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BallsawardAAA Hey y'all! LaughingBarista here again with a blast from the past.

After reading Denim Bitch's story about a bitchy custy who got pissed about something that Denim Bitch clearly could not control, I was reminded of a similar story of my own from a few years ago.

Do you all remember the summer of 2008? You know, the summer where gas prices were obscenely high (I remember paying $4+ a gallon) and everyone bitched about it? Let's take a trip to that summer.

So I'm working at Dunkin' Donuts and to accomodate everything that was going on in the economy we decided to raise the prices of everything. Nothing too ridiculous (most coffee maybe increased by $0.20 at most) and most people didn't even notice it.

Except for Stupid Old Man (SOM).

It's a busy day at the drive-thru and I was cashing people out. A few people had commented on the inflated prices and my usual response was along the lines of "That's the economy for you!" SOM was not having that.

SOM: Why did the prices increase?

Me: The economy's been pretty bad lately so we're trying to make up for the increased prices we pay for things by slightly increasing the prices of our products. We need to make back the money somehow.

SOM: Don't blame the economy on this! You know it's because you're trying to nickel and dime us!

Me: I'm certainly not trying to nickel and dime anyone. I don't own any Dunkin' Donuts and I think it stinks that we have to raise the prices but it is because of the economy.

SOM: That's crap.

Me: No, it's not. You know how gas prices have increased exponentially? Have you ever seen our 18-wheelers that deliver all of our products to us (I was referring to the trucks that deliver everything from cups to coffee beans to collector's mugs)? Those cost hundreds of dollars to fill and they come here twice a week. Before they come here they come from another place which means that they have to travel which in turn costs a lot of money. Then our coffee is flown in which also costs a ridiculous amount of money. So yes, the increased prices are a direct result of the bad economy right now.

SOM: *grumble grumble grumble*

Me: Have a nice day!

Any of you have any stories where you were blamed for something that was clearly out of your control?

How did you respond?




My sympathies. Most company protocols are like htat: we've just put up prices for requests and the customers are mad. However, try pointing ou to custys that $4 for gas is bloody brilliant: £1.20 a litre here equates to about $8 pergallon. Americans have it good!

Cherry IScream

YES. Custies don't seem to get that we have no control over the price. If we did, I'd be charging most custies an "Asshole Tax".
Ben and Jerries IS EXPENSIVE. This is as well known as night is dark and some people are idiots. I've lost track of the amount of people who order five different ice creams with all the trimmings on each, and then are shocked at how much it rings up to.
It got to the point when every time someone claimed they could buy a B+J tub for around the same price as 3 scoops, I just pointed and said "Tescos is that way."


You should of heard my customers bitch when the price of beer went up 10 cents for a 15oz glass. It goes up once or twice a year FFS.


Cherry, those tubs only hold about three scoops anyway don't they? Little tiny things they are.


Personally, I would've said, "dunno; I just work here". When you start using "we", then the custy makes it "your" problem.

Joe the Cigar Guy

Recurring theme: custys try to blame me 'cause Gord and Raylor charges for shipping merchandise to custy's home. Do they really think that 1.) I have any say in the matter or 2.) UPS will ship ANYTHING for free?


I'm dreading it. VAT is going up soon, and to accommodate this we've started upping our prices, usually by about 50p for t shirts, £2 for dresses - basically not a massive amount. I'm already having people getting funny over the fact that last week they paid £13 for a dress, this week they're paying £15. I don't see the point in arguing about it, or asking why prices have changed, basically, you pick up an item, it has a price on it, you pay that price. You don't complain that 2 years ago you bought the same top from Primevil in Oxford St and it was 50p cheaper. That does NOT mean I have to give it to you for free, get out of my store.


We sell high density upholstery foam. It's really expensive and the prices keep going up? Why? Petrolium byproduct. Try explaining that to grumpy crusties.

many bells down

I once worked at a children's pizza-party restaurant (not the one with the giant rat). I had a family get angry with me because I couldn't take their FOOD STAMPS for game tokens.

They weren't even trying to buy a pizza with them. They wanted me to cash them in for tokens.


Mostly people complaining about the cost of Starshmucks and commenting on how 'back in the day' you could buy a book for 5$ including tax.


All the freakin time. I always say, "I'm just the cashier. I just scan and give you change. I have no control over the price of anything." Once, a custy accused us (my mom and I were overlapping a shift) that it was "us rich people making the poor people pay that much for gas." I was in the cooler, and my mom told me about it. I told her she should have said if she were rich, why would she be working at the station.

Also, I had a Cranky Old Dude (COD) come in, pour a cup of coffee, and when I told him the total, he started bitching. Apparently $1.20 is too much for a COD to pay for coffee. I told him he could go to the starbucks a block away and pay more than twice that. He paid and left

Thrift Store Slave

I totally understand as my other posts have shown, I get blamed for everything at hell's army. Wait, no bathrooms and no fitting rooms, "Why? That's stupid. You really should have bathrooms. Then what am I supposed to do, I really have to go!" and I can keep going about the things I have been told. All I say is "Sorry."
One time I was working at a discount retailer when a customer asked me "why are you out of big bags!!" to which I replied "I don't know ma'am I don't drive the truck." I said this because it was the millionth time I had heard it on my shift and I was getting irritated that people always want their items in bags when they can just as well carry the larger items. Her response, "Oh that was a SMART answer" to which she threw her stuff down and left the store. All I did was stand there and laugh. If I had a nickel for how many times custys would get mad at me and throw their stuff down I'd be rich, to which I always wanted to say "You know I don't work on commission so I don't care if you don't buy anything!"


