm gonna go pierce it myself anyway. It's cheaper, I'll just get drunk and do it! HAHAHA."

ARE YOU ALL ALCOHOLICS? ARGH. Go ahead. Get yourself a trip to the E.R., and see how much it costs then.

6. BAD BACKCOMBING. Just a regular life pet peeve, really. But this guy who looks like he stepped out of Jersey Shore comes up to me with his girlfriend. (This is Canada, not Jersey...) Now, this girl... I like to call them "Snook-alikes". But this one, holy hell... her hair was backcombed into almost a perfect sphere around her head.

Words can't even do it justice. I was in a pissy mood, and had to bite my tongue in order to keep the words "I'm sorry sir, I can't hear you over your girlfriend's hair." from leaving my mouth.

I mean, really? Snookie would know better. Some things are better left un-poofed.

Lady... if you are honestly trying to emulate some Hollywood tart, it's not working. They have their own stylists! Who would shoot them before ever sending them out into public like that.

*    *    *    *

I also have a second job. As a cashier. Wearing a red polo shirt. Where we charge five cents for a plastic bag. It is not my fault we charge for bags. The money goes to charity. You want to keep looking like an asshole who doesn't want to give a few cents to charity? Just because you think you shouldn't have to pay for plastic bags? Go ahead. Yell at me some more. Make yourself look stupid. I really do have all day.

Well, I suppose that's all, for the time being!

Until the next job or the next moron...

Chins up, darlings





Slaving in TX

I think I love you! (Snook a like. LOL!)


Could be worse, they could know all about wicca from watching Buffy.


Sad thing is buffy was closer in actual information. I've had that normal comment before when my hair was blue and I simply say "Oh shit, is my tail showing?" trying to look at my butt.


I'm from D.C. where we have a five cent bag tax, and I think it's fabulous. It makes you think about whether you really need a bag, and lots of people use reusable bags/reuse bags. It really is going to help us change out behavior in a small way that helps the environment.

convience store slave

im from jersey, and i promise you my hair is not a rats nest poof. as a matter of fact, most of us dont wear our hair like that...and most of them arent from jersey.

i find it amusing that you are bitching about people making generalizations about you and then you make one, unknowingly or not.


I like you. You can stick around.


You think so techdeath? Granted it's been a while since I watched Charmed but I recall them covering most of the basics like 'do no harm' and such. There's some of that in Buffy, particularly the earlier stuff and the bits where Willow is recovering from her trip to the dark side, but that's also a lot of highly inaccurate information. Season eight is particularly bad for that, none of the stuff that the witches do bears the slightest resemblance to wicca. Obviously neither series gives an accurate idea of wicca (I don't think they were trying to in all fairness) but I would say Charmed is closer to real life.


I've had ignorant comments like that before too, since I have visible tattoos and piercings, and my ears are stretched too. One thing that bothered me is that you said you have "gauged ears". That's like saying your long hair is inched hair or centimeter hair. And saying your gauging your ears like saying you're centimetering you hair or inching your hair. Gauge is a for of measurement. Just a pet peeve.


If my dad had not moved us I would have been sixth (SIXTH!) generation Jersey. I wonder what my life would be like...(dreams of poufing and mascara)

Kiosk Slave

Oh my gosh, my last job was selling body jewelry at a kiosk! Man did I have fun times there! It's kind of a rare job, I didn't think I would find anyone else that held that position!

Hellgreens Slave

I'm from New Jersey and those kids on the Jersey Shore are all from fucking New York, GROSS! No offense to New Yorkers, but people like those kids need to STOP marketing themselves as if they're from NJ and ruining the good rep of us New Jerseyians. They need to go back to the trash they came from & stay out of my state. LOL

Anyways, one thing I've always found disturbing is when I'm shopping at like Kohls- they have those displays of jewelry and some nasty bitch is trying on earrings.. omg! so gross! think about it- that's an open hole and you know sometimes when you wear earrings you get that little puss or little bit of dry skin that comes off- think about that the next time you buy earrings that are NOT locked up.. how many gross women have tried them on?! ewwww sorry my mysophobia is acting up again, lol.


I like to be obnoxious and point out/mock all the inaccuracies to my husband every time a T.V. show features a supposedly Wiccan character. Like on Scooby Doo...ugh.

I used to work at the red polo place. The dumbasses who complained about bags were so ridiculous. "You should be ashamed!" and "this isn't TORONTO!" were the dumbest comments I ever heard. Do not miss that place one bit.

Su Chan

re: Bag charge

Recently was shopping at House of Targé, next custy in line, and saw a middle-age woman obviously upset and hassling the guy at the till. He looked like he wished he was dead and I could read "FML" in his eyes, even though I couldn't hear what they were saying. (At HoT, custy now queue about 8m away.)

When I got to him, I was nice and asked him what was up. Apparently the woman freaked because she had to pay 5c/10c(?) for her carry bag. "Some people!" I said, unloading my green bag, and preloading my credit card to speed up the transaction.

I bagged for him and suggested he vent it on RHU. I think there might be a backlog of stories though.


Number four - AAARRRGHH

I hate, hate, HAAAAATE it when morons think they know everything about a religion they've never researched or actually been a part of. I don't care if it's Wicca, Taoism, Christianity, whatever. If you don't know, then shut up. Seriously.


@Riferous - Seconded, motion carried.

Heh, Snook-alikes.


I totally agree with everything you're saying except "gauging" your ears. It's called having stretched ears, gauges are the jewelry.

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