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kill it with fire.


I second that.

Token Female

And then kill it again!


I honestly think it's a good idea to have the Christmas Tree up. I don't understand why other slaves get so upset about the signs of the season. I love listening to Christmas music, and seeing Christmas lights up. Yes I've worked during the Christmas rushes, including Black Friday, and I've had no problem whatsoever.


Eh, some people decorate around I don't think it's too early , especially since many places have their holiday decorations for sale starting mid-SEPTEMBER!
I personally don't decorate for Christmas... but I don't decorate for any holiday, a waste of money and time for me... too much hassle.
I'm neutral on the decorating the break room topic... I don't think many people would really care either way if the break room is decorated. The whole store is already holiday-ififed so it's not like it's special or anything... plus the break room is where the associated zone out and de-stress so I doubt they'd take the time to put a lot of effort of noticing it.


If they can spend so much on decorations, then I wouldn't mind them putting in armchairs and ottomans ;-)


I wish we could decorate, then we could really celebrate the season our way and have fun doing it. Alas, corporate has told us under no circumstances are we to decorate the store in any way, unless it is with merchandise for sale. Granted I shouldn't be surprised since Smitty's is full of greedy corporate bastards but still...

Care Plan Pimp

I don't think it's too early, but not in the break room, jesus.

Token Female

Personally, I'm for killing it (twice) because it looks garish, and while I know the picture isn't the best quality, those lights are not exactly what I'd want to see in the break room when I'm taking my break. It'd distract me and breaks are time to (theoretically) relax. That tree isn't relaxing.

Timekeeper's Twit

I'm with Token Female on the killing.

I also second Wolfycat.

Luna the Second

I agree with the killing of the tree. I see enough Christmas stuff all over the store. In the break room I want the assualt of the holiday to cease.

Office Mage

It depends. One of the places I used to work did a Secret Santa thing, so they put up a small tree in the corner for us to put our gifts to each other under. It was always a lot of and the $10 limit was perfect. It was always fun to see what gag gifts got brought back year after year.


I say it is culturally insensitive. Where is the Menorah or the Arc Kanara?


I appreciate the gesture on the manager's part to put up a tree in the back room to liven things up a bit in an otherwise blank space, but, I would not be able to last long seeing it all throughout November and December. Also, yes, that is quite a tacky tree.


I was beginning to wonder if anyone else was going to mention the cultural delima of putting the tree up. Not everyone celebrates Christmas....nor does everyone want to be forced to deal with it. Some if us have learned to ignore it though.

Fellow Slave

First, I'm glad that's not my break room.
Second, when I go on break, it's to escape the holiday stuff that's been staring me in the face since September.

With that in my break room, I think I'd have to start hiding outside on the bench in front of the store on break.

Green Grocery Grin

It looks like the cheapest tree they could get. Perhaps if management puts gifts for employees under the tree it would be acceptable. If they put a tree in our break room I'd rebel, mostly because the break room is tiny. There isn't enough room for all the employees on break at any given time, never mind a tree.

I've actually volunteered to decorate the grocery store on November 25th. Christmas is my favourite holiday, I'm getting paid to do it, and there's minimal customer interaction. Triple win.


*grabs a chainsaw, can of gasoline, and a zippo*

Green Grocery Grin

Is Kohl's big on decorating or something?

Hellbound Alleee

I'm two-sided on the issue.

On the one hand, I love christmas trees.

On the other hand, I am VERY picky about how trees are decorated.

On the third hand (!), I am a little OCD.

So when I see the break room decorated with the crappy requisitioned Bullseye ornaments and stupid purple lights that blink, and the ugly tinsel garland haphazardly placed around the tv with some ugly birdhouse (?), yeah, I am annoyed. I want them to let me do the decorating, but, time is money. Ka-ching. And that's what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown.


"It looks like the cheapest tree they could get."

Nah, our Christmas tree in the dorms at college was the cheapest: FREE. Some nutbars from down the hall ran across campus to the golf course, cut down a small pine, and dragged it back to the dorms. Nothing like waiting for the elevators and having the doors open to a tree-filled car. Into the bucket of water and sugar, lashed to the pipes above and on go various "decorations". Lasted all month, not bad. Yeah, they shouldn't have cut down the tree, but it's a classic story.

And we did have menorahs "snow-painted" on the windows. My work.

Cash Office Queen

I don't know about that particular Kohl's, but the one I work at is HUGE about decorating.

However, we are also culturally sensitive. We also have a menorah put up. That's all we need so that's all we have. Or will have - because our wonderful visual supervisor is nice enough to wait until the Wednesday before Black Friday to decorate our breakroom. Plus, it's useful since we do Secret Santa.

I do take offense at the state of the tree. My 2 year old nephew could decorate a better tree than that. That ugly thing should be put out of its misery.

Joe the Cigar Guy

A former co-worker, upon seeing a Christmas tree in the break room, would burst into song: "Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel I made you out of clay".
It made management squirm uncomfortably.

Dog Food Slinger

For me, any time after the American thanksgiving holiday is an acceptable time to start with the Christmas stuff.

Tutor Stupor

Is that at Kohl's? I don't see what the harm is; it's just a tree with shiny stuff on it.


And to anyone in the Pittsburgh area
(One I hope you didn't get shot/arrested)
Happy Light-up Night!

Ponda the Deli Panda

We have had a christmas tree up for a couple weeks now in our break room...but what I find crazy is the sing by our time clock that is advertizing a Thanksgiving costume can dress up as an indian, pilgram, turkey ect...ive been trying to figure out the ect part of it...

NC Tony

Yes. Kohl's does this shit every year. You should see the ones on the sales floor. About five feet tall, red and fugly as shit. It's almost enough to make a guy hate Christmas. Especially when ad set takes me through the seasonal section where I have to scan the prices for the trees, ornaments, nutcrackers, stockings and other assorted Christmas crap.


Too early? Not really since it's only 2 weeks till December


too early. No Christmas until Black Friday (the day after US Thanksgiving). How big is that room? Most break rooms I've seen that tree would take up space needed for tables and chairs.

I could deal with a smaller, table-top tree, but don't put it up until Nov 26. Hobby Lobby puts Christmas stuff out in August, but that doesn't make it reasonable for the rest of us.

Its probably artificial so killing a tree isn't an issue.

Toxic Shock

To the people who call it "culturally exclusive", I humbly beg you to pull your head out of your ass.

It's a fact that the majority of people in the U.S and Canada celebrate Christmas. Doesn't it make sense to go with the majority?

And before someone's head explodes, think of it this way. Is it culturally exclusive to have a store have solely English speaking staff? Would you complain that there wasn't someone there who spoke Swahili and Parseltongue? My guess is no.

If I Christmas tree bothers you that much, then I suggest you go back to your house, close the drapes, and enter the fetal position.


It isn't bad

As for insensitive, a lot of Christmas traditions (I think the tree is one) are pagan in origin, so yeah. Remember that and everything is better :D

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