Customer Rejects or Clever Merchandising?

Discount Rat Bitch Encounter

Mrsnc So this story comes from Mrs. NC.

She was at work when this woman comes up with four cocoa butter swivel sticks (they're kind of like lip balm).

Apparently the items in question were 2 for $3 at Target (she works at Wal-Fart).

My wife knows this because the woman said this about 57,000 times.

Over and over and over and over again.

My wife had rung her up by this point and the woman again stated "I said those were 2 for $3 at Target!"

Mrs. NC: Ma'am, I have no control over the price, whatever the price on our display is, is how much they are. Do you want me to price match?

Picky Bitch: Well isn't that what you people do here?

Mrs. NC: Well, yes, but only if you have the print ad so we can compare it.

She said that other Wal-Farts gave her the price match without the print ad.

Mind you at this point the sale was rung up and the woman had not yet paid.

My wife offered to cancel the transaction, to which picky bitch replied, "Well no, I still need them."

And then the words that every retail slave dreads "What's your name?" and then asked to speak to a manager at customer service.

So the woman paid and went up to the customer service desk.

All over a $1.37 difference.

I don't know what happened after that and no one came to talk to my wife, so I'm hoping they told her to STFU and GTFO.

--NC Tony




Mistress Macha

Things I like about working for independent businesses owned by people I've known for years = knowing my manager will join me in laughing their cheap ass out of the store.

Price matching isn't something we really seem to have in Ireland though so that saves A LOT of grief.


I've learned long ago people don't really care that much about how much they're saving. They really just want to be right.

I've price checked itmes countless times - it always starts with an irate customer, followed by a 1-5 minute period of price checking..and when I return to tell the customer they are corect and their item is indeed 15% off not 10%, they're pleased and content until they realize they just stood around and waited to take off 86 cents.

It goes the same way when they're wrong, they just make a bigger fuss. "I'm not paying this price, it's supposed to be an extra 5% off!!" "Ma'am, it's only an 88 cent difference" "I don't care blah blah blah I'm a whore blah blah blah"

Fucking people just want to be right and I hate all of em!


Thing is, some stores (like mine) will take a customer's word for price differences if they're small (like the above $1.37). So it's kind of setting these people up for failure when they can go right up to someone in "Store X" and just make up a small price difference and get it... but then they go into "Store Y" and need a print ad or receipt for it.

Still, once she was told she needed proof, she should have stopped squawking and dealt with it.


When I worked at one pet store, we had one lady who would come in and buy full shopping carts of cat food for feral cats. We would price match to the large grocery store next door. We were still making a profit, albeit a smaller one.

I will give the lady credit though. She would catch the cats and have them spayed/neutered as she could.

Burger Bitch

After reading this story, the zombies called off the invasion due to lack of brains in the world.

That would happen all the time at my old job, normally they'd bitch and complain that they could get it for less at Wal-Fart and I'd always say "Then go to Wal-Fart."

Seriously, no hair off my balls for you to spend 12 cents less and spend 5 more bucks in gas to get there.

Malmart Peon

I feel your wife's pain. As a cashier at a large Walmart I LOATHE people who cannot understand how price matching works. Usually if it's the first time I've informed you of the new rules I don't mind, but if you come in over and over again trying to match without the add or with an outdated ad or with an ad from California (I live/work in Illinois)I will force choke you with every ounce of hate in my body. There is a woman who has family in California and they send her adds that she attempts to use every time she's in Walmart. I understand that price matching can be slightly confusing as for a while the rules were uncertain, but for the past few months they are as follows:

1. You must have the add. I need to verify dates and that you have the correct product (size, variety, etc).

2. It must be from a store that is less than an hours driving time away (i.e. LOCAL).

3. It is only good for the specific products listed (no Jewel brand prices for the name brands, etc).


And yes, if you try to show me the ad on your fancy Iphone I will speak in all caps. /rant of a frustrated cashier

Self Scan Queen

At my store we *used* to price match, like two years ago...and only on featured sales on the front page of our flyer. Then we stopped at the end of that summer/promotion. We're a grocery store. Price matching doesn't really need to happen, because most are loyal to one grocery store. Like my neighbours always shop at X, no matter what, and my parents always shop at Y, unless there's an insane sale on an item they want elsewhere.

I still get people demanding us to price match. Of course, we stopped parcel pickup two years ago, too, when our store was renovated, and we haven't had a smoke shop in almost three years, but that doesn't stop people who I have seen in the store fairly often since then from asking about them.

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