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I have a friend that works in one of Aus' major supermarket chains, and he often rants to me about shit that goes on at work. I've told him to post stories here because many are perfectly suited, but he doesn't want to spend anymore time thinknig about work than he has to, which is fair enough.

I just have to post this story on his behalf though. And mind he's a good little cash register slave. Customers often take the trouble to put in a good word about how polite and helpful he is.

However, this guy doesn't take crap from customers for the most part, and will be rude in retalliation to rudeness.

This woman came through his register with some heavy water in her trolley. He told her she'd have to lift it out of the trolley so he can scan it.

She instantly becomes snappy, saying she "was here last week and didn't have to."

He explains this particular water isn't on his screen and he will lift it for her, at which point she tells him to 'just put it under some other name'.  Jason 023

The bitch tone doesn't sit well with him so he says, "Fine, whatever, you can pay that."

She responds with something to the effect of 'don't get snappy with me'.

So he says "You try and tell me what is on my screen when I'm the one standing in front of it? Why would I offer to lift out the water if I didn't have to? You are rude and incosiderate and maybe you should learn how to deal with people."

If this story had been relayed in person rather than over msn I would've hi-5ed him XD

What aggravated my friend most was the fact that she could've just said politely "do you mind taking another look? I got it here last week and it is under *whereeverintheregisteritsunder*"

But no, she decided to be bitchy and snappy right off the bat.

And here's the kicker:

She apparently turned out to be one of the people high up in HR for the store. Although she had a massive whinge to the person behind the smoke counter, no formal complaint was made so he got off lucky.

Try and stay sane, RHUers :)





Don't you just love it when it is an HR person that is being rude? I just feel like saying "and /how/ did you get your job?"

Hehe, I bet her face was priceless.


While I love what he said to her, pretty much all the large chain supermarkets down here have signs instructing you to leave large/heavy items in your trolley.

Su Chan

I'm with Ado - I don't get it. I regularly buy large heavy items at the supermarkets (Aus). In every case they've been able to select it from the panel, not scan it.

I'm guessing the item wasn't entered into the store inventory correctly?

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