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Customer Rejects or Clever Merchandising?

There's no doubt Despicable Me would be quite a nice side dish with several bottles of champagne (even the cheap shit). But something tells me this wasn't Wally World trying beef up sales....it was the Minons...(and if you don't know know who the Minons are, you need to watch Despicable Me, it's LOL awesomeness xD)





It is indeed, LOL awesomeness. Do you forgive me if I steal that phrase?


Despicable Me totally is LOL awesomeness. <333

NC Tony

The Minions need to get their own spinoff show on Cartoon Network, if the Penguins of Madagascar can get their own show then the Minions deserve one. My son got Despicable Me for Christmas and every now and then I hear him laughing hysterically, to find he's watching it again.

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