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Blogskull13 From CopyCop:

Hello All! It's been a while since my first post, but I'm back! And this time with a story from my Campus Police job.

Now, I'm sure that most of you are used to Campus Police being near actual police officers on campus. My university however is a little different. We're all students. And we don't carry guns. Just a first aid kit, walkie-talkie and flashlight. Most shifts involve us patrolling around campus on foot at night, to make sure no drunk student has passed out in a snow bank or something. However, most of the time, I work as security at the campus bar. And this is where my story comes from.

So Friday night, it's a Y2K party at the bar. Meaning, they're playing all the music I listened to in junior high, awesome. I was loving it!

Anyway, I was put on the door, checking ID's, etc. When along comes this one guy. He was on one of the three pub crawls that were happening that night, and this was obviously the first stop.

So I take his ID, look at it, and see that it's expired. So, of course I tell him that I can't let him in with an expired ID.

Well he starts pulling out all sorts of other things. Bank card, health card, etc. saying "come on, my info hasn't changed, these all say I'm the same person!"

To which I reply, "I'm sorry, but legally I cannot let anyone in with an expired government photo ID. If you can come back with another piece of government photo ID I'll be happy to let you in."

He tried with the other IDs in his pocket again, and then 3 of his friends on the pub crawl chimed in. "We all worked in bars, and you can let him in with his health card!"

At which point the Senior CP (my supervisor for the night) came to check on us, and after explaining the situation to her, she started to tell them the same thing we had.

Well they weren't having it. They continued to argue for a few more minutes, meanwhile, my partner and I at the door were trying to get the other people in line, to come around them so that they could get in.

Eventually they gave up, the guy went home, and his friends all came in (they all had valid photo ID). Funny thing is, when he finally came back with his passport, most of his pub crawl had left for the next bar. 

Well that's all for now, I might be back soon with some fun stories. Like the time I caught a couple about to have sex against a building, while on patrol.





Are you in Ontario by chance? There's always been confusion with our OHIP cards. Some bars accept them, some bars don't. Nobody's ever really stated "SORRY DON'T ACCEPT THESE"


Ok, I am now officially scared. US universities have to have police with guns on them most of the time? Scary. Most normal police don't have guns.


mcbeck, I'm actually in Nova Scotia. We generally accept those ontario health cards because they are government issued, and have a photo. This dude however brought in his expired NS license. And considering the liquor license covers al venues on campus, we don't fuck around when it comes to that sort of thing, because if the liquor inspector pulls the liquor license it's for all of campus, and there'd be 5000 very angry students.
Kayla, as far as I know, most universities hire an outside security force for their campus police. I think a lot of large universities use some form of police or similar, because it'd be easier than having students, and having to call the cops whenever something happens. Although, someone can definitely correct me on this, as I'm not 100% sure


your police don't carry guns?

Self Scan Queen

CopyCop, I think we go to the same university!



Coming from the other end really really really sucks to have an expired license with all your information on it backed up by credit cards, checks, insurance cards, everything. Then be out with your friends and have some bouncer say "Well, its no longer valid"

Really dude? You think I faked my name on all these? Not to mention I got a fake expired license?

Yeah, you could lose your job or some such nonsense. Not really. Stop being so anal, really.


College I went to, I'm pretty sure we only had one 'security guard' and his job was mainly to ferry mail from department to department. Also pretty sure he did not have a gun. :)

@ Seriously?
Yeah, I see your point, but how exactly do you know that he won't lose his job? Maybe he's got a really strict boss. Or maybe he just doesn't want to risk it. Would you?

It's like... I know this might be kind of a stretch, but it's kind of like where I work we get people coming in sometimes, saying that they're homeless and can we help them out? And as much as I hate to do it, I have to tell them 'no, not unless you get a letter of recommendation from a church or other charity.' Yeah, I can see that they seem to be wearing and/or carrying everything they own. I don't doubt they're homeless. But policy says we need some sort of 'proof' before I give them so much as a t-shirt.

Mildly different situations, I know ( ::) ) but the gist is, policy is policy... even when it sucks.

Also, pretty sure that if you can afford to go barhopping, you can probably afford to get your license renewed. Isn't it illegal or something not to?


You think it sucks not getting into a bar with an expired license? I hope you don't get pulled over with one.
@Kayla- All police officers in the US have guns. A lot of universities, like mine, have their own full fledged police department so they would have guns since they are actual cops and not "security".

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I think you just made CopyCop's point right there. Sorry you couldn't get into the bar, but it's so not worth a job. Go renew your license and stop being a douchebag. And if I'm right and I do attend this particular university (I think I'm right...December 3 is an important day there. I digress) it's definitely not worth losing the liquor license or anything else, because they are really strict about that stuff in that town.


To be perfectly honest, and no discredit to you CopyCop, but I think the customers are correct for thinking that's a ridiculous policy. At least here, on the east coast of the USA, bars will let you in if you have legitimate proof you are over the age of twenty-one. Whether or not an ID is expired has no bearing on your age; or integrity thus far so MOST (I'm refraining from saying "ALL" because I can't speak for every US bar/liquor establishment) places will accept it.

I could understand the customer's frustration, but I sympathize and understand you were simply following corporate protocol. In a situation like that, just let a higher-up deal with it.

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