Hahah it's funny how people are so inclined to complain when it only requires bitching at the cashier but when you ask them if they would like to speak to the manager or if they would like corporate offices number, they say "well that's not MY job to call them! YOU TELL THEM!" Yeah, like the effing manager and corporate offices is going to listen to what the girl at self check out says. It actually IS the customers job to report when something is unsatisfactory to them, and to the people with REAL power over the company. Somehow this is not understood by the mass majority of people!!!???!

Jaded ExRetail Slave

I always point to my non -engraved name badge with no title under my name and then I point out my managers.


Yeah, I remember paying $4/gal. for gas. And I remember I drove an ancient Honda. I used to laugh hysterically at the people with their HUGE SUV's and Hummers because it may cost me $50 to fill it at the pump, but I only filled it once a month. Period. I know these guys were probably filling their monsters for upwards of $500 a month if they were driving it to and from work or as a work vehicle.

I can't ever remember anybody accusing me of setting prices as a cashier mostly because of the businesses I worked for. I feel sorry for anybody having to deal with SOM's.


I got a good laugh when the gas prices went way up too. I was filling up my hybrid and the total came to something like $29.80 and I said "well that was close.". The guy at the next pump looked at me quizzically and I told him that the gauge almost hit $30. He was filling up his huge SUV and looked quite green around the gills when he looked at his own pump.

I remember when the price of almonds went sky high about 3 or 4 years ago. Our prices went up (they also go down when the cost to the store goes down) but some other stores were selling them at a loss. I had to explain to a few dozen customers each day that prices had come down. It's amazing how many people have no grasp of economics or marketing. One woman spent a good 5 minutes telling me I must be an idiot because I was saying that stores sometimes sell things for less than they pay for it.


Don't even talk to me about increasing gas prices I was Working for Hell Oil here in Canada when gas prices hit over a buck a liter... the first time round.

I had to deal with everything from people screeching in my face about it to being assaulted... yes assaulted by having Hot coffee thrown at me both at the station and off duty about a block from my apartment all because I had on a Hell Oil shirt (I know it was about the gas cause they were yelling obscenities from their gas guzzler about gas prices at me), I had some one try to reach over the counter and grab me and even had the glasses smacked off my face for not discounting one entitled custy's purchase, and of course according to Hell Corporate I WAS SUPPOSED TO STAND THERE LIKE A GRINNING MORON AND SAY THANK YOU FOR HITTING ME AND HAVE A NICE DAY, cause the customer is always right!

NC Tony

If any custy ever hit me I'd be willing to loose my job by hitting them back. I'd probably smack the manager too for telling me to stand there and take it.

Anyway. When people question me about prices, I just go with the standard "I just work here, corporate sets the prices."

Bitch Boy

Worked for a gas station that is popular along the East Coast, named after a Canadian goose...

I got yelled at EVERY SINGLE day about the prices... Worst part was that I was working the night shift just trying to make some extra bucks so I could afford gas and groceries.

Never was assaulted physically but the range and variety of names I was called...


So I posted yesterday, saying I was dreading the comments about our price increases and today had a woman bitch at me because "There vests have gone up over £1!" Um. No. The stretch long sleeve ts are £3.50, they were previously £3. At this point she started screaming about how they were supposed to be £2.50 and ranting on about how much money I'm making (specifically me, she repeated it several times). I called a department member across and asked him to find the plain long sleeve ts, which are £2.50 and she started screaming about she wanted long sleeve vests (Is it me, or are vests sleeveless?). Finally got rid of her after another rant about how I'm ripping her off, and I'm making a disgusting profit. You want cheap clothes, you shop at Primevil. You want to bitch about prices, go anywhere else because you will not get it cheaper than here.


HAH! 4 bucks a gallon? I know people who would KILL for those kinds of prices. Sweden had gas at 10 bucks a gallon a few times.

paint pusher

Ahhh the homemade signs at orange depot. I got call from the check out about the price of a produce that our sign said was on sale. It is on sale WITH a mail in rebate, just as the sign says. People hate those things. So I head up to tell the crusty that was the case. When I told her she said that I was breaking the law. I asked her which law. "The small font law."
I about died from held in laughter under her angry gaze. I asked her if she wanted to talk with a manager. She told me that was my job. "oh..." held in laughter again. "Ok, Just don't call the font police on us." I told her and walked away. Home made signs and the font police.... my favorite day. I got high fives from the front end for that beauty.


^^^^^ LOL!!!!! Oh man, that is priceless!!!

Scale Bitch

I get accused of ripping people off all the time. "The commodities website I went to says copper is worth $4/lb!" That's nice, we'd have to be making more than that when we sell it to buy it from you at that price... and we're not. We're in business to make money. We will gladly give you a fair price, but we can't stay in business by paying you more than what we're making off it.

